Women’s hands cannot look attractive without a neat manicure. Thanks to the huge variety of types of hygienic manicure, every girl has the opportunity to choose the best solution for her hands. Whatever version of nail art is chosen, it will ideally look only on well-groomed hands. This applies not only to moisturized, cleansed skin and a suitable shape of the nail plates, but also to their decor. Of course, nail art has its own trends that characterize a certain fashion season. This winter, among the most striking manicure trends, fashionistas noted a design in which the pattern on the nails resembles a sweater, more precisely, openwork knitting with woolen threads.

fashion trend

The effect of a sweater on nails looks perfect in winter. This design allows you to feel more comfortable in cold weather, because it seems to exude warmth and homeliness from it. The pattern on the nails, reminiscent of a sweater, looks three-dimensional due to the application of the pattern in several layers on a flat background. According to many girls, such a manicure looks best on medium-length nail plates. As for the shape, it can be almond-shaped, oval or square.

It is not necessary to decorate all nails with this openwork pattern. If it is warm outside, but you really want to wear a sweater on your hands, you can do such a manicure on more than a few fingers. In addition, sweater nails can be multi-colored. Again, you can use different colors of polishes on the same nail or on different nails. Often, a knitted manicure is done with matte varnishes, but the glossy version looks no less impressive.

Manicure technique

The technique of such a design as a sweater on nails depends on the materials chosen by the manicurist. The easiest option is when the sweater on the nails is done with gel polish. The master applies a base on the nail plate, then one or two layers of gel polish. After the coating dries, drops of varnish are applied to the nail, which are shaped into an openwork weave with a brush. It remains to cover the nails with a fixative, and the sweater nail design, which was used to create shellac, can be considered ready!

The sweater nail design is also done with velvet sand. On the gel polish applied in one or two layers, velvet sand is carefully laid out in the form of a knitted weave. In this case, the coating must not be completely dry so that the sand adheres to it. When the drawing is finished, you can cover the nails with a fixative. This technique is quite complicated, since the grains of sand should not fall outside the volumetric pattern.

Such a nail design, like knitting or a sweater, is extremely difficult to do on your own. If you really like the theme of openwork knitting, but there is no way to make your dream a reality, you should resort to sliders. These are special water-based stickers that are applied to the nails. Choose sliders with images of knitting fragments, as well as stickers with drawings of the appropriate winter season theme — snowflakes, deer, Scandinavian print. This design is very easy to do. First, the nails are covered with background varnish. Then the sliders are dipped in water for a few seconds to peel off the base of the sticker, and applied to the nails. The drawing remains on the nails, and it remains only to cover them with a transparent fixative. A significant drawback of such a manicure is that it turns out to be non-voluminous.

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