Pink color - a combination with other colors and the rules for creating a fashionable image

Pink color gives things brightness and tenderness at the same time, depending on its shades, and the young lady who chose clothes in this tone immediately falls into the spotlight. This is one of the trendy tones of the upcoming autumn season, it will show itself especially beautifully in coats and jackets, trousers and skirts, evening and ball gowns.

Pink color in clothes

Style trendsetters bring to the fore in the new season the dusty pink color in clothes, which they successfully use to make their own unique masterpieces. This tone belongs to the pastel palette, is distinguished by nobility and saturation, looks great both on coats and jackets, and on jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses, especially evening and elegant ones. More things with this shade are great for creating business style bows, for example, straight and straight skirts or chiffon or silk laconic blouses.

pink color in clothes

Pink beautiful color looks great in tandem with blue and yellow, brown and black with white tone. You can even try pairing it with red and purple for experimental urban chic and street style looks. If you want to complement your appearance with brightness and catchiness, then feel free to use clothes in pink undertones to dilute the golden autumn with rich colors and add mood to gloomy rainy days.

dusty pink clothes

Pink dress

A dusty pink dress is a chic choice for evening and cocktail events, especially made of expensive and flowing fabrics, elegantly complemented by versatile designer decor, such as guipure inserts, embroidery, tulle, bows, frills, ruffles and flounces. There are very beautiful dresses of both maxi, midi and mini lengths with puffy and flared skirts, which are quite suitable for the basis of wonderful elegant looks, fitted with wide and thin belts, open and closed shoulders, with thin straps or with an open back.

pink dress

The pink stylish color successfully manifests itself in everyday clothes, so a mid-calf dress with a pleated skirt and a shirt top, successfully complemented by model shoes, can easily fit even into a business ensemble, if the company does not have a strict dress code. Also, a midi solution on a yoke under the belt with voluminous flounces and ruffles along the hem, neck and sleeves, with additional decor in the form of bows and appliqués, will also be a chic choice.

dusty pink dress

Pink skirt

Fashion gurus successfully use dusty pink to create unique skirts made of suede, leather and guipure. These things have a flat or asymmetrical cut, they are trapezoidal trendy retro shapes, with side, front or back slits. They are perfectly combined with many things, such as elegant blouses and shirts, both with bare shoulders and a strictly laconic style, they will look especially beautiful in tandem with white products. You will get gentle and romantic images of street style or urban chic.

dusty pink color

For flared options and sun-flared skirts, you can easily use a rich pink color that will bring extra brightness and freshness to any thing. It will enrich the planned overall appearance with its shade, complement and brighten up the monotonous everyday life with richness and elegance. Do you want to create a unique bow? Feel free to use a hot pink flared skirt with a transparent loose blouse in white and gray tones, or with a shirt in blue and black shades. You can add a dark leather cropped jacket or bomber jacket, stilettos and a small accessory.

pink skirt

Pink blouse

A light pink color is perfect for creating office clothes, and laconic blouses and shirts made of silk or crepe de chine will be an excellent basis for creating your own unique work look. An additional decor can be a variety of bows, stand collars and frills, small corrugated vertical folds, small turn-down collars. You can use a brooch in the form of a flower or in the form of a leaf to freshen up the look. Such blouses are wonderfully combined with business skirts of various styles, strict accessories and classic shoes.

pink blouse

Who decided that pink color is not suitable for puffy beauties? An ensemble created from tight trousers or jeans and an elegant blouse with frills and free-cut open shoulders will look very nice. This thing will successfully hide the minor flaws of the figure, transferring visual accents to its merits. Another great option would be a layered oversized blouse with ruffles and flounces, which goes well with skinny jeans or classic-style trousers in dark colors.

light pink color

Pink shorts

For the outgoing summer, a gray-pink color will be an excellent solution, especially if it is used in shorts of various lengths and cuts. High-waisted and low-rise models will be in fashion, as you like and who suits your figure the best. They are perfectly combined with different shirts and t-shirts in pastel colors, white, gray and cream colors, and shoes for the season will successfully complement the image of a stylish beauty, both in light solid colors and with all kinds of prints.

pink shorts

Pink color feels great in tandem with the whole rainbow and pastel palette, and shorts of this shade are wonderfully combined not only with T-shirts and blouses, but also with tops and shirts, both shortened and elongated, with diverse patterns and trendy patterns with inscriptions and floral, plant or abstract motifs. Here the choice depends on personal preferences, the structure of the figure and the purpose of the created images.

