Manicure — fashion trends 2016


Manicure fashion trends 2016

If a woman does not do makeup and does not look after her nails, then she thinks too highly of herself, assured the legendary trendsetter Coco Chanel. However, one hygienic manicure is not enough to be fashionable and stylish. Of course, well-groomed nails and skin of the hands are extremely important, but the manicure must also correspond to current trends, the tone for which is set by the world’s nail art masters.

Fashion trends in manicure

It is very difficult to cover all the trends of the coming year, but the world’s leading bloggers have made sure that girls who want to be in trend have the most important information about new products in the field of manicure. So, what new items deserve the attention of fashionistas?

Perhaps it’s worth starting with a pastel manicure, which is ideal for any style of clothing and any shape of the nail plates. Pastel manicure does not focus on itself, acting only as a stylish addition to the image. This option will be appreciated by romantic natures and lovers of nude makeup. This category also includes French manicure, which fully supports the fashion trends of 2016. Unlike previous seasons, the shape of the free edge of the nail plates is now relevant, which is as close to natural as possible. No squares or pointed edges! Another versatile option was a transparent coating. Fashion trends in 2016 do not prohibit doing such a manicure with gel polish, which is worn longer and does not require daily correction.

A very popular type of manicure, which is one of the types of classic jacket, has not lost its relevance. Given the fashion trends of 2016, the moon manicure has become more natural. The strip, which is performed at the bed of the nail plate, is now painted with a pastel or other discreet shade of varnish.

The monochromatic manicure, which is the simplest to perform, did not go unnoticed. If in the past girls went crazy for muted matte shades, then in 2016 the trend is radiant gloss that catches the eye. Attention should be paid to the plum, wine, brown and red palette. By the way, the fashion trends of 2016 are once again popularizing bright red manicure, which owners of perfectly well-groomed hands can afford.

Bold decisions

Girls who are confident in the professionalism of their master should try the novelty of the season — a manicure with a frame and graphics. It is worth noting that this option is only suitable for owners of long nails. A base coat is first applied to the nail plate, and then a frame is drawn along the contour. After the varnish has dried, graphic patterns are drawn inside the frame, which can be geometric, floral, or abstract. Looks great manicure with one selected nail on the hand. This technique is not new, but the girls really liked it in past seasons.

And remember that choosing the color of a manicure to match clothes, accessories or shoes is not necessary at all. Stylists believe that a manicure in a contrasting color fits more harmoniously into the image, not merging with it, but focusing on the details. It remains to choose the appropriate option, and surprise others with beautiful nails.


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