White color - the rules for creating fashionable female images

White color is the personification of tenderness, purity, freshness and harmony. It has a special energy, and is able to improve mood and uplift the spirit at the psychosomatic level. If everything goes awry in life, the white color is able to balance feelings and bring harmony.

White color in clothes

All colors combined with white are designed to diversify the image and dilute the white palette. Universal white color is used in everyday, solemn and official style, because it adapts amazingly to any occasion. What white things must-have in the basic wardrobe:

  1. White shirt. A few of these things should be in the arsenal of every girl. A simple plain T-shirt and a T-shirt with an interesting pattern are the minimum requirement for white T-shirts. They give a lot of options for designing a stylish look.
  2. White bag. A laconic snow-white white handbag will fit into any wardrobe and wonderfully complement it.
  3. White linen wide leg pants. An indispensable unit for a summer look. They can be used in everyday, beach and festive clothes. Natural linen is a great choice of lightweight and breathable material.
  4. White jacket. It is versatile, its combination is excellent with jeans, silk dresses, shorts, skirts. Such an element of the wardrobe will save you from a sudden cold snap and add sophistication.


White dresses

A white dress with flowers is a great choice for an informal summer look. In white, airy chiffon or silk dresses, complemented by denim, sneakers and a small shoulder bag, will make up an unpretentious simple everyday look. A white sheath dress will perfectly fit into an office dress code. A long floor-length A-line dress with sexy side slits — suitable for a festive look. White outfits can be complemented with gold jewelry or interesting massive jewelry as an accent catchy detail.


White blouses

A white blouse with flowers will be an unusual choice in a business style. Blouses come in a variety of styles and go with a lot of things, so with one basic white blouse in your wardrobe, you can create many looks. For the office, a combination of a white blouse with a suit or a pencil skirt and pumps is perfect. Cropped culottes together with a white top are a gentle, weightless combination for dates and meetings with friends. A white blouse and high-waisted denim shorts are for shopping and gatherings with friends.


White coat

A white jacket is found in the demi-season and winter collections of many famous designers. White color in outerwear is the embodiment of purity and freshness. In this color, outerwear immediately catches the eye and makes a lasting impression. Oversize is in fashion, so a jacket or coat of this style will become a trendy purchase in the new season. A white coat is used in casual style, so it is worn over classic suits. A white jacket allows you to create any look from casual to sporty chic.


White skirt

A pleated white skirt with flowers will become a favorite item in your wardrobe, due to its airiness and elegance. She looks wonderful with plain blouses and T-shirts, over which, in cold weather, they put on a jacket or coat. Unusual design solutions are in fashion, so a non-standard asymmetrical cut will be in the top of the new season. Mini length has sunk into oblivion, giving the laurels to midi and maxi lengths, such things look more elegant, feminine and devoid of vulgar overtones. A white skirt can be complemented with a bright belt to match shoes or a bag.


White trousers

The beautiful white color of trousers is universal for any season, although earlier they were considered the prerogative of only the summer season. Designers are erasing patterns, stereotypes and frames, and now you can see white trousers in collections of different seasons. The most fashionable model of trousers is high-waisted culottes, preferably in a shortened version. They are appropriate in everyday and professional wardrobe. Flared trousers are back in fashion, in a snow-white version they look fresh and stylish. For slender girls, banana and skinny pants are suitable, and full ones need to choose a straight, even cut.


White shorts

Shades of white range from milky to ivory, and they are all applicable in the creation of clothing. Shorts have ceased to be part of beach fashion, they can be seen in the interpretation of a business suit and casual style. For an office and urban look, shorts with a high waist and mid-thigh length are suitable, they can be straight cut or slightly expanded. For an informal everyday look, shorts are made of linen or lace — this option is very airy and ordinary. Shorts are combined with checkered shirts, wide oversized T-shirts and blouses.


White suit

White women’s suits in a business environment are not common, but very bold and memorable. A snow-white oversized wide suit with an elongated jacket is a stylish and fashionable wardrobe item. Suits with a skirt have long been loved by conservative ladies, and in white it looks a thousand times more elegant and attractive. A white velor home suit will give coziness and comfort on cool autumn or winter evenings. A sports suit in white color has and adjusts to physical activity.


White swimsuit

A separate white swimsuit on a tanned body surprisingly emphasizes the bronze skin tone. In a white swimsuit, a fashionista does not threaten to go unnoticed. The most popular swimsuit model is a bandeau, both one-piece and a separate version. This style is distinguished by the absence of straps and can be decorated with ruffles or voluminous flounces. Interesting one-piece tankini swimsuits in white, decorated with large inscriptions or a massive pattern on the entire swimsuit. To emphasize sexuality, choose a bikini or one-piece monokini swimsuit with open sides.


White shoes

White shoes are used as wedding shoes. In everyday life, the choice is stopped at classic pumps and low heels. Life in a large metropolis involves increased activity, so shoes should be as convenient and comfortable as possible, suitable for many hours of walking marathons. In casual shoes, white is found in the manufacture of sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats, loafers, sandals. Such models are applicable for any clothes. The most unimaginable combinations of shoes and clothes are not alien to modern fashion.


