French nail design - a selection of photos of the best stylish manicure ideas

French nail design has been considered a fashionable option for many seasons in a row, which is used for various events. It is perfect for women of any age, if desired, you can apply a variety of designs, made in both traditional and new original styles.

Nail design 2018 french

French design 2018 is considered a classic, in which delicate shades are preferred, but taking into account the latest fashion trends, any color can become the basis. The design depends on the shape and length of the nail plate. It comes in the following variations:

  1. 2018 will be held under the sign of naturalness, so the best shape for a French manicure will be almond-shaped and oval, and the free space should be no more than 3 mm.
  2. A varnish of a non-standard texture will look original and unusual, for example, you can perform matte nail art or use a contrasting combination of matte and metallic coatings.
  3. French nail design in the “negative space” will be popular, you can apply a transparent varnish where only the tip stands out.
  4. Many will turn to embellishments with additional décor. It can be stamping, stripes, art painting, rhinestones, drawings with acrylic powder, laying out with foil.
  5. It is very important to choose the right color. For fair girls, a peach or pale pink shade will be suitable, and owners of dark skin should turn to beige-coffee shades or a soft pink tone with a dark addition.
  6. The newest trend is a straight line that separates the edge, it looks very unusual compared to the usual rounded classic.
  7. An innovation was the use of original images, for example, on the edge of the marigold, stylists depict an eye framed by eyelashes.

nail design 2018 french

Nail design 2018 french

stylish french nail designfrench design 2018

French for long nails — design 2018

The area of ​​the elongated nail gives space for creativity. French design for long nails is represented by the following variations:

  • the classic remains in trend, the white strip continues to decorate the tip of the nail plate, which has its own natural color;
  • you can combine different shades, pink and walnut tones are very easy to combine with white;
  • to highlight several nails, stickers or rhinestones are applied to them;
  • the advantage is the presence of an original drawing or artistic painting;
  • very popular is the lunar stylish french nail design, combined with the French style;
  • for a festive mood in 2018, you can choose the millennium style, which uses rhinestones, mica, glitter and other sparkling materials. The main feature is that small particles must be tightly applied so that the free edges are not translucent;
  • to create a festive winter bow, the appropriate design is ideal, in which an image of openwork snowflakes is applied to the nail plate.

french long nails design 2018french design for long nails

French design 2018 on short nails

French nail design for short nails will also look great. It is possible to distinguish the following types:

  • the classic will give grace, so the nail plate in natural color becomes the most popular;
  • a very good option would be French nail art, made in nude white;
  • owners of short nails often want to visually lengthen them, so they often turn to longitudinal stripes, where 2-3 similar color shades are used, mint and green, yellow and sand will look best.

french design 2018 on short nailsfrench nail design for short nails

French manicure nail design

In the new season, stylists have adopted a variety of ideas on how to make French nail designs. Among them it is worth mentioning the following:

  • if you want to move away from the classic version and apply something new, then you need to turn to additional decor. In the form of jewelry, special patterns and patterns are best suited;
  • stripes look very stylish and original, they can be straight or curved;
  • nail art can be supplemented with a strip that divides the nail into two parts;
  • for a holiday, it is better to choose golden or silver coatings, do not forget about sparkles and rhinestones;
  • to slightly transform the standard version, you can create a line of dots. At the same time, such an element as a smile is created not only in a semicircular version, but also in a triangular and square one;
  • frame graphics have become relevant, where the edges are created by a bright and dark coating. This combination looks very impressive, especially if contrasting colors are used;
  • for everyday wear, a gentle jacket nail design is ideal, where pastel colors are used;
  • a bright and memorable bow will help create the use of bright colors, for example, the red smile line is combined with a black or beige base;
  • many prefer the option where the base is transparent or matte, and is complemented by a metallic or glossy line.

nail design french manicuregentle french nail design

French nail design with a pattern

You can express your individual style and originality if you make a French nail design with a pattern. We can distinguish such fashion trends:

