What is the key to a harmonious and stylish image is a manicure created according to the latest rules of the fashion industry. Summer 2016 has saved a lot of fashionable and creative ideas regarding the design of nails. After all, they, no matter how strange it may seem at first glance, can become one of the main components of the look.

The most fashionable nail design for summer 2016

  1. French. Where without this old, but beloved by many, jacket? It always looks generic. Suitable for both business and evening wear. This season, muted, closer to natural shades and bright, flashy colors are welcome.
  2. Chanel. The mix of black, white and luxurious gold is always at the top of the fashionable Olympus. In this nail art, you can use all kinds of decorative elements (foil, rhinestones, etc.), as well as curls and stickers with the logo of a famous brand. This option is considered a prime example of a refined and sophisticated manicure.
  3. Swag. This style is suitable for outrageous personalities who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. Swag is synonymous with variety and vibrant décor. It all depends on your imagination. Nails made in this style will emphasize the romance of nature, and bright colors are perfect for any summer outfit.
  4. Shabby. Many people love the shabby chic style for its lightness, airiness and variety of pastel shades. Such a manicure is suitable, first of all, for those who love everything that is created with a touch of «Victorian romance». In addition, shabby is a classic of the genre. Various geometric shapes, rhinestones are unacceptable here. Only nail decoration with stripes and a cage is allowed.
  5. marine. Do you sleep and see how you will relax on the sea coast, fall asleep to the sound of the surf? Then this idea is just for you. In addition, blue is one of the trendy colors for nails for the summer of 2016. Decorate your nails with drawings of shells, anchors, algae. Reincarnate as a mermaid, daughter of Neptune.
  6. Moon. As before, the palm remains with the moon manicure. It has not gone out of fashion for several years. In the summer season, it is allowed to use the whole variety of colors. Don’t be afraid to look flashy. Decorate the nail plate with pebbles, lace, foil and more.

Trendy shades of nail polish for summer 2016

So, all shades of red, pink, orange, blue will help to look stylish. In other words, decorate your nails with peach, lavender, ranunculus, lemon, aqua, asphalt, light coffee, light green and many other colors.

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