Crown manicure


crown manicure

Manicure is a whole art that requires a careful approach in choosing a design. Every day, nail-art masters come up with more and more original ideas for manicure that will make you look just great. Recently, more and more women are choosing a manicure with a crown on the nail.

With this design, the handles of any lady will look chic and sophisticated at the same time. Since in the modern world only the most outrageous fashionistas can wear a crown on their heads, this does not mean that it is no longer possible to emphasize their royal nature and character in any way. You can wear a crown on your nails in the form of an original design. In this case, there are absolutely no restrictions, and you can choose a design to your liking that will blow everyone away.

The design of the manicure with a crown was created especially for those beautiful ladies who want to emphasize their majesty and social status. A tasteful manicure in a similar design looks stylish, mysterious and completely unbanal.

Crown Manicure Ideas

There are countless options for nail art with a crown. Each time you will be able to please yourself with various variations of the royal manicure, placing a crown on your nails, choosing a variety of techniques and shades of the main color that will prevail in your manicure.

Option number 1. Red manicure with a crown

Manicure in red has always been an excellent way to attract everyone’s attention. Even with a plain red manicure, any girl looks stunning, but in addition to the illustration of the crown, you will clearly feel like a fatal beauty. Every fashionista who knows her own worth should try such a bright and extraordinary design of the nail plates.

Option number 2. French manicure with a crown

Perhaps the most aristocratic manicure is rightfully considered to be a jacket. It embodies elegance, excellent sense of taste, as well as versatility, which is important when choosing an image suitable for a particular event. Decorating a French manicure in the form of a crown will be a great and modern solution for a real queen. You can make a French jacket in the classical technique or experiment a little, showing all your creativity.

Option number 3. Rhinestone Crown Manicure

A crown lined with rhinestones on your nails will look incredibly impressive and solid. Such a creative design of the nail plates will certainly cause others to associate with the royal symbol, and you will be perceived as a real royal person.


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