sand manicure


sand manicure

Hands are the hallmark of every girl, so they should always be perfectly well-groomed. In order for the manicure to be special, the masters offer a variety of techniques that can distinguish any beauty from the crowd and make each image unique. Sand manicure is one such technique. He became famous a few years ago and since then has gained popularity, which only grows stronger with time. Velvet nails attract attention with their incredible originality of texture, dullness and interesting performance. It is these advantages that many fashionistas fell in love with.

Sand Manicure Ideas

The modern world of fashion does not stand still and is constantly evolving. In nail art, there are also many ways to decorate a manicure with unusual elements. Manicure «sand on nails» is performed using velvet sand, the composition of which resembles colored dust. Small grains of sand create the effect of velvet ideally lying on the surface of the nail. This variant of manicure perfectly harmonizes with any outfits. If you don’t know what kind of manicure to do using velvet sand, then we offer several exquisite options, one of which will surely suit your taste.

Option number 1. Red manicure with sand

Such a design and choice of color will turn even the most timid beauty into a fatal conqueror of men’s hearts. The red color never loses its relevance, but in order to make the manicure special, you can add an unusual design, which in this case is velvet sand. Decorate them with one or several nails at your discretion.

Option number 2. Black manicure with sand

Black color is quite aggressive and defiant, but not in the modern world. If earlier few people dared to paint their nails in this color, today it is a squeak of fashion, followed even by representatives of the classical style. A black sand manicure can be complemented with gold or silver accents.

Option number 3. Colored manicure with sand

If you are an extraordinary person who does not like to remain within any framework, then by all means experiment and make a colored manicure with multi-colored sand. You can be sure that with such nail art you will certainly not go unnoticed.


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