Holiday date: October 15

The portraits of most modern women are emancipated, striving to achieve success in their careers, adhering to the rules of style, strict and impregnable persons, their chins are raised up, their makeup is moderately strict, hairstyles and fresh manicures betray constant visits to beauty salons and absolute inexperience in housekeeping. But when we hear the phrase “rural woman”, the picture changes in a second, and we see a strong, stately and physically developed beauty, the wind plays with golden straws tangled in her hair, she radiates with health, fortified fresh milk and honey, skin she smells of the natural perfume of summer and meadow herbs, she radiates true feminine wisdom, children, men and old people listen to her opinion, she is a mother, she is a mistress, she is the guardian of the family.

The labor of rural women provides everyone, including carefree residents of cities and megacities, with agricultural goods, environmentally friendly products, but, most often, these women are limited in receiving proper education, medical care, financial support, therefore the holiday called «World Rural Women’s Day ” and celebrated on October 15, helps the society to pay attention to these problems and make their contribution to their solution.

World Rural Women’s Day 2022 — congratulations

Rural woman… You are real!
Sweet and strong face!
Country woman! The thing that creates
Our country needs.

The one who easily manages the economy,
Protects the house and children.
Who works tirelessly at work —
May you be lucky!

Rural woman, kind, brave,
Happy holiday to you!
Let skillful hands rest!
Happiness, health, kindness!

World Rural Women’s Day
I hasten to congratulate
Wise women, strong women,
Whose mission is sacred!

Do you work often?
On a par with the strong sex!
From the bottom of my heart I wish you happiness
See the joy in every day!

For you to succeed
And cherished dreams
Fulfilled in your life!
Live without troubles and fuss!

Your world holiday has come,
You always be happy!
To give you strength every day
So that they never know troubles!

Being a rural woman is destiny
By no means everyone is on the shoulder!
I wish you many good things!
I so want to congratulate you!

May your main dreams
Implemented soon!
There will be no troubles and fuss,
Only many bright, bright days!

Postcard for World Rural Women’s Day 2022

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