Hairstyles for the New Year

Is there any better reason than the New Year to plunge into the atmosphere of a magical transformation and become a fabulously beautiful princess for at least one night? I think no. Women of any age want to look amazing on this night: a beautiful outfit, evening make-up, a good manicure and, of course, a New Year’s hairstyle.

Before proceeding with a short review of styling options, I would like to tell you, dear girls and women: do not be afraid to seem overly solemn in your image! This holiday allows any fantasy (beautiful, of course). Bolder!

Hairstyles for the New Year: simple ideas

  1. Tonal coloring of strands. A great hairstyle for the New Year for girls with a short haircut.
  2. Use of hair accessories. Iridescent tiaras are so good in a festive hairstyle. Bright hoops and ribbons are also appropriate, and if this product is made of sparkling stones, then even a modest hairstyle will look festive. The same applies to hairpins, because they can be larger and more elegant than everyday ones.
  3. Decor in hair. Owners of medium and long hair can make their hairstyle for the New Year the brightest detail in a festive look. Try simply weaving twigs or flower decorations into your hair. Some manage to add unbreakable Christmas decorations. And this is beautiful!
  4. retro style. The retro hairstyle is not only fashionable now, but always looks tempting, and this is what we need. Try to make waves that are tight to the head in the spirit of the 20s. Or maybe fluffy curls? Very elegant!
  5. Hastily». Can’t make it? Don’t worry. Your hairstyle will still be great: we make the usual “knot” or “tail”, and then it remains to inject more beads (flowers or other paraphernalia). You can pull a few strands out of the «knot». Fix with a shiny varnish and admire.
  6. Pigtails and braids. This season weaving has become especially popular. Use it for the New Year’s holiday, if your hair length allows it. Braids allow you to weave whatever you want into your hair. Beautiful weaving always looks feminine and aristocratic.

New Year’s hairstyles for women are strikingly different from everyday ones, precisely thanks to accessories and hair care products: varnishes, foam, gel and sparkles. Yes, glitter… don’t worry if it looks «too much». Shine, girls and women, this night! Happy New Year to you!

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