white and gold manicure

All fashionistas know that often a manicure is a business card. Even if the whole image is solid and perfectly matched, without a well-groomed manicure against the general background, it looks tasteless. However, fashion is fleeting, and keeping up with new trends and trends can sometimes be difficult. In such cases, it is worth resorting to the classics, which are always relevant. The nail industry is constantly evolving and therefore the beautiful half of humanity has the opportunity to indulge in original, but at the same time unpretentious nail art options. Very unusual is a white manicure with gold splashes.

White manicure with gold — design ideas

In the modern world, nail industry experts offer the most practical daily manicure options that will make you stand out from the crowd, but at the same time perfectly match with many created images, both everyday and festive. The most practical design of the nail plates is the one that is applied to short nails.

So, a white French manicure with gold is gaining great popularity. It looks quite strict, but at the same time luxurious. The combination of white and gold color makes your pens look very original. Manicure in white is a real hit of nail art.

Three main tricks to make white nail polish look great on your nails:

  • the shorter the length of your nail plates, the neater and more effective the white manicure with gold splashes will look;
  • to add festivity and drama, do a white manicure with gold sparkles;
  • use the moon manicure technique by drawing a thin line that follows the shape of the nail. In this case, you can use a thin gold line to give the manicure a rich look.

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