Black manicure 2017 - fashion trends and best ideas

Some time ago, it was believed that ink-colored nail coatings are preferred by extraordinary natures and those who consider themselves to be informal movements. Black manicure 2017 is a completely different matter. The fashion trend today is chosen even by the most romantically inclined young ladies.

Black manicure 2017 — fashion trends

The nail art industry is developing at a rapid pace, surprising us with new techniques every month. Black manicure about five years ago was associated with something dark, otherworldly. It was rarely preferred by women of fashion with a traditional outlook on life, unlike followers of informal movements. But times are changing, and what once seemed unacceptable is becoming the brightest trend.

Modern designers offer to show imagination, play with various techniques to decorate pens in an original way, using trendy black manicure 2017:

  1. The contrast of ink with shades of white is in fashion.
  2. Black is good with other colors, especially in the ombre technique. With red — for predatory seductive images. With gold — for an evening bow. Pink softens the intransigence of ink.
  3. The darkest color of the spectrum is recommended to be used in classic variations, for example, lunar or French.
  4. Manicure in black is great in combination with various decorative elements, including rhinestones, kamifubuki, rubbing and so on.
  5. It is believed that the coating of this color looks best on short nails with a square or slightly rounded shape. Very long black nails can make you look like a medieval witch.

  black manicure 2017 fashion trends

Black manicure 2017 — fashion trends

manicure in blackblack nail polish ideas

Black manicure 2017 for short nails

Owners of small nails are in a better position, because on a short length the dark coating looks stylish and neat even without additional embellishments. Nails of a beautiful rectangular shape with rounded edges or almond-shaped are good even in a laconic monophonic design. If the nails are very short, they will be visually enlarged by vertical geometric patterns — stripes, lines. Longitudinal triangular patterns, including negative space, also contribute to the fact that a short length looks visually longer.

black manicure 2017 for short nails

Black nails 2017 for long nails

Long nails are like a canvas for an artist, on which you can create magnificent nail art masterpieces using all sorts of techniques and techniques that modern manicure is so rich in. If we talk about the black coating, then, as noted earlier, it is not suitable for everyday life, because it will look a little vulgar. But as an addition to a themed, festive party, black manicure is ideal.

Black manicure 2017 for long nails can be varied:

  1. If you do not like the abundance of dark, combine a light or bright coating with one or two nails in ink. This variation looks stylish and in accordance with fashion trends.
  2. For an evening look, you should pay attention to the decor with rhinestones, sparkles, which, together with a beautiful dress, will help create a chic look.
  3. Having a sufficient length in the arsenal, you can experiment with the contrast of matte and shiny coatings, gradient, broken glass. On regrown nails, these techniques fully reveal their potential, demonstrating spectacularity in all its glory.
  4. We must not forget about painting: lace, ornaments, flowers, animals or insects — all this can make up colorful nail art.

black manicure 2017 for long nails

Black manicure — design 2017

In our time, when dark nails do not cause negative emotions, this is a great platform on which you can implement the most diverse and daring ideas. Classic versions, as well as stylish mixes of techniques, voluminous and flat configurations, extravaganza of shine and velvety matte — all this is quite feasible if the basis is a charcoal coating.

If we talk specifically about what it is — fashionable black manicure 2017, then its diversity and expressiveness should be noted:

  1. Rhinestones and rubbing will help you look bright and expressive every day.
  2. A classic jacket, neutral and elegant in any other color, in a dark version it is chic and sophisticated. The same can be said about the moon.
  3. Matte finish is a stylish trend this year.
  4. If the soul requires something original and spectacular, it’s hard to imagine a better version than broken glass or a cat’s eye.

black manicure design 2017

Black manicure — design 2017

black manicure ideastrendy black manicure 2017

Black and white manicure 2017

The classic combination, time-tested, looks great on nails. For every day, a laconic version is not bad, when three fingers on the hand are decorated in white, and two in black. For romantic images choose a design with polka dots, with openwork painting, flowers. The playful look is complemented by a beautiful black manicure featuring funny animals. An interesting version with an abstract alternation of black and white.

black and white manicure 2017black and white manicure 2017

Black manicure with rhinestones

At first, only clothes and shoes were decorated with sparkling particles. Now this decorative element is actively used in the art of manicure. Rhinestones on a completely inky background are a great addition to an evening outfit. A certain extravagance of such nail art will allow you to look stylish and original. The brilliance of small pebbles is akin to the noble transfusion of precious stones.

