Vacuum cleaner for manicure


vacuum cleaner for manicure

A beautiful manicure is a whole art, the creation of which cannot be imagined without a whole arsenal of various devices, tools and appliances. These include a very useful thing — a desktop vacuum cleaner for manicure.

What is a desktop manicure vacuum cleaner?

Any representative of the beautiful half of humanity must have noticed the emerging keratinized particles when cutting the nail plate. If the master is engaged in artificial nails or coating, a slightly different dust appears in the air. It contains chemicals that can easily settle on the respiratory tract of staff and the client, causing first coughing, allergic reactions and later, with frequent inhalation, asthma.

It was for the fact that nail art was comfortable and safe for both parties that a desktop vacuum cleaner was created. Of course, it is the usual household one, it is distinguished by much smaller sizes. A manicure vacuum cleaner has a different shape, similar to the shape of a manicure lamp.

Being stable on the surface of the table, the device instantly sucks dust through a special hole and securely holds it inside the plastic case in a special bag.

Types of manicure vacuum cleaner

A small device has several types, with different functions and tasks. The stationary vacuum cleaner described above has tangible advantages. These are small dimensions, mobility, sufficient power, as well as ease of use. In addition, these models are relatively inexpensive.

The hood-vacuum cleaner for manicure will allow you to quickly get rid of not only dust that is harmful to health, but also the unpleasant smell that occurs when building or correcting nails.

Built-in models are used exclusively in beauty salons. They are installed in a table under the surface with the suction port outward. Often, ready-made manicure tables equipped with vacuum cleaners are sold.

Vacuum cleaner for manicure — which one is better?

The choice of such an assistant must be matched with your own needs. If you often receive clients at home or, conversely, go to them, pay attention to a stationary vacuum cleaner, which is convenient just because it can be transported. Large salons that care about their reputation equip their halls with powerful built-in models.

If we talk about manufacturers and prices, then on sale you can find a wide range. For those who want the device to work for a long time and reliably, we recommend paying attention to models from Western manufacturers, for example, Irisk (USA), Artechno (Italy). Of course, the cost of such products is much higher than, for example, the Ultratech manicure vacuum cleaner from a domestic manufacturer. Chinese vacuum cleaners are notable for their low price, but their quality leaves much to be desired.


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