Tumbler manicure


tumbler style manicure

Hairstyles, clothes, manicures, and tumbler-style looks are at the peak of popularity among most of today’s youth. And its main feature is originality, uniqueness. Moreover, the girls who give preference to him know that under any circumstances you need to look 100%, and this suggests that everything needs to be carefully monitored, including the appearance of the nails.

tumblr manicure ideas

Girls representing this style can be safely called reference beauties. They are imitated, they are taken as an example. Every detail is thought out in their image, starting from the color of the nail polish and ending with a massive gold-colored watch and a choker.

It is worth noting that the main thing in manicure is that the nails in the tumbler style are always well-groomed, and the patterns and color of the varnish correspond to the latest nail-art trends.

  1. Geometry. The presence of uncomplicated patterns on the nails is one of the main features of this style. It can be vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, zigzags, stripes. Experiment with colors, but make sure that it looks harmonious.
  2. Animalism. Predatory print — this is how you can call the now popular drawings on the nails of tumbler girls. So, nail art can be in the form of patterns that imitate the skin of a snake, tiger, zebra, giraffe and many other representatives of the fauna.
  3. Flowers. Romantic natures will prefer clothes that emphasize their elegance and femininity, as well as manicures made in soothing, gentle colors. At the same time, the color of the varnish completely depends on the mood of the fashionista. It can be a flashy red, and a sophisticated powdery shade.
  4. Matte finish. Every girl who decorates her nails in a tumbler style knows that a matte finish is at the peak of popularity, and blue, purple, burgundy, chocolate, coffee are considered the most fashionable colors. In addition, such a velvet manicure will be the perfect complement to any look.
  5. metallic. If you are tired of the black and white combination of varnishes, then it’s time to start a tumblr manicure created using special foil and shiny ribbons. This also includes the effect of broken glass, which is created with the help of special stickers, randomly placed on the nail plate.

Do not forget that a manicure in this style partially or completely personifies your lifestyle, inner world, state of mind. It must be carefully thought out. Follow the latest trends in nail art, experiment with color and texture.


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