Turquoise manicure 2019 ─ fashion trends, trends, novelties

Charming turquoise manicure 2019 is popular with the fair sex, for several seasons in a row. Natural shades fell in love with their naturalness, tenderness, magnetism, expressiveness, refreshing the appearance of marigolds, creating a look of ease and immediacy.


Turquoise manicure 2019 fashion trends

Turquoise nails design 2019 has rightfully taken a leading position in the world of manicure art. This color is so unusual that it creates a beautiful effect with a minimum of accessories. Turquoise color is obtained by complex mixing of green, blue, beige, and depending on their concentration, it changes shade from light to deeper.


We call one word «turquoise» a large number of its shades, the most common of them:

  • bright and dark turquoise, differing in the degree of saturation;
  • turquoise pearl, medium between turquoise and emerald, saturated;
  • aquamarine, fresh, with a light green note, playful;
  • blue turquoise, more to the blue scale;
  • sea ​​wave, the brightest and juiciest in the turquoise palette;
  • cyan, varies from light to dark, with an admixture of gray-blue.

Turquoise stylish manicure 2019 is associated with the Tiffany fashion brand, which already indicates its elegance, luxury, and excellent taste. Perfectly combined with many colors, on its own or decorated with decor, this shade has won the hearts of the most whimsical beauties. We especially love it in the summer season, it creates an atmosphere of relaxation, the sea and carefree days, it will appeal to you even in the cold to get rid of the blues, adding bright colors.


Turquoise manicure 2019 for short nails

The most popular turquoise manicure 2019 for short nails. This size has become a favorite because of its practicality, it is more stable, so it is less likely that frequent correction will be required. If you cover the nail plate with shellac or turquoise gel polish, then you can save a lot of time by regularly updating the quality of manicure, this is important in the constant rush and active life of modern ladies.


Even on the shortest nails, a turquoise extraordinary manicure 2019 is created. Especially short nails are good for a jacket, so why not do it in turquoise tones? It will be non-standard, interesting and tasteful. The use of pearl and mirror rubbing will give radiance and mother-of-pearl shine. Crystals, geometric patterns and minimal modeling are appropriate.


Turquoise manicure 2019 for long nails

Turquoise manicure summer 2019 on long nails is the perfect canvas for creating whimsical and non-trivial designs. The length opens up the possibility of a wide choice of textures, techniques, methods for translating ideas and fantasies of brave girls. Modern fittings for decorating nails include many types, opening up the possibility of creating the most exclusive, exceptional design that has no analogues.


Extremely unusual on long sharp or almond nails are gold or silver decorative rivets in the form of a circle of different diameters, placed from the base to the free edge in descending order. Square and round shapes are decorated with stickers, water design, mother-of-pearl rhinestones, origami 3D sequins, casting foil, combining several textures in one manicure.


Turquoise Manicure Ideas 2019

Manicure 2019 turquoise is the perfect tool for flying creative fantasies. Nail design is possible in many ways and techniques. Artistic painting, inlay with rhinestones, the use of foil and rubbing, geometric design, a combination of several colors, the addition of small beads of bouillon, nail powder with a velvet effect ─ will find admirers in the face of any beauty.


Turquoise manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Summer turquoise manicure 2019 will bring luxury and radiance if you add some rhinestones to it. Crystals are universal, suitable for all colors and turquoise is no exception. The stones bring shine to the image, attract attention, the manicure looks expensive and rich. The main thing in everything is a sense of proportion, an abundance of pebbles piles up a manicure, it looks tasteless and ridiculous, and its owner threatens to pass for a girl devoid of style.

There are an incredible number of ideas for using stones in decorating the nail plate. Small strasses are laid out at the base of the nail along the cuticle growth line or outlining the boundaries of the moon manicure. Such a minimalist solution is elegant, very stylish, despite its simplicity. In the trend of recent seasons, opal-effect stones, which are very combined in color with turquoise, will give a mysterious touch to manicure. Slider design, painting, monograms and ornaments are encrusted with crystals.


Turquoise manicure 2019 geometry

Nail design 2019 turquoise color diversify curly images. Geometric elements in the design of nails ─ nail art hit. Clear lines, strict contours, a variety of forms have found recognition of extraordinary girls all over the world. Geometric manicure can be discreet including one element or consist of an abstract print with several shapes, lines. Small details are appropriate in a business manicure for a business woman who requires restraint, conciseness, and measure.

