velvet sand manicure

Today, just a beautiful manicure is not enough for a modern fashionista. Due to new unusual technologies in the art of nail-art, exquisite original design is increasingly prevalent, which will help to subtly complete the image and distinguish your mistress from the background of the rest. Velvet sand manicure has become a novelty of recent seasons. This design is quite simple in execution, but it looks amazing and unusual. Depending on the chosen method of decorating the nail plate with sand powder, you can perform both a complex design with drawings and painting, as well as a monochromatic or single-layer manicure. Modern masters offer a large selection of original types of nail design with velvet sand. But in any case, you will definitely emphasize your sense of style and compliance with the latest fashion trends by choosing a velvet sand manicure.

Velvet Sand Manicure Ideas

The technology of nail design with velvet sand is simple and can be done at home. Sand powder is applied to the base varnish that has not yet dried with a special brush or spatula. But you can also dip a needle or toothpick in water, then pick up a small amount of grains from a jar of sand and decorate your nails to your taste. Velvet sand is necessarily fixed on top with a transparent varnish. Otherwise, the grains can crumble, cling to clothes and bring inconvenience due to uneven surfaces. Let’s see what velvet sand manicure ideas do stylists offer today?

Knitted manicure with velvet sand. The fashion trend of recent seasons, knitted design is now relevant to do with the help of sand powder. In this design, the very pattern of braids, arans and knitted loops is made using velvet sand.

Velvet sand manicure with patterns. Any evening, business and romantic look will be completed with sand patterned nails. Today it is popular to draw curls, leaves, a grid and various abstractions with sand. Powder can be chosen in the same color range as the base, and then you will get a calm, beautiful design, as well as a contrasting shade, which will draw attention to an interesting manicure and delicate taste of a fashionista.

Monochromatic manicure with velvet sand. If you want to make a quick original design, then powder your nails completely. Today, stylists offer to choose catchy rich colors of sand. One of the most fashionable is red manicure with velvet sand. A bright shade has always been in vogue in the art of nail-art. Classic colors are also popular. In this case, a black manicure with velvet sand is considered more attractive. A rainbow design with powder will help you to complement the youth casual look in an unusual and original way.

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