striped manicure

Manicure with stripes is a fashionable choice in modern nail-art. This design does not lose relevance from season to season. And if earlier such a decision was considered purely summer, today the stylish ideas of the masters are suitable for the New Year holidays, and for the period of golden autumn, and at any other time. However, technology is improving all the time, and now stylists are increasingly insisting on striped manicure with gel polish. This choice is not only more reliable and durable, but also neat. The convenience of using the gel in a striped manicure is due to the ability to add various decorative elements to the design — foil, rhinestones, stickers — and not be afraid that they will fly off. But, of course, if desired, stylish nail-art can also be done using a regular coating.

Striped Manicure Ideas

To date, the theme of striped nails has become one of the most diverse in modern manicure. From year to year, stylists offer new and improved fashion design ideas. Let’s see which options are in line with the latest fashion trends?

Rainbow Manicure. A popular design is considered to be bright and rich in colors of nail-art. At the same time, it is important to make not a gradient transition, but clear stripes that identify the rainbow. However, the colors can be changed, adhering to a catchy style, and the stripes themselves can be performed not only horizontally or vertically, but also in an asymmetrical or chaotic manner.

Striped marine manicure. The theme of the sea and the beach simply cannot but be associated with stripes in nail design. Therefore, a marine striped manicure is an eternal trend.

Striped foil manicure. The easiest, but also beautiful and original way to make stripes on nails is to make a design using decorative foil. Thanks to the brilliance that the finish conveys, your handles will always be elegant and stylish.

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