nails fashion ideas of the season 2016 white french

For many seasons in a row, a white French manicure has been considered the most classic and versatile nail design. In 2016, such nail-art not only did not lose its popularity, but was also improved with new stylish ideas. The fashion trends of the white jacket 2016 are elegance, tenderness and fashionable style, which are exquisitely combined with everyday life and simplicity. Now stylists offer this design without intricate patterns and finishes, but always with a touch of originality and individuality. Such a decision is a fresh and new look at a popular and, perhaps, bored style.

Fashionable white jacket 2016

In 2016, it is simply impossible to single out the most fashionable classic jacket. After all, despite the new solutions offered by stylists, the options for this design of past seasons are still relevant. But let’s see the fashion ideas of nail-art masters, which are presented in the white French manicure 2016?

White french with casting. If restraint and rigor are not your style, but classic French manicure is to your liking, then the ideal solution to dilute your design would be luxurious casting. Stylists advise decorating only one, maximum two fingers with a cast element. You can add colored liquid stone to such a manicure.

French with a white base. It is not necessary to make a strip of the edge of the nail white. The classic shade is great for the base. In 2016, it is fashionable to make a strip on a white background with silver foil, sparkles or dots.

White jacket with stones. The most fashionable design that has come over from last season is a jacket with rhinestones. This elegant and very beautiful type of jacket simply cannot cease to be relevant for modern fashionistas.

White jacket with velvet sand. To add even more tenderness and sophistication to the classic French manicure, make a velvet pattern on one finger. Decorative sand is also better to choose white.

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