trendy nail polish color 2016

Well-groomed, stylishly painted nails can be a wonderful decoration for any outfit. Today, fashionistas monitor not only the “cleanliness of nails”, but also try to choose the actual colors of varnishes, manicure decor, and the shape of the nail plate.

Fashionable nail polish 2016

Many of the 2015 manicure trends will continue into the next year, in 2016, among them:

  • naturalness;
  • natural form;
  • short or medium length.

Fashionable colors and shades of nail polish 2016 will also, in many ways, remain the same, but girls need to follow the news:

  • in favorites — pastel colors — milky, beige, white, pink, peach;
  • in winter, the leading positions will be occupied by eggplant, plum, burgundy, black colors, special attention should be paid to blue varnish;
  • for summer, it is worth buying fresher and brighter shades — light blue, orange, yellow.

The most fashionable color of nail polish 2016

Lovers of excellent manicure this year will have a huge field for fantasy. To create unique bows, stylists suggest using the following varnishes:

  • with the help of thermal varnish you can do an unusual manicure yourself, in addition, you will always be unique — the varnish changes its color with a gradient effect depending on the temperature;
  • the volume of your nails will be given by the holographic varnish popular this year — with it, the nails will effortlessly shine even at home;
  • craquelure polish will become one of the most fashionable in 2016 — it will perfectly complement the vintage style, but will also go well with casual bows;
  • bright in all respects, girls cannot do without halogen varnishes of incredibly bold shades — they will fit into many holiday looks.

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