Tired of classic nail designs? Do you think that nail art masters will not be able to surprise you with anything? And here is the lie. Intricate Koreans have introduced a new manicure into the trend — glass nails. Every day, its different variations are becoming more and more popular in the world of cosmetic services. Why don’t you also try to try on such an extraordinary, and in some ways even funny glass manicure?

Broken glass effect manicure

Do not be afraid, because when applying this version of a manicure, real broken glass is not used — this is just its imitation. In fact, holographic cellophane acts as broken glass, which is attached to the nails and, reflected in the rays of the sun, creates a magnificent effect. Broken glass effect manicure does not have to be applied to all nails, you can decorate only one of the nails in this way, and cover the rest with your favorite solid color. If you are an adventurous person, always ready to try something new, then cover all your nails in this way and the riveted attention around you is provided. Your manicure in any case will not go unnoticed.

By the way, now a manicure in the form of glass fragments can be realized without leaving your home, because holographic stickers have gone on sale. You do not have to cut anything, but just stick the finished stickers and cover everything with clear varnish. That’s all, a million-dollar manicure is ready, and you put the minimum amount of effort into it. Manicure «broken glass on nails» is becoming more popular every day. In order to make such a manicure, you need to have in your arsenal special holographic stickers and all other manicure accessories that you have in your cosmetic bag.

To begin, do a standard manicure procedure, apply the first coat of varnish, secure it with a clear coat and immediately put the sticker pieces. Once the polish is dry, cover your nails with another top coat of colorless polish. Manicure «shards of glass» is ready! Now you can go to conquer the world. If you do not want to deal with the application of a trendy manicure on your own, then in this case you can use the services of your master or go to a beauty salon.

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