Hostess - what kind of profession is it, pros and cons

Hostess — what is this profession? In any institution, guests are greeted, and from what the meeting will be, a further impression of the institution is formed. It depends on the hostess whether the guest will come again or run away without looking back, and if until recently the hostess could only be found in the most expensive establishments, today he is in any cafe.

Hostess — who is it?

On job search sites, you can see offers — a hostess in a hotel, a hostess in a restaurant. Many people ask the question — hostess — what kind of profession is this? Translated from English, hostess means — hostess, this word has gone through many transformations and the very first meaning, translated from Latin, it had the opposite — «guest». From these translations, it is already clear that literally a hostess is a “greeting guests” in some institution: a restaurant, a hotel, etc. The main task of the hostess is to meet guests and accompany them, a business card, the face of the establishment.

Hostess consumption — what is it?

Hostess consumption is common in restaurants. Hostess girls communicate with clients, sit down at their table, entertain them with a conversation, if communication gives the client pleasure, he can order food and drinks for the girl. For this order, the hostess receives her percentage. The purpose of hostess consumption, both active and passive, is to subtly force the client to make additional orders.

Consumation is alcoholic and non-alcoholic, active and passive.

  1. Active — the girl herself chooses a client, sits down to him and starts a conversation if he has nothing against it. She remains at the table, the client makes an order for her.
  2. Hostess of passive consumption — girls do not approach clients, but sit at the bar, on sofas or dance, smile at incoming men, in general, attract attention to themselves so that they invite him to his table.

There is a strong opinion that hostess consumption is directly related to the intimate service of guests. This is not true. There are establishments with similar service, but this is discussed separately and no one can force a girl. On the contrary, many establishments value their reputation very much and strictly monitor the moral character of hostesses; in some restaurants, drivers take them home after work.

Lobby hostess — what is it?

The profession of a hostess in hotels is very common. Many hotels have lobby bars, that is, a bar located near the reception, almost at the entrance. What does a hostess mean in a lobby? This is the girl who works in the lobby bar. She should meet guests at the entrance and take them to the reception desk, but the main task of the hostess in this case is to smile sweetly and offer guests to relax from the road in the lobby bar of the hotel, or, if there is a queue at the reception desk, the administrator is busy with registration, to see the guests all at the same time. same lobby bar where to «help» them make an order.

Hostess administrator — who is it?

Often the hostess is combined with administration. A hostess administrator is not only an escort of guests to a table in a restaurant or to a reception desk in a hotel. This is a full-fledged hostess of the institution, she communicates with guests, observes the work of the staff, if the guests are bored or dissatisfied with something, she tries to entertain them by offering something additional from the program of the institution. In the event of a conflict, the hostess must intervene as quickly as possible and repay it, with minimal reputational losses for the establishment.

What does a hostess do in a restaurant?

The most common hostess is a restaurant hostess. What kind of profession is a hostess in this case? In most cases, it depends on the actions of the hostess of the service whether the client will return to the restaurant. Good work is to offer guests a good table, to keep them busy while the dish is being prepared, to offer an aperitif — to keep waiting to a minimum.

Responsibilities of a hostess in a restaurant.

  1. Knowledge of telephone etiquette and booking features.
  2. Meet the guest at the entrance, escort to the selected table, taking into account the loading of the restaurant and waiters.
  3. Know the range of dishes, wine list.
  4. Inform guests about promotions held by the restaurant.
  5. Submit the menu (required in open form), briefly talk about the dishes.
  6. Escort guests by calling a taxi, if necessary.
  7. Inform guests about the promotions of the days, make an announcement of future events in order to interest the guest to come to the restaurant again.
  8. Knowledge of a foreign language, mostly English.
  9. Calmness, patience, stress resistance.

hostess job

Hostess — pros and cons

The main duty of a hostess is to smile, so it will be very difficult for a person who does not smile at this job. Hostess duties are not very extensive and do not require much intellectual effort. There are many advantages in this work — the main one is the lack of financial responsibility. If you love high heels and outfits, the hostess is for you, but don’t forget — no flashy flowers and huge necklines, everything is extremely elegant.

Versatile communication can also be considered a plus, but not all visitors smile back, there are those who consider the hostess to be something like furniture, and here the disadvantages of the profession begin — you must smile at everyone, regardless of whether the person is pleasant to you or not, you must apologize for and without, for yourself and for “that guy”, as well as spend the entire shift in high heels at a strictly fixed workplace and, even if there are no visitors, you cannot leave it.

How much does a hostess earn?

The salary in ads like “hostess work” starts from 12,000 — 15,000 thousand rubles, depending on the region and the class of the establishment (the average salary of a hostess in Moscow is 25,000-35,000 thousand). If the applicant has a good knowledge of a foreign language, this is a tangible increase in salary. In restaurants, hotels, hostesses can receive tips. Payment is made either once or twice a month, or per shift (from 2,000 to 5,000 thousand) — a shift is often paid for a weekend hostess.

How to become a hostess?

The hostesses are female students with no special education. It is not necessary — training takes place on the spot and does not take more than two weeks. The main thing is to thoroughly know the menu, the wine list, the rules of communication with customers. In job advertisements there is no column “special education” or there is a dash — it is not required, however, the hostess profession welcomes the specialty — “socio-cultural service and tourism” or “restaurant business”.

It will be a big plus if the applicant has a psychological education — this will help in various situations with clients not to lose self-control and calmness. Often, hostesses require specialists with good spoken English, and good literary Russian — no parasitic words. So, although this profession does not require special knowledge, basic education still does not hurt.

What does a hostess look like?

What a hostess should look like — the answer is very simple — perfect. Clean hair, soft makeup, neutral manicure, a smile on her face — this is the image of a hostess girl. Clothing — an elegant suit, many establishments give out a uniform. There is an opinion that only models can work in a hostess — tall, spectacular. This is wrong, the hostess should only evoke positive emotions in the guests, inspire confidence and confidence that he is the most valuable and most welcome guest in this establishment.

What are the responsibilities of a hostess?

Depending on the type of hostess, the responsibilities also differ slightly. What is the work of a hostess depending on different types of establishments?

  1. Restaurant — meet guests, seat at a table, offer a menu. When the guests are about to leave, see them off.
  2. A hostess in a hotel is almost the same as in a restaurant, only you need to take you to the reception desk or to your room.
  3. Night club. In addition to the meeting, the hostess must ensure that none of the guests get bored, otherwise offer additional entertainment from the club program.
  4. The hostess must thoroughly understand the subject and theme of the exhibition, know the answer to any thematic question, and escort guests to the exhibition area that interests them.

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