drawings on nails 2016

It has long been known that nails and hands need care at any time of the year. And if your neat fingers are decorated with fashionable drawings, then you will no doubt be in trend and demonstrate your sense of style. That is why stylists offer new ideas for stylish manicure from season to season. Drawings on nails 2016 is an unusual solution that combines everyday life and elegance at the same time.

Fashion drawings on nails 2016

Literally from the very beginning of the new season of 2016, stylists offered an overview of current patterns on the nails. The main idea of ​​any fashionable design is originality and intricacy. Masters suggest leaving simple affordable prints and patterns in the past and giving preference to unusual complex solutions. Graphic photo manicure became the most popular technique of the new season. This application of the image is done by special films, which are fixed with gel polish and ultraviolet light. Let’s see what nail designs are trending in 2016?

geometric print. In the new season, clear lines and contours are very popular. Therefore, geometric manicure is considered one of the most relevant — triangles, rhombuses, squares, zigzags.

knitted pattern. The new knitted design of last season became one of the trends in nail art in 2016. Beautiful braids, arana, weaves look very cozy and unusual. Such a manicure is important to do in light or pastel colors.

Fruit and berry manicure. The freshness and warmth of the fruit and berry design will not lose popularity in the new warm period. Along with the image of juicy fruits and berries, it is fashionable to apply drawings in the form of confectionery on the nails.

Animal style. The beloved animal style on nails is still in fashion in the new season. However, stylists recommend moderately applying such drawings, for example, on one or two fingers or in the form of a jacket. A rich design for all nails is relevant only for an evening or thematic look.

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