clear nail polish manicure

Naturalness, natural beauty never goes out of fashion, and this trend can manifest itself in everything: in hair, makeup, manicure. Manicure with transparent varnish, especially on short nails, looks very neat and natural, able to emphasize femininity and tenderness, while not depriving its owner of style and attractiveness.

A beautiful manicure with transparent varnish is a great option for modern women and girls who lead an active lifestyle, whose daily schedule includes work, workouts at the sports club, household chores, and much more. With such a rhythm of life, it is quite difficult to constantly look attractive and neat, but just this type of manicure can help with this.

How to make a manicure with transparent varnish?

Another advantage of a clear nail polish manicure is that it is easy to do it yourself. To do this, it is better to use not ordinary varnish, but gel polish, which will allow you to save the manicure for a long time. Consider the main stages of performing such a manicure:

  1. Caring manicure — includes processing the cuticle, giving the nails the necessary shape and polishing the nail plate. To soften and remove the cuticle, it is best to use a special cosmetic product and a manicure orange stick. It is recommended to file the tips of the nails with a gentle glass nail file, and use a soft buff for polishing.
  2. Next, the nails should be prepared with a fresher that cleans and degreases the nail plates.
  3. The next stage is the application of a primer (base), which allows you to even out the surface of the nail and contributes to a stronger adhesion of the applied transparent varnish to the nail plate. If the instructions for the product indicate that it is dried in a UV lamp, you need to do this.
  4. Applying gel polish — this can be done in one or two layers, but after each application, drying under the lamp is required.
  5. Application of a top coat — for fixing and giving extra shine (also requires drying under a lamp).

Manicure with clear varnish and pattern

To diversify a manicure with a transparent varnish, to make it more original, you can supplement it with a pattern. Lace patterns made with black lacquer or acrylic paint in thin lines look very concise and elegant against the background of transparent varnish. But design ideas in this case are countless, and by showing imagination and creativity, you can make a unique work of art out of a manicure.

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