Pointy Nail Designs - Fashion Trends and Best Manicure Ideas

Each fashionista gives her preference to the shape of the nail plates, with which she is as comfortable as possible. Often, girls like pointed claws, which, however, are not suitable for everyone. In addition, with some types of decor, this form looks vulgar, so it should be treated with caution.

Manicure for sharp nails 2018 — fashion trends

Although the pointed shape of the nails is not relevant in the upcoming season of 2018, some girls remain true to it. For this reason, nail artists are constantly developing new design options for such claws, the trends for which can change with each season. So, manicure for sharp nails 2018 should mainly be performed in the following variations:

  • the main trend of the upcoming season will be the matte design of sharp nails, which can complement both everyday and evening looks;
  • pointy claws, studded with gems and sparkling sparkles, look luxurious, however, they are not suitable for every situation. This decor will look great with a cocktail or evening dress and is especially suitable for creative brides;

manicure for sharp nails 2018

  • The geometric design of the pointed nails adds rigor to the look. It is great for business women, as it goes well with classic style and discreet colors. In addition, women of fashion with long claws of a pointed shape can use any options for such a decor — they are not afraid of either horizontal stripes or frame manicure, which visually shorten the nail plates;
  • finally, the ideal choice for claws of this shape would be a minimalist design, in which all fingers are covered with a solid color varnish, and one or two of them stand out by applying knitted patterns, laconic patterns, dots, stripes and other simple images.

manicure for sharp nails 2018 fashion trends

Manicure for long sharp nails

Few of the girls can boast of long claws of a pointed shape, given to them by nature. As a rule, to obtain such a result, one has to resort to the extension procedure or use overhead plates. However, such claws look very impressive, so many girls achieve such changes in appearance in different ways.

The design of long sharp nails can be different, but this season is strongly discouraged from being too vulgar and catchy, so it should be approached with caution. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to minimalist decor, calm and restrained colors and the complete absence or single inclusions of jewelry.

manicure for long sharp nails

Manicure for short sharp nails

Short sharp nails, the design of which is much easier to choose, are much more common. Many girls naturally have a slightly pointed shape of the claws, which they slightly modify and make even more spectacular with the help of a nail file and other tools. Decorating such plates is also not at all difficult — they look great with a monochromatic coating of any shade, jacket and moon nail art, gradient technique and much more.

manicure for short sharp nails

Manicure ideas for sharp nails

You can decorate long pointed nail plates in numerous ways, among which there are both simple and more complex techniques. Manicure ideas for long sharp nails are much more diverse than for short ones, since they have an increased area of ​​​​the nail plate, however, small claws can be beautifully decorated and made unusually elegant and sophisticated.

manicure ideas for sharp nails

Black sharp nails — design

In most cases, the design for sharp nails is done in light colors, because in dark colors it looks somewhat vulgar. Especially unacceptable in the world of manicure is the application of a black coating on long claws of a pointed shape — in this form you can only appear at a Halloween celebration or other themed party.

However, the design of sharp short nails can be appropriate even in business life. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to give preference to lighter shades, close to coal or dark gray, matte surface and a minimum number of decorative elements. So, the best nail art in this case will be a matte monochromatic coating without unnecessary decorations.

black sharp nails design

Red pointy nails — design

You can make a red manicure on sharp nails in any situation — it will look good both at a gala evening and in everyday situations. However, too long pointed claws in a rich shade of red can look a little defiant, so this nail art should only be chosen for a special occasion and only when other elements of such a bright color are present in the image.

In addition, to make the manicure more subdued and relaxed, you can give preference to calm shades of red and complement them with other tones and various decorative techniques. So, for example, the red design of sharp nails will look great in the following variations:

  • black and red manicure. This nail art can be done in a variety of techniques — French, gradient, craquellure, moon and others. Depending on the chosen shades and the method of coating, such a manicure always looks great, elegant and rich, but it suits exclusively passionate and temperamental natures;
  • red and white manicure — a classic combination that has not lost its relevance for many years. He looks cute, gentle and romantic, so he is perfect for young ladies, especially for dates with her lover. The combination of red and white colors can be used to create an original jacket or moon nail art, a vintage manicure with polka dots or openwork monograms, a delicate design with floral motifs, and so on. In addition, in this color scheme, you can make an interesting winter design on sharp nails, in which a snow-white coating will be used to apply snowflakes, or both colors will act as a Christmas candy theme;
  • matte red pointy nail design — the choice of courageous and self-confident women. With it, you can get a stylish and attractive nail art that will be appropriate in any situation.

red sharp nails design

French manicure for sharp nails

A beautiful and original French manicure on sharp nails looks very interesting. It can be either classic, which creates a perfectly even monochromatic smile line, or catchy and unusual. For example, in such nail art, the tip of the nail plate may have a non-standard shape or decorative design — lace monograms, a smile in the shape of butterfly wings, highlighted with glitter, and much more look interesting.

french manicure for sharp nails

Matte sharp nails — design

A laconic and discreet matte manicure on sharp nails gives the claws a special chic and sophistication. At the same time, it can be either delicate and sophisticated if made in nude or pastel shades, or bright and original — for dark and deep tones, such as black, burgundy, marsala, blue, green and others.

matte sharp nails design

Sharp nail design with rhinestones

For all the girls who love edgy nail shape, rhinestone design is one of the most eye-catching. Regardless of how many shiny pebbles are used to create it, such nail art looks luxurious and delightful. Blue, purple and pink shades, as well as the invariable snow-white coating, which in most cases is chosen by young brides, make it especially spectacular and incredibly beautiful.

sharp nail designs with rhinestones

Delicate manicure for sharp nails

A beautiful design on sharp nails, made in pale pink, coffee, beige and other similar shades, harmoniously looks in the image of every girl. Thanks to this design, the handles of fashionistas become unusually elegant and sophisticated, and the pointed shape of the plates does not look vulgar or tasteless.

The delicate design of sharp female nails can be supplemented with various decorative elements — small flowers, neat monograms, small hearts and much more look good on it. To make such nail art as expressive as possible, it can be “diluted” with a dark coating, but it should be present only on the accent fingers.

delicate manicure for sharp nails

Bright manicure for sharp nails

Catchy colors can make any already bright design on a sharp nail shape simply stunning. So, for example, nail art looks incredibly impressive in orange, golden, yellow or crimson tones. Meanwhile, for everyday situations, such decor will be redundant. To avoid this, it is recommended to apply bright and “flashy” shades exclusively on accent fingers or use a gradient technique in which the color becomes paler with each claw or within one nail plate.

bright manicure for sharp nails

New Year’s manicure for sharp nails

On the eve of the New Year holidays, there is always a festive mood and new impressions. Often fashionistas try to reflect the theme of the celebration in their image, including nail art. New Year’s manicure 2018 for sharp nails, as a rule, appears in a combination of a color palette or thematic drawings — green Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa Clauses and so on.

Depending on individual preferences, young ladies can choose small drawings made using various techniques, large images placed on accent fingers, or just a specific color. For example, small white snowflakes on a dark blue background, red and white stripes imitating Christmas candy, or green needles on white or light blue look very interesting.

New Year's manicure for sharp nails

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