two-tone manicure

A woman’s hands are her calling card, and often they give away her age. Therefore, the skin should be tender, and the nails look well-groomed and beautiful. This will be the key to success and excellent mood.

Trendy two-tone manicure

If you want to diversify your manicure, but you don’t have time for a long and painstaking painting, then you can join those who like to decorate nails with two colors. A beautiful two-tone manicure is also suitable for ladies who often cannot choose between a pair of polishes if they like them equally.

A drawing in which two colors take part is currently in trend, so it will look not only original, but also fashionable.

Two Tone Manicure Ideas

In addition, an interesting two-tone manicure is obtained by combining different surfaces, for example, glossy and matte. The combination of varnish with sparkles is also beautiful.

Nevertheless, in order for the manicure to turn out beautiful, you need not just take two varnishes and make up your nails. You need to know how to properly combine colors and textures with each other. Otherwise, the drawing may turn out to be tasteless.

two-tone manicure1

Great idea — monochrome combination

This is the simplest, but at the same time, a harmonious combination of two colors. It is thanks to this use of varnishes that you can come up with a two-color manicure for short nails, which will only emphasize their shape and look decent.

The bottom line is that the varnishes that are used will differ only in saturation. It will be two shades of the same color, only one is lighter and the other is darker. Purple and violet, or blue and dark blue are perfectly combined. Such a manicure looks soft, but not boring.

related colors

An interesting manicure will turn out if you combine related shades, that is, those that are nearby in the color wheel. «Friends» among themselves red and orange, purple and blue. A simple two-color manicure will turn out beautiful if one of the colors is lighter. For example, a combination of pink with dark blueberry or lilac with dark blue.

Contrasts in action

The most catchy and bright will be a two-color manicure with a combination of contrasting colors, that is, those that are opposite each other in the color wheel. The combination of red and green will not leave your hands unnoticed. And if you take light shades of lemon and purple, such a pattern will look quite gentle, like spring violets.

By combining two colors of varnish in various ways, you can get an interesting and unique pattern. Shades can be chosen according to the mood, but it is necessary that they are combined with the color scheme of the clothes, not discordant.

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