Manicure «veil»


manicure veil

One of the most popular nail designs that designers constantly come up with to decorate women’s hands is the “veil” manicure. It is also called «tights» because the images really look like the ones we often see on women’s tights.

Well-groomed hands with this decoration are elegant and stylish, but at the same time, the pattern is not flashy, so it can be used even when working in the office. A veil effect manicure looks good on both short and long nails.

How to make a manicure «veil»?

Before decorating nails, you need to do hygiene or care procedures. That is, you need to put your hands in order, because this is the only way the manicure will look beautiful. Then you need to apply the base. Some simply make a transparent base in several layers. But in order to get a spectacular black veil manicure, it is better to tint it with black gel paint and apply it several times. However, remember that each application will make the color slightly darker.

Then, using a thin brush, draw a dark edging of the nails. And she also makes drawings that imitate nylon tights. It can be just a mesh, dots, but most often craftsmen depict various flowers and animals, showing their skill.

To apply a picture with a brush, you need to be an artist or a skilled manicurist. But for those who do everything on their own, but cannot draw, there is a way out. Now there are many stickers for nail art on sale, among which you can find those that are suitable for drawing when creating a “tights” or “veil” manicure. The last step of the work is the finishing coat.

Manicure secret

And it is at the final stage that the magic happens, which is especially noticeable on a transparent basis. The finish needs to be diluted with a drop of the varnish (white or black) with which you applied the main drawing. It is recommended to drop it into the paint itself on the palette, since in this case you will save material. Thus, after several layers of finish, that wonderful veil effect is obtained.

More importantly, you need to dry your nails well after each step. And to create a more natural manicure, experts recommend taking the most natural colors that are used for a jacket.

The design will look more spectacular if it is not done on all nails, but, for example, on the middle and ring nails. For the rest, you can apply the substrate a little darker, the contrast will only add expressiveness to the manicure.

It is best to perform a “veil” manicure with gel polish, but it will look quite beautiful if you create it using conventional coatings.


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