The combination of matte finish and rhinestones is especially successful. According to the latest trends, it is important not to overdo it, so one or two fingers are decorated with rhinestones. Sparkling particles can be located on the entire surface of the nail. Often they are laid out in a straight line along the nail plate. Rhinestones decorate the lunula area in a single copy, or lay it out in a semicircle along or sideways.

black manicure with rhinestonesblack glitter manicure

Manicure 2017 black french

Traditional nail art, suitable for any life situation, in the usual nude color scheme is faceless and even a little boring. If you need something unusual, pay attention to the black French manicure. Such a modification did not at all lose in elegance, but gained a flair of courage and sexuality. The best length is medium nails with a regrown free edge of 3-5 mm.

You can take into account the following ideas of manicure with black varnish:

  1. The usual option is when black smiles are added to the transparent base. One of the nails can be completely painted over in coal or white or decorated with rhinestones.
  2. As an option — additionally delineating the borders in the form of golden stripes.
  3. French can have not only the usual shape of an arc, but also be triangular.
  4. Gorgeous manicure, where the jacket is combined with lace elements, rhinestones, sparkles on the nail plate or on the demarcation line of the jacket.
  5. Actual drawing a frame on one or two nails.
  6. Decoration with bows, polka dots, butterflies will soften the gloom of the dark palette, add coquettishness.

manicure 2017 black french

Manicure 2017 black french

black french manicuremanicure in black

Black manicure with rubbing

The impeccably soft glow of small weightless particles of the rub makes the gloomy black manicure 2017 elegant and elegant. Applying pigment on a dark background gives a great iridescent effect. Since the color of the ink goes well with any color of the rainbow, you can embody the most interesting ideas for black manicure by applying a rub of any shade on a dark coating. Although many designers believe that the most colorful looks like a metallic pigment, and rubbing the cockchafer. The nail plate can be completely covered with pollen or partially, forming a smooth color transition.

black manicure with rubbing

Black matte manicure

Matte finish, which has become popular in recent years, is a wild success. The muted, lusterless velvet surface is most expressive in dark tones. Therefore, a matte manicure in black is the best choice that can demonstrate the originality of a non-shiny gel polish. The effect created by the use of a matte and regular coating is interesting. It can be flat or three-dimensional drawings. If you like contrasts, use a jacket in which the nail bed is covered with matte, and the smile is covered with shiny varnish.

black matte manicure  black manicure

Black manicure with broken glass

Black manicure 2017 with broken glass is one of the latest trends in the nail industry. Large pieces of holographic iridescent foil of various shapes are applied to the nails. The result is a pattern that resembles pieces of broken glass. Against the charcoal background, the plates look very bright, voluminous, as if three-dimensional. Each time a new image is obtained, brightly sparkling in the rays of the sun.

black manicure with broken glass

The plates can be applied to the entire surface of the nail to form an even mirror coating. Imitation of broken glass is applied to one of the nails, nameless or index. If you cover the nails with plates in several layers, the mirror effect is somewhat weakened. Broken glass shards are often used as a bright accent in a slightly gloomy black manicure.

Black cat eye manicure

Another stylish black manicure 2017 that quickly became popular among the fair sex is the cat’s eye. The mesmerizing glare, similar to the brilliance of the semi-precious stone of the same name, is incredibly attractive in black. And although the cat’s eye is beautiful in itself, it is often decorated with single rhinestones, voluminous accents, combined with matte gel polish.

black cat eye manicure

Black manicure 2017 with holes

In a fashionable moon manicure, in which the area near the lunula stands out, dark accents are very often used. For everyday bows, it is better to use a combination when holes are outlined in ink, and the rest of the surface of the nail is in beige. Lunar manicure in black 2017 for special occasions can be done in reverse order. Instead of charcoal beige, silver and gold, white and transparent elements are smart.

black manicure 2017 with holesblack manicure 2017

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