beautiful nails 2016

Beautiful nails are something that no girl who cares about her appearance can do without. Any image, even if it is thought out to the smallest detail, will not be completed if the hands are sloppy.

In the world of manicure, there are invariably certain trends that fashionistas who want to stay in trend need to follow. Each season brings us new design elements, thanks to which nails can be decorated brightly, beautifully and trendily.

The most beautiful nail design of the season 2016

In 2016, beautiful trendy nails no longer “scream” like they used to. On the contrary, the main trends in the world of manicure have become simplicity and restraint. Meanwhile, this does not mean at all that the coating of the nail plates should be monophonic. The trend is colorful, but simple colors, as well as interesting elements that do not catch the eye of others too much.

The most beautiful nails of 2016 must be decorated with rhinestones. Meanwhile, this season, special attention is paid to the form of decoration of the nail plates — it must be quite complex and strictly sustained, as well as maintain the balance of the entire image of a fashionista. To create beautiful nails in 2016, it is not enough just to cover them with pebbles of the same type. The style and layout of decorative elements must be very carefully thought out, so the time and cost of creating such a manicure this season can increase significantly.

In addition, in 2016, the design of nude nails is very relevant. If you want to make a really beautiful manicure, use nude elements as accessories, but be sure to combine them with bright stripes of color.

As in previous seasons, in 2016 it is fashionable to paint nails on one hand in different ways. That is why various patterns can be realized in the design of the nail plates. Meanwhile, it should be noted that this season the beautiful design of the nail should be repeated on at least two fingers of one hand. Patterns in this case can be any, but not too intricate. Geometric shapes, all kinds of abstractions, «blots», as well as seasonal motifs — snowflakes, marine themes, bright spring flowers, and so on are popular.

You can find the most interesting design options for beautiful and fashionable nails in the 2016 season in our photo gallery.

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