From season to season, stylists present new interesting patterns for decorating nails. Moreover, you can choose a design that suits a particular situation or along with it. In any case, a manicure with patterns will subtly decorate your look.

Fashionable manicure with patterns on the nails

Patterns on the nails help to dilute the strict or dull everyday look. This type of manicure is popular due to its diversity. After all, you can make a concise neat nail-art or draw attention to stylish nails with the help of an unusual large-scale drawing. Abstractions of floral and plant themes are considered the most fashionable today. Also popular are geometric shapes, mesh, lace. Knitted patterns on the nails have become the trend of the last season. But no less important in such a manicure is the base. Let’s see the current manicure ideas with patterns on the nails?

French manicure with a pattern. French is considered the most popular design with patterns today. A classic or extraordinary French manicure, complemented by an interesting pattern, is great for both an everyday look and themed bows. Patterns can replace the selected strip of the edge of the nail or act as a decor for one, several or all fingers.

Manicure with three-dimensional patterns. Massive volumetric patterns on the nails have recently gained great popularity. A similar design can be made using cast manicure, velvet sand, laid out with beads or rhinestones, and visualized with acrylic paints.

Manicure with an openwork pattern. Ideally complement the image in the style of a romantic or a feminine gentle nail-art bow with an openwork design. Best of all, lace will give lace or twisted patterns on the nails. As a rule, such a manicure is done in contrast. In this case, the openwork pattern stands out best. But the white pattern on a pastel basis also looks beautiful and gentle.

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