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gradient gel polish

Gradient — This is a manicure in which gel polish on the nails creates an ombre effect, that is, shades smoothly transition from one to another. You can perform it as two or more contrasting colors, as well as shades from the same color range. Such a manicure looks very beautiful on short and long nails and lasts for about 3 weeks without chipping.

How to make a gradient with a brush?

Horizontal gradient gel polish is best done with a flat synthetic brush with a semi-circular or straight tip. The procedure must be performed in this way:

  1. Choose two shades of gel polish and paint over the entire nail with each color (it is recommended to make layers thin so that they can be easily shaded).
  2. gradient gel polish brush 1

  3. Dampen the brush in clinser. Gently run the brush several times from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, keeping it parallel to your finger.
  4. gradient gel polish brush 2

  5. When the transition becomes soft, dry the nail in the lamp.
  6. gradient gel polish brush 3

  7. Repeat all over again.
  8. gradient gel polish brush 4

If you make the third coat of clear gel polish, the gradient made with the brush will last longer. But it must be very thin.

You can also create a gradient with gel polish with a fan brush. In this case, the transition of shades will not be so smooth, but making a manicure is much easier. To run the gradient, you need:

  1. Apply the lightest color on the nail as a base (in one or more layers).
  2. Dry the nail in the lamp.
  3. Mix two colors on the foil and apply a new shade to the middle of the nail.
  4. Apply the darkest color to the tip of the nail.
  5. Wet the brush in clinser.
  6. Run it several times in the middle of the nail from side to side in one place until the desired effect is obtained.
  7. Dry the nail in the lamp.

Apply the second layer, repeating what you did before, but the base color should cover only the top of the nail so that it does not cover the transition of shades.

How to make a sponge gradient?

Do you have special cosmetic brushes? Then how to make a gradient gel polish? Ombre on nails is easily done with a regular sponge with small pores. It must be clean, dry and high so that you can control the pressure. Such a manicure can also be done with a foundation sponge. But keep in mind that it will absorb more varnish, and leave a very thin mark.

Gradient gel polish is performed using a sponge using the following technology:

  1. Tape your cuticles or apply PVA glue to protect them (at the end of your manicure, you can simply peel off this layer along with unnecessary polish without staining the skin).
  2. Apply the base on the nail and dry it in the lamp.
  3. Place two large drops of gel polish of different colors on the foil at a short distance.
  4. Mix the drops with a toothpick to get an intermediate color between them.
  5. Apply a sponge to the varnish.
  6. Put a few prints on the foil so that there are no bubbles.
  7. Transfer the gel polish to the nail with springy soft movements.
  8. Cover a layer of varnish with a top coat.
  9. Dry the nail in the lamp.

linear gradient gel polish

A linear vertical gradient made with gel polish looks very impressive on the nails. To complete it, you will need white and any colored varnish, a thin brush and foil. It is done in this way:

  1. Apply a layer of white polish on the nail and dry it in a lamp.
  2. Remove the top sticky layer.
  3. Draw the edging of the nail with the main color, trying to make the line the same width on all sides.
  4. Dry the layer in the lamp.
  5. Mix the main color and white on the foil.
  6. Apply a new shade with a strip in a joint with the previous one (it is better to make them the same width).
  7. Mix the main shade with the white of the flowers, making it lighter.
  8. Draw another strip in line with the previous one.
  9. Dry the nail in the lamp.
  10. Repeat the last steps until the nail is completely painted over (the last strip must be done with white varnish).

To make this gradient design made with gel polish last longer than 2 weeks without chipping, apply a top coat without a sticky layer on the nail and dry it in a lamp.


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