kamifubuki for nails

Kamifubuki for nails is a decoration that has long been known to girls who take care of their manicure. The trendy name means confetti in Japanese.

Kamifubuki — an unusual decor for nails

New items periodically appear in the art of nail art, but kamifubuki are difficult to rank among them. Under such an interesting, slightly mysterious name, familiar circles of confetti are hidden, but not in the usual New Year’s sense, but smaller ones.

Kamifubuki confetti for nails, as a rule, are packaged in jars by color, but there are also jars with mixes on sale. Also, lovers of beautiful and fashionable manicure can pick up confetti of the required size and even shape — kamifubuki are produced not only in a round shape, they are in the form of hearts, stars, stripes, flowers.

Kamifubuki are made from multi-colored foil and polymers. Nails decorated with this decor attract a lot of attention, they look elegant.

Kamifubuki — nail design is easy

Confetti provides great opportunities for the implementation of various ideas of her art. Kamifubuki has many advantages:

  • this decor refers to inexpensive nail decorations;
  • you can use kamifubuki at home — it is very easy to apply confetti;
  • kamifubuki go well with other types of decor;
  • confetti are thin, flexible, so they fit well on the nail plate and last a long time.

Kamifubuki is often used for nail extensions, with gel polish manicure. Colored spots give the manicure the effect of volume, layering and make the nails bright and unusual. But they use kamifubuki with ordinary varnish. In order to decorate kamifubuki nails, you need:

  • come up with a design;
  • apply the main color to the nail;
  • with tweezers or using a toothpick dipped in water, lay out a pattern of kamifubuki;
  • cover a beautiful nail with two layers of top.

Kamifubuki — Design Ideas

In principle, the design of kamifubuki depends only on your imagination and on whether you want to make a festive or everyday manicure. For everyday manicure, pastel light varnish and not too conspicuous kamifubuki will be enough, for example, blue, burgundy, silver confetti will do. The nail design with kamifubuki french looks very neat and gentle. As a rule, in such a manicure, the top of the nail is covered with confetti, and the main plate is left colorless. But with such a decor, it is also possible to make a reverse jacket — put kamifubuki close to the hole-base of the nail.

Shiny kamifubuki in nail design are used when you really need to create a festive mood and complement such an outfit. If you are an unimportant artist, then take small kamifubuki and put them on the main color in a chaotic manner, lay out a simple ornament — for the New Year — a Christmas tree, for March 8 — a flower. Use curly kamifubuki, for example, an original manicure will turn out if you place a heart in the corner of each nail. A manicure in which only one nail is decorated with kamifubuki will look good. If you draw well and accurately, then with the help of kamifubuki you can create whole plot drawings on your nails, and they will last a long time, surprise and delight others.

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