Manicure for the New Year 2017

If you believe the signs, the New Year 2017 will be successful if you celebrate it surrounded by bright shining things that its symbol, the Fiery Red Rooster, loves so much. In addition to decorating the house, you should take care of a beautiful outfit, matching hairstyle, makeup and, of course, a manicure that completes the look. A beautiful fashionable manicure for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster will surprise you with an abundance of thematic drawings, decorative elements and deliberate catchiness. But it should not contradict the hottest trends in the nail industry with style, shape and colors. Let’s try to figure out what kind of manicure to do for the New Year 2017 so that it meets these requirements.

The current color scheme of manicure

Among all the trends, there is always a place for symbolic nail design. The most popular manicure colors for the New Year 2017 belong to the red palette. This color allows women to look attractive regardless of the shape of the nails, style of outfit and age. Red manicure for the New Year 2017 includes shades such as scarlet, burgundy, purple, crimson and even brick. But we should not forget that in 2017, matching the colors of nail polish and lipstick is in fashion. If the choice is on a red manicure, the lips should also be red!

But do not get hung up on the red range, which, in principle, is quite specific. The Fire Rooster will also favor other bright colors that will perfectly complement the festive look. The symbol of the year will like not only active, colorful shades focused on ostentatious beauty, but also a gamma that testifies to a sense of style, the ability to appreciate luxury. In order not to overdo it with brightness, you should not do a manicure in which there are more than two saturated shades. Whatever color is chosen, manicure for the New Year 2017 should be stylish! But animal prints, which are in trend today, should be said “no” on New Year’s Eve, since felines are dangerous for the Rooster.

Christmas drawings and patterns

It is difficult to argue with the fact that an ordinary jacket is not the best manicure for the New Year 2017. Of course, he does not hold elegance, but the jacket certainly lacks brightness. To celebrate one of the most fun holidays, it is better to choose an original design with drawings. The obvious solution is a drawing of a cockerel on one or all nails. Not every master can draw this bird. Special stickers-sliders will come to the rescue. Such a manicure can be done at home. It is enough to apply a background varnish, attach a slider and cover the nail plate with a transparent fixative varnish. In addition, it is not at all necessary to depict the cockerel as a whole. An eloquent hint in the form of a feather, a characteristic paw with claws, and a bright tail is enough.

Not all girls like such experiments. Drawings in the form of Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, which are traditionally used in nail art during the New Year holidays, fit perfectly into the theme of manicure.

When deciding on a festive nail design, one should not forget about practicality. Ordinary varnish will crack in a few days. Since the New Year holidays last at least two weeks, it makes sense not to do a traditional manicure, but to cover your nails with gel polish. Firstly, this coating significantly expands the possibilities of nail design, and, secondly, it does not need to be updated and corrected for two to three weeks.

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