trendy nail polish 2016

Not a single image of a woman or girl will be complete without a fashionable manicure that matches the style of clothing and the mood of its owner. Beautiful and well-groomed hands make the fair sex confident and extremely attractive to men.

Fashion trends in the art of manicure are constantly changing and in order to comply with them, you should know which nail polish is the most fashionable in a particular season.

The most fashionable shades of nail polishes of the season 2016

Popular trends in 2016 will tell you which nail polish is the most fashionable right now:

  • at the top of popularity Blue colour and its many shades — the color of the sea wave, electric blue, blue-green, turquoise and so on;
  • all in fashion spectrum of gray, from the lightest shades to bright and saturated. Often in such varnishes you can also observe a greenish tint. The texture in this case can be any — shimmering, matte or metallic;
  • classical Red color Nail polish will probably never go out of style, especially when combined with a bright lipstick of the same shade on the lips. The burgundy range of colors also meets all the fashion trends of this season, which cannot be said about orange shades — these colors are not popular with fashion stylists and manicure masters today;
  • owners of not too long nails can safely use lacquer natural shadeswhich are especially relevant if the girl does not use decorative cosmetics for her face;
  • also in vogue white lacquer colorgiving beautiful ladies a playful mood;
  • finally, brown, black, plum and other trendy dark shades varnish or gel are also popular in 2016, because they look very stylish and unusual on nails, but only in a situation where the whole image of a girl is designed in the gothic or grunge style.

Of course, this is not limited to the whole range of trendy shades of nail polishes.

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