manicure drops

Abstractions, drawings, patterns — a fashionable nail design that will always emphasize the originality and individuality of a fashionista. What ideas are not offered by stylists today? In addition to certain topics, the masters perform a beautiful manicure using various techniques and tools. Drop manicure has become one of the most popular types of nail design today. Such nail-art is unique in that it can be made using overlay decor, by mixing glossy and matte varnish, as well as in the form of a shadow or contrasting pattern.

Drop effect manicure

Drops on the nails are a universal manicure that will stylishly complement any look. Of course, most often a similar design is chosen for everyday style, but such nail-art will be an unusual accent in an evening look. To date, stylists offer a manicure with water drops in various variations. Often the differences lie in the image of a particular liquid. Let’s see the most popular ideas shall we?

raindrop manicure. The design that identifies rain splashes on the nails looks very beautiful and gentle. For such a manicure, as a rule, two types of varnish of the same color are selected — glossy and matte. Also, water drops can be depicted using a transparent gel or several shades of blue and blue in the form of a picture.

Manicure drops of paint. The fashion trend of recent seasons has become a design that conveys the idea of ​​leaking paint. Such a manicure is performed with ordinary or gel polish. It is important to make drops of paint in different contrasting shades or in the form of blots and splashes.

blood drop manicure. If you are looking for a design for a themed look, bloody streaks or splashes on a white base will be a fashionable solution. Of course, such a manicure is suitable for holidays such as Halloween or horror nights. But if you wish, bloody nail-art can also be made for everyday bow, if your usual style allows it.

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