broken glass on nails

Manicure is an important element in the image of every girl. Today, stylists strongly urge fashionistas to pay attention to nails not only when preparing for a holiday or other celebration, but also in everyday life. At the same time, according to professionals, one should not distinguish between elegant nail-art and ordinary. Stay beautiful, attractive and feminine always. This is exactly how others will remember you, not even suspecting what role you choose for your home environment. To date, the choice of stylish nail design is so great that it is sometimes very difficult to decide on your preferences.

Of course, it is important to consider wardrobe and style. However, a more convenient solution would be a universal manicure. Indeed, in this case, you do not have to spend a lot of time to perfectly match your desire to be different every day, but at the same time skillfully combine all the details in the image. How to combine elegance, everyday life, originality and individuality in one design? Today, the answer to this question is unequivocal — broken glass on the nails. Such a manicure can truly be called amazing and unusual. The effect of broken fragments is often confusing, and many simply wonder how it is possible to achieve this in such painstaking and meticulous work as nail design. And so that you are in trend and can match fashion trends not only in image, but also in theoretical knowledge, our article is devoted to all aspects of broken glass manicure.

Fashionable design on nails with broken glass

The effect of broken glass is best done on extended nails. This technique implies the mandatory use of gel polish or transparent gel. Today, experienced craftsmen offer a wide variety of solutions in such an original design. However, as practice has shown, broken glass looks best on dark nails. In this case, the effect of fragments is more natural, and the whole nail-art is much more expressive. Let’s see, the most relevant manicure ideas are broken glass on nails?

Broken glass on black nails. As already mentioned above, dark shades are considered the best background for the effect of fragments. The most versatile and popular today are black nails with broken glass. Such a manicure looks both elegant and everyday at the same time. After all, the classic shade will suit any wardrobe. But in any case, your fingers will complement the image with sophistication and a touch of luxury.

Broken glass on red nails. An alternative to dark shades is feminine red. For such a manicure, both bright and deep tones of the gamut are suitable. Regardless of the chosen design — whether it is a plain coating, holes or a jacket — your nails will always be expressive and attractive.

French with broken glass on nails. If you are a fan of laconic and discreet solutions, then the French design with the effect of broken fragments would be an ideal choice for you. Nail-art in a classic style and light colors is considered popular. However, an original and unusually stylish manicure will look with a dark background. In this case, the strip will always be wide. And this should be taken into account when choosing a design.

Broken glass on frosted nails. You have already heard about the design with the effect of fragments and are looking for an original and extraordinary solution in a similar style? Then a matte manicure decorated with broken glass will be a fashionable choice for you. In this case, stylists suggest choosing classic shades — black or white. But, of course, you can make a color design if you wish.

Broken glass manicure for short nails. For a short manicure, the actual choice of varnish for a design with the effect of fragments will be a colorless coating or light natural shades. If you opted for dark colors, then you should consider that in this case, nail-art will shorten your nails even more.

Broken glass nail technique

Many people think that broken glass on nails is a manicure available only through the use of the services of professionals. However, this is not the case and, moreover, such a design can be done independently. The main thing in this case is to know the main element for nail-art. To create the effect of broken fragments on your nails, cellophane is an essential material for this. However, in this case, it should be understood that ordinary polyethylene will not work. A decorative and rigid material is needed, which can be found in the floristry or hand-made department.

After cutting colored or transparent cellophane into pieces of the desired shape and size, they must be laid on the nails previously covered with the main color, and then fixed with a finishing gel.

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