Triangles, rhombuses, squares, zigzags in geometric manicure are arranged randomly ─ ideal for rebel girls. Clear lines, symmetry, minimalism will appeal to perfectionists. All kinds of glossy figures executed on a matte background will stand out favorably and will have a unique look. Square nails look good with rectangles, rhombuses and other shapes that have even corners. The round shape is emphasized by ovals, and an inverted triangle will harmoniously fit on almond-shaped nails.


Turquoise manicure 2019 french

Turquoise jacket on nails 2019 is the perfect solution for romantic natures. A French manicure made in a turquoise palette is an unusual and extraordinary alternative to ordinary white. French fell in love with the young ladies for its versatility and sophistication. Its great advantage is that it is performed in any color, and this does not make it less charming, on the contrary, it opens in a new light, erasing the boundaries of what is permitted. Going to rest on the coast, choosing an aquamarine jacket, the girl looks like a nymph that came out from the depths of the sea.

French manicure is ideal on short nails, while there are countless options for execution. The smile line is painted over in turquoise, choosing a nude or camouflage translucent base. On top, it is allowed to apply sequins in color or outline the French line with small rhinestones, creating an additional decor. It is permissible to reproduce a classic white jacket based on a turquoise color, while the shade should be chosen as a light pastel, not saturated.


Turquoise pink manicure 2019

Turquoise manicure 2019 goes well with other colors, and pink is no exception. This color combination is reminiscent of a lollipop, suitable for creating a doll-like, childish playful look. Girls who choose this combination require spontaneity, lightness, ease. It is very nice to make a gradient smooth transition from pink to blue or vice versa, or alternately make up each finger.


Yellow turquoise manicure 2019

Manicure summer 2019 yellow turquoise is another wonderful symbiosis. These colors are next to each other in the palette, so their interlacing in one manicure is a good solution. With this combination, daisy patterns, yellow-turquoise alternation of stripes, ombre effect are ideal. A very summery and warm manicure is associated with these colors, so they are used to create a marine-themed print.


Manicure 2019 white turquoise

Turquoise nails 2019 with snow-white details are a classic of harmonious combinations. It was not for nothing that this symbiosis was chosen for the design of the most famous and luxurious jewelry brand, the standard of excellent taste. In the white-turquoise color of nail art, it means applying peas, painted white bows on a mint background, white small flowers, a marble or smoky pattern.


Turquoise manicure 2019 with a pattern

Manicure 2019 in turquoise tones with artistic painting is a work of art on the nails. Manicure airbrushing implies the availability of all kinds of drawings that just come to mind. In this case, the drawing may not be limited to only one finger, but stretch over several nails forming a single canvas, where one nail will be a continuation of the image of the other. Beautiful curls, floristry, landscapes, bizarre little animals or comic book characters ─ fantasy has no limits.


Turquoise manicure 2019 with black

Saturated turquoise manicure 2019 with black is a traditional combination. Black color adds a share of audacity and courage to the delicate bluish gamut. Black is ideal for drawing elements, contours, details, framing figures, edging a moon manicure, creating patterns. Charcoal color is an impeccable base for design using foil, glitter, rubbing, turquoise. On a black substrate, a turquoise-colored molding is appropriate.


Matte turquoise manicure 2019

Turquoise nails 2019 covered with a matte finish polish. The matte finish enchants with its smooth, velvety texture. Matte manicure ideas are not limited to a banal surface matte finish. You can dilute dull dullness with a play of textures, adding three-dimensional patterns, modeling. Against a matte background, glossy elements will stand out and be emphasized. Rhinestones on a smooth matte finish will shine with a vengeance. Sequins, glitter, confetti and similar accessories are also compatible with this type of nail art.


Turquoise manicure with foil 2019

Fashionable turquoise manicure 2019 is achieved using foil. Types of foil allow you to invent quirky and spectacular designs. A particularly famous design is broken glass, in which asymmetric small pieces of chameleon-coated foil are laid out on a turquoise base in a chaotic manner, imitating mirror fragments. Using crumpled gold foil for aquarium design, the appearance of a three-dimensional design is created, it looks very attractive and unusual.


Turquoise manicure with rubbing 2019

Turquoise manicure with design 2019 decorated with a rub acquires a mysterious shine, depth. Rubbing with a mirror shine, reminiscent of a mirror reflection, is very harmoniously written in turquoise tones. Pearl rub will add an additional mysterious effect; all kinds of patterns and decorations will not be superfluous on it. A chameleon-effect rubbing that changes color depending on the viewing angle is a truly mesmerizing sight.


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