To make your hands look well-groomed and beautiful, you do not need to have special skills and abilities — you just need to have a desire and a little effort. And then others will definitely notice the beauty of your nails.

1. Try using a washcloth mesh and a foam sponge in your design, which will help create an interesting two-tone effect on your nails.


2. But this chic design is actually very easy to perform.

Black and white design

3. Create your own matte finish with eye shadow.

Matte manicure

4. This design looks amazing and gives the impression that it will take a lot of time to complete, but it is not.

Spot manicure

  1. Cover your nails with one color polish. Dry.
  2. Take a contrasting varnish and, using dots of different sizes, randomly place dots on the nails.
  3. Top coat your nails.

5. A small life hack for those who didn’t have dots at hand. You can use regular invisibles to create dots.

Invisibility instead of dots

6. As one of the dotted designs, you can make a dotted line along the edge of the nail. It will be especially interesting to look if such lines are multi-colored.

Dots on the edge of the nails

7. Lovers of geometric shapes can make a moon design with tape and scissors.

Chloe Geometric Design

1. Cover the surface of the nails with a solid color varnish.

Chloe Geometric Design

2. Take scissors with a curly blade.

Chloe Geometric Design

3. Cut off a small piece of tape.

Chloe Geometric Design

4. On the dried nail, apply the adhesive tape with the curly side to the cuticle, leaving a little space between the middle of the nail and the cuticle.

Chloe Geometric Design

5. Paint over the space with a contrasting color and let dry.

Chloe Geometric Design

6. Gently tear off the tape and cover your nails with a top coat. Manicure is ready!

Chloe Geometric Design

8. Use tape to create diagonal nail designs.

Adhesive tape to create a design

9. To create a «stone» design, you can use the usual package.

stone design

  1. Coat your nails with a solid color coat.
  2. Crumple up the plastic bag.
  3. Apply gold lacquer to the protruding parts of the package.
  4. Stamp the package on your nails leaving an interesting golden effect.
  5. Remove varnish from the side rollers and leather.
  6. Cover with top. Manicure is ready!

10. To achieve an even and uniform moon design, you should purchase round stencils for a moon manicure.

Stencil for moon manicure

11. To create a gradient on the nails, you need to use a foam rubber sponge, which will help create a soft transition from one color to another. Remember that the smaller the pores of the sponge, the softer the transition will be.


1. Cover your nails with a light, solid color varnish.


2. On the palette, place 2 colors side by side: the background color and the contrasting color of the varnish.


3. Using a wooden stick, mix the varnishes on the border with each other.


4. Take the foam rubber and lower it directly onto the palette several times to get rid of the excess.


5. With light movements, lean the foam against the nail, trying to move up and down. Repeat several times for a brighter shade.



6. Cover your nails with top coat.


7. Remove excess varnish on the skin. Manicure is ready!


12. Remember that there are thermal varnishes that change their color depending on the temperature.


13. But this design is made with a regular black permanent marker with a thin rod.

marker on nails

14. As an option for nail art, you can make a graffiti design with an almost dry nail polish brush.

Graffiti design

  1. Cover your nails with dark polish.
  2. Take an additional contrast varnish and remove excess varnish from the brush. With light movements, brush over the nail.
  3. Use several shades and repeat step 2.
  4. Cover with top. Manicure is ready!

15. If you use gold instead of a black marker, then there is no limit for light designs.

golden marker

The best thing about this design is that you can safely remove or fix the design you don’t like by simply wiping the nail with a cotton pad filled with alcohol.

16. This design is made very simply and does not require much effort and materials to implement.

black stripes

In order to complete the design, you will need to paint your nails with white varnish and draw arbitrary stripes with a black marker or black varnish.

17. Create a design by literally spraying nail polish with a regular straw.


18. Properly set points can give the nails an elegant and well-groomed look.

Certain points

19. Bright natures can use decorative glitter instead of the usual gradient with varnish, which will make the nails unique.

glitter gradient

20. And this design uses the opposite effect of varnish coating — you should «scratch» the desired pattern with a thin pen.

Manicure with lightning

1. Cover your nails with dark polish.

Manicure with lightning

2. With foam rubber, apply white, purple and light blue varnish in several places, creating the illusion of a night sky.

Manicure with lightning

3. Add a thin tassel zipper for a more realistic design. Manicure is ready!

Manicure with lightning

21. One small dot can also look very nice on the nails.

one point

22. One white wide strip on the nails can make the design strict and formal.

white stripe

23. The striped design looks very good and beautiful, especially if it is a little crooked.

Striped manicure

  1. Apply a base coat and then cover your nails with a solid color polish.
  2. Using a thin brush, draw strips from the base of the nail to its edge. Try to respect the thickness of the strips.
  3. Dry the layers well, apply the top. Manicure is ready!

24. This manicure design is called raffian, in honor of the famous designer who used this design in one of his shows. In order to repeat this design, you do not need to be a model, just try it.

Raffian manicure

25. A win-win design option is abstraction.

Abstract manicure

  1. Cover your nails with a solid yellow coating.
  2. Using black varnish and a thin brush, draw chaotic stripes at the side rollers.
  3. Cover with top. Manicure is ready!

26. This design can be done even without the use of adhesive tape or tape.

Very simple design

Just apply the desired color diagonally, cover with a top coat and that’s it!

27. Or you can use a similar technique to draw triangles.

Triangle design

This manicure looks especially good on short nails.

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