  • for expressiveness, drawings can be used on all or only on the ring fingers;
  • the image can be absolutely anything, these are hearts, animals and plant elements, floral ornaments, fruits and berries;
  • nail design white jacket with a pattern on one finger is very popular among brides, but is also suitable for everyday wear;
  • geometric figures are often used, they are mainly concentrated on the tip. You can look at rhombuses, triangles, original abstraction, arbitrary lines.

french nail design with a pattern

French nail design with rhinestones

A classic French nail design will take on a festive look if you decorate it with rhinestones. Pebbles can have a different shape, color and size, they can be combined with absolutely any varnish. The following combinations can be noted:

  • stylists recommend diluting classic nail art with additional shine, just resort to decorating one ring finger so that the image does not turn out to be too pretentious;
  • sparkling pebbles can complement the tip or lay out a pattern of colored rhinestones in the corners of the nails;
  • you can use the «cat’s eye» technique, on which sparkling pebbles look great;
  • bold fashionistas choose a French nail design with a pattern and rhinestones, where the ring finger is completely strewn with stones.

french nail design with rhinestones

Glitter french nail design

Sequins are another popular decoration. When choosing them, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  • for a solemn occasion, it is better to choose large sequins, and for everyday wear it is better to choose non-heaps of nail art with small sparkling sequins;
  • to decorate the fingertip, it is worth waiting for the main varnish to dry, and apply a transparent varnish on top, and, without waiting for it to dry, sprinkle with sparkles and evenly distribute them;
  • black French nail design looks very impressive with golden or silver sparkles;
  • nail art can be complemented by a pattern, sequins can highlight individual parts of the image. For example, snowflakes look great, and butterflies or flowers are suitable for summer;
  • the addition looks organically with rhinestones, stones and stickers.

glitter french nail designfrench design 2018

French nail design «snow»

At the New Year’s celebration, the winter French nail design will look unsurpassed. When creating it, the following details are used:

  • a transparent base with the addition of murals in pink or white, often snowflakes;
  • the edge is processed with a silver shimmer and becomes like snow, and openwork snowflakes are drawn on top;
  • the addition of a pattern in the form of embossed snowflakes looks very nice;
  • you can highlight the ring finger in completely white and add decoration in the form of bulk knitting.

french snow nail designwinter french nail design

Golden french nail design

One of the most spectacular options that can effectively decorate any festive celebration will be the gold jacket nail design. There are such varieties of its design:

  • gold will look very noble on the fingers, and innocent white will become its organic addition;
  • black and gold French nail design looks luxurious and noble. On a black base, ornate patterns can be applied;
  • the simplest option is a gold edge on a transparent basis;
  • gold can highlight the boundaries of a smile or create a separate strip;
  • in a festive manicure there may be a gold base, and the edge is highlighted in a different color, for example, black or white;
  • there may be a thin golden stripe that passes through the border of the edge and the base, and can significantly change the appearance;
  • lovers of bright memorable bows can combine golden elements with red, aquamarine, purple tones.

gold french nail design

Color French nail design

Color nail art looks more refined and brighter than the classic one. One of the varieties is the coating of the nail plate with a neutral color, and the smile is created in color. But you can make the base in color, for example, this is a red jacket nail design with a white smile. The base and smile of different tones will look even more interesting, for example, black with pastel.

color french nail design

French nail design with rubbing

Mirror shine or irresistible shine can be added with a rub. This will be an incredibly beautiful french nail design with shimmer. Some complement its edge with a metallic steel coating to make the look more expressive. Rubbing can be applied only on one finger. In addition to the metallic color, the rub can be supplemented with other colors, the main thing is to choose the right combination.

french nail design with rubbing

Matte french nail design

Matte polish has become very popular in all types of nail art. In French manicure, the base is often done in a matte form, it can be used in absolutely any color, while the smile is created in a glossy or shiny version. The matte coating has a big drawback, it reveals all the flaws on the nail plate, therefore, in order to hide the bumps, it is complemented by images, rhinestones. The real trend of the season will be the blue jacket nail design, red and yellow shades are also relevant.

matte french nail designbeautiful french nail design

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