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Fashionable manicure gives an aesthetic look to the hands of girls and women and makes them self-confident. One of my favorite types of nail design is the French manicure. What jacket is considered fashionable in 2016?

French 2016 — fashion trends

Among the main types of fashion jacket in 2016, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Classic frenchwhich involves coating the tips of the nails with white varnish. The base of the nail plate is covered with varnish, which has a color close to natural (beige, transparent, light pink). The technology of applying a classic jacket requires a lot of concentration. This type of manicure continues to be popular.
  2. French with golden sequins. Gold decor stylishly and unobtrusively makes the manicure bright.
  3. Color jacket. The tips of the nails are covered with colored varnish. Fashionable shades of 2016 are red, yellow, emerald, golden, brown. Another option would be to paint your nails in one color and make the french stripes another. In addition, you can paint not only the tip of the nail, but also its base.
  4. The most fashionable jacket of 2016 is considered black jacket, which is a very unusual solution. Using black varnish instead of white for applying a jacket will break all the usual stereotypes.
  5. Fan French. This type of manicure involves the use of additional components: rhinestones, beads, foil and other decorations.
  6. Non-standard jacket, which is deliberately performed not according to the usual technology. The classic shape of the French «smile» changes to the shape of a triangle, zigzag or some other.
  7. French with a pattern. The idea is that the pattern that is applied to the nail plate connects the main color in which the main part is painted and the color that the edge of the nail is made with.
  8. french dotsom — involves the application of bitmaps.
  9. French with lace. Lace pattern on the nails is done using specially made lace.

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