wedding manicure 2016

On the day of the wedding, every girl wants her image to be perfect. At the same time, everything should be perfect: dress, hairstyle, accessories, manicure. For those who are getting married this year, the question is, what are the trends of wedding manicure in 2016? Let’s figure it out.

Wedding manicure 2016 — fashion trends

Fashion 2016 in wedding manicure is represented by the following options:

  1. french. This type of manicure is considered a classic option and always remains in trend. He is able to give the image of the bride sophistication and elegance. In this case, you can use traditional colors — white, light pink, beige, as well as peach, blue, mint, coral, pale purple.
  2. Fashion fan french. If the bride wants to add some outrageousness to her look, then she can choose a jacket option with bright saturated color nail tips. For the main coating, a transparent or light varnish is selected.
  3. French ombre. This is the most popular option for a stylish wedding manicure in 2016. French ombre looks like a transition from one shade to another, which can be depicted on each nail or as a color wave that goes from thumb to little finger.
  4. Lunar nail art is another bridal manicure trend of 2016. At the same time, designers recommend giving preference to natural tones. If some bright detail is present in the bride’s outfit, then saturated shades can be applied. The most relevant types of lunar manicure are considered offset or combined with a jacket. In offset nail art, a horizontal half-smile is depicted in the center of the nail plate. A manicure combined with a French manicure looks like the simultaneous selection of the hole and the tip of the nail with a varnish of a certain color.
  5. Manicure frame. With it, you can focus on the ring finger, or apply it to all nails. This type of manicure goes well with a jacket or moon nail art.
  6. Manicure using adhesive tape. This option is created using a special adhesive tape, with which you can make several horizontal half-smiles. Another option would be to create a striped manicure with tape.
  7. Manicure with lace pattern, which can be done with gel polish, slider or dots. A white wedding dress will look great with lace appliqués in beige or light pink.
  8. Manicure with special powder. In this case, you can make nails with sparkles, with a scattering of lacy golden or silver patterns. But at the same time, one should take into account the difficulty of creating clearly defined borders of the picture. Therefore, it is best to use tape or an auxiliary stencil.
  9. Volumetric design. Nails decorated with beads, rhinestones, crystals, gel modeling will look rich. It is recommended to apply this design on one ring finger or on two nails out of five.
  10. Color manicure. Recently, themed weddings have become widespread, at which the outfit of the bride and groom, wedding accessories, bouquet, hall decoration are specially selected in a certain color scheme. If desired, you can paint your nails, which will be combined with the general theme of the wedding: lilac, cherry, coral or any other color.

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