lace manicure

Lace manicure is considered a relative novelty in the world of modern nail art. Nevertheless, in such a short period of time, he not only found his fans, but also managed to seriously compete with the traditional jacket.

After all, lace on the nails looks elegant and restrained, in addition, a delicate pattern is appropriate in any situation and is not capricious when choosing clothes. Agree, it is very convenient, given the modern pace of life of women who go to a business meeting in the morning, go shopping with friends in the afternoon, and go on a romantic date in the evening, each time changing the outfit according to the occasion. Yes, and openwork patterns look equally good on well-groomed nails of any shape and length.

Making a manicure with a lace pattern is quite simple: for an impeccable result, you can go to a beauty salon, and if you practice a little, you can create your own unique design at home.

Techniques and original ideas for lace manicure

There are several methods for applying this type of manicure:

  1. A beautiful and unusual openwork pattern can be drawn with a thin brush using regular nail polish or gel paint. By the way, the latter greatly simplifies the application process.
  2. Persons whose artistic skills are far from perfect can use stamping or appliqué stickers.
  3. However, it is best to make a lace manicure using real lace, black, white, colored — it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that it be as thin as possible and without dense patterns. In this case, it is necessary to cut out pieces of openwork fabric for each nail. After applying the base polish, spread the lace evenly over the entire nail plate or in the desired area. Then fix the result with a transparent varnish.

As you can see, depending on the skills and dexterity, the availability of the necessary tools and free time, you can choose the optimal technique for performing lace manicure. After that, it remains to decide on the design.

French manicure with lace is very popular among the fair sex. An openwork pattern can be added to the base of the nail, or applied to the tip. By the way, it is the classic French manicure with white lace that is ideal for the image of the bride.

While a manicure with black and colored lace, whether it be a jacket or any other design, is a great choice for everyday life and evening out.

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