White bags

Shades of white in leather goods are used to diversify bag models. The standard white dazzling color in the production of bags was complemented by such shades as: ivory, dull white, pearl, alabaster, ivory, opal. All these colors are suitable for the manufacture of the most non-trivial products. Bags according to their purpose can be of different sizes and shapes. For a business style, medium-sized bags with a minimum of details are suitable. The unusual shape of bags, non-standard material are applicable for everyday life as an additional accent.


Pedicure in white

White pedicure is a favorite choice of fashionistas in the design of marine nail art. Tanned skin, sea surface and yellow sand are ideal companions for a snow-white pedicure. There are a myriad of variations in the reproduction of such a coating. Which pedicure design is worthy of the most beautiful legs:

  1. White pedicure with rubbing. Pearl, mirror, chameleon or holographic rubs lie flawlessly on a white base and produce an additional stunning radiance effect on the nails.
  2. New York style pedicure. Highlighting one finger with a different color came into use and was liked by a large number of fashionistas. This design is complemented by artistic painting, geometry, broths and rhinestones.
  3. Ombre pedicure. The smooth flow of colors using the gradient transition technique looks very beautiful in the design of a pedicure. Red, nude are especially good with white, and for the summer season you can experiment with bright neon shades.
  4. Pedicure with kamifubuki. Large multi-colored sparkles on the nails look like festive confetti and bring positive emotions.


Manicure in white

White color nail designs are suitable for all situations. A white coating is used in the summer design of nails, because on tanned skin this color looks simply amazing, and in winter manicure it looks akin to a snow veil on the nails. White neutral color — ideal as a base for applying a variety of designs. What manicure to perform with white varnish:

  1. Monochromatic coating. Such a simple way to design nails in snow-white color can be used by girls with any kind of activity.
  2. french manicureR. The traditional jacket involves the designation of the smile line in white. Such nail art can be improved by playing with the design, using different techniques for laying out rhinestones or decorating with painting and modeling.
  3. Lunar manicure. Trendy technique of fashionable manicure. White can be used to mark the hole or use it as the main color.
  4. white base. As a basis, a white background is used for rubbing, design slider, stamping.
  5. White elements. White standard color in nail design is often found as an accompanying shade, because it goes well with the entire color palette and will fit into any nail art.
  6. White molding. White color is used to create three-dimensional flowers, this technique is especially loved in wedding and festive design.
  7. White matte manicure. The smooth velvet finish delivers a pleasant visual experience. The matte top coat is applied over any design and enhances any creative idea. Matte white manicure is well complemented by rhinestones and brilliant drawing. A manicure with negative space, where some part of the nail remains unpainted, is simply flawless in a matte version.


white hair color

Beautiful white hair color fell in love with many girls. The most famous beauties of the whole world have this shade of hair. Even if blondes are credited with stupidity, frivolity, naivety, they remain the brightest, sexiest and most desirable girls who, due to hair color, can be forgiven for minor pranks. Owners of white hair are more popular with men and have incredible magnetism. White ombre or shatush with the effect of burnt hair are stylish coloring techniques in the beauty industry of the hairdressing industry.


What colors go with white

The combination of white with other colors expands the boundaries of what is permitted and calls for making the perfect bow. White color is multifaceted and comprehensive, with different shades it interacts in its own way, opening up new horizons. How various colors look together with white:

  1. Black. Classic combination with maximum contrast. This combination applies to all bows. In this tandem, an office bow and wedding dresses of the newlyweds are made out.
  2. Red. A hot, fiery blend of pristine, pure white and passionate, burning scarlet. This combination will appeal to strong-willed, uncompromising ladies.
  3. Blue. Shades of blue are able to present white in different ways. The electric blue is highlighted with white through a bright contrast. Aquamarine — medium contrast, for a noticeable unforgettable color combination. Pale blue and white in tandem will create a soft contrast, suitable for a delicate, light, girlish bow.
  4. Pink. These two shades combine perfectly, creating the most flirtatious and playful mood. Shades of light pink, crimson, magenta have a different visual effect in conjunction with white.
  5. Orange. The sunny-citrus combination has a positive effect on the general mood and evokes good associations with beauty.
  6. Yellow. Delicate, sweet, pristine combination of light colors will give the image airiness and lightness.
  7. Green. The natural shade of green is very attractive with snow-white clarity. Combining different shades of green in saturation, you can create a very tempting image.
  8. Violet. Saturated amethyst or translucent lilac will bring a share of luxury and femininity. A festive outfit or casual wear in such colors is an interesting balance of elegance and freshness.
  9. Brown. All spectral shades of brown are basic colors, like white, so their combination is appropriate and harmonious.
  10. Grey. They interact with white color as three-dimensional 3D graphics, with outlines and shadows.


Who suits white?

The combination of white with the color type of appearance plays a very important role in choosing the right shade. A dazzling white color will suit burning brunettes, girls with swarthy skin and blue-eyed blondes, but for red and brown-haired women it is better to combine such a pure color with other shades so that it does not emphasize the pallor of the skin. A shade with a grayish sheen is well suited for contrasting girls, and for red-haired beasts, antique white with a pink hint or ivory beige is preferred.

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