Manicure — spring 2016


Finally, a little more and everything around will shine with bright, new colors, birds will chirp, and a flowering mood will appear. Spring 2016 is rich in fashion novelties, including manicure, or rather new trends that will pleasantly surprise every girl.

Trends of fashionable manicure of the season spring-summer 2016

  1. 50 shades of red — that’s how you can safely call a new fashion trend. Such a manicure looks especially stylish on well-groomed short nails. It is important to remember how to choose the right shade: the lighter the skin tone, the warmer the color of the varnish should be.
  2. Does not leave the top of the fashionable Olympus classic french. The most interesting thing is that in spring, not only aristocratic nail art with a neutral coating is in fashion, but also avant-garde notes using catchy colors. So, you can safely create a French manicure using lavender, mint, sky blue, green and pink. As for the drawings on the nails, it is better to refrain from massive applications with rhinestones and flashy patterns.
  3. Usage shellac-lacquer helps nails look great for several weeks in a row. In addition, as you know, this remedy does not harm the nail plate. If we talk about the variety of colors, then for those who like to shine, shades of yellow, orange are perfect. In addition, nail-art looks no less stylish using pastel colors that perfectly emphasize the beauty of jewelry.
  4. Particular attention should be paid moon manicure. This spring, he simply must be bright and tender. If you want romance, then you can combine multi-colored stripes, for example, light pink blends flawlessly with caramel. The latter can be replaced with azure. The highlight will be the unvarnished part of the lunula.
  5. gradient or ombre manicure, made in calm milky shades, will add an image of dreaminess, femininity. It is important to note that, depending on the chosen colors, manicure can be everyday, exclusively for office work or evening. It all depends on your preferences and imagination.
  6. In the spring-summer 2016 season, fashionable manicure colors are: skin color lacquer or nude nail art, bright, a little bold colors (green, fuchsia, brown, orange). In addition, the combination of classic black and white, red and black is at the peak of popularity.


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