coral manicure

What color can emphasize femininity, tenderness, romance and at the same time independence, representativeness and determination? No doubt it’s coral. Today, such a color scheme is actively used by designers in the wardrobe, as well as stylish additions. Very successfully coral color is used in the art of nail-art. Such a beautiful shade is popular due to the wide choice of tonality. You can make a delicate light-colored coral manicure or choose a rich bright varnish. You can also use gel, acrylic, glitter, foil, broths and other tools in a trendy shade. In any case, a coral-colored manicure is in line with fashion trends and good taste.

Fashionable manicure with coral varnish

The most attractive and expressive nail design is coral varnish. Indeed, despite the volume and massiveness of the decor, it is the coating that is considered the basis in manicure. Let’s see what coral nail design is the most relevant today?

Coral manicure with rhinestones. The saturated shade is ideally combined with beautiful stones. The ensemble of popular rhinestones and coral color gives the image femininity and romance. Therefore, a coral manicure with rhinestones is great for completing a stylish business bow or outfit for going out or in the evening.

Coral pattern manicure. The most versatile is considered a bright nail design with a beautiful pattern or print. You can choose coral varnish as a base, or you can draw directly in this color. In the latter case, it is worth choosing a background of a contrasting color, preferably white or black.

coral jacket. Colored French manicure is the trend of recent seasons. Coral polish is great for this design. As a rule, a bright shade is applied to the edge line, and the main part is made colorless or in light colors. The coral color also looks very impressive in the moon manicure.

Coral manicure with gold. The rich color is beautifully and subtly combined with gold decor. This design complements the image with a touch of luxury and light charm. Glitter or foil is usually used as a gold finish.

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