gray pink color

Pink swimsuit

Nothing sets off a tan quite like cool pink, which is why trendsetters take great pleasure in using it to create beautiful and unique swimwear, both one-piece and one-piece. Separate and one-piece models with additional designer decor in the form of ruffles and frills, both small and large, a lot of additional straps with a bandeau bodice and bikini or mini bikini bottoms, got into the fashion of the outgoing summer, here the choice depends on the physique and who is more suitable.

cool pink color

For the holiday period, the best choice would be a one-piece swimsuit, where the pink color plays with all its modulations and saturation. These products can be made in the form of a monokini, or presented with closed solutions, but with open sides and back on thin or wide straps. They are suitable for both blondes and brown-haired women and brunettes, even red-haired beauties can choose their favorite model in a dominant color and complement it with a stylish multi-colored pareo or sundress for a beach party.

swimsuit pink

Pink top

Dark pink color will look great in tops, both elongated and shortened. They go great with skirts and jeans, and to create a beautiful street style look, you can try to combine a top, light blue or blue jeans or tight pants and beige or cream moccasins or slip-ons. For romantic ladies, combinations consisting of flared skirts and a tank top with thin spaghetti straps are suitable, and to add a touch of French charm and femininity to the overall look, you can easily pick up blue shoes or sandals with heels.

pink top

Saturated pink color is very successfully used in diverse tops, so in the fashion of the outgoing summer and the coming early autumn there will be:

  • items made of cotton, crepe de chine or chiffon with additional designer decor with an abundance of ruffles and flounces, with embroidery and drapery in a shortened version of the oversize style;
  • tops of a semi-adjacent and loose silhouette with an open back and elongated sides on very thin straps and a beautiful neckline.

dark pink color

Pink coat

In order for coats and short coats to become iconic in the new season, powdery pink is used, which is unusually delicate and attractive. He will bring romantic, fresh and feminine colors to the coming autumn, dilute it with charm and true chic. Diverse styles will be in fashion, such as cocoon, oversized, fitted and semi-fitted items under the belt.

pink coat

Wrap-effect robes and flared mini models with an A-line skirt or flared sun in cashmere, wool and drape. The choice already depends on personal preferences, and you can add a trendy wide-brimmed felt hat and elegant shoes or boots, boots or ankle boots to your look. These models are perfectly combined not only with trousers and jeans, but also with strict office wear and elegant ensembles, depending on the style of the outerwear itself.

powdery pink color

Who suits pink?

What shades of pink will be at the peak of popularity, and who are they suitable for?

  1. Bright and catchy tones of the dominant color, presented in the entire pink palette, look great in skirts and dresses, blouses, shorts and tops. Warm undertones are more suitable for dark-skinned beauties, regardless of hair color, brown-haired women, brunettes, owners of dark blond and chestnut curls with diverse eyes.

who suits pink

  1. Light pink undertones, dusty and powdery tone and their cold shades are more suitable for blondes and red-haired fashionistas who have fair skin and a delicate type. They enhance the effect of femininity and sensuality, add a touch of romanticism to the selected images, especially if they are created on the basis of chic evening and cocktail dresses, or strict office wear.

shades of pink

hot pink color

To create their own unique look, stylish beauties can use neon pink or bright pink shades of a dominant tone in clothes. It is best manifested in skirts and outerwear, in casual dresses, tunics and shirts, coats and short coats, both fur and textile. It is wonderfully combined with the entire rainbow palette, depending on the type of the woman herself. So, blue and black, white and brown are successful additions to the bright pink spectrum.

neon pink colorbright pink color

Pale pink color

Pale pink color is used in clothes when they want to emphasize their femininity and elegance. He shows himself especially beautifully in elegant dresses, both from guipure, and expensive and flowing fabrics. He also looks amazing in outerwear. Coats and short coats of this shade are a real find for a romantic autumn, even in military and oversized styles. They go great with a variety of clothing and are perfect for creating street style bows.

pale pink colorpale pink color

pink hair color

In the new upcoming season, the ash-pink hair color will become extremely popular, which brings unusual colors to the outside world, perfectly paints over gray hair and looks gorgeous on hair of different lengths, both on smooth and wavy. Extravagant women and girls and mega-stars choose bright pink shades to amaze others with their outrageous look and immediately get into the trend.

ash pink hair colorpink hair color

pink manicure

Pink nail design is a lot of interesting nail art options, both in rich and pastel shades. Additional design decor can be rhinestones, glitter, powder, geometric and floral, floral and abstract ornaments, ethno and inscriptions. On a diverse form of nails, it looks different, although in any of the selected options your fingers will look incomparable and truly beautiful.

pink manicurepink color nail design

Pink pedicure

Leading masters successfully use warm pink to create a beautiful pedicure, especially if it echoes a manicure in the same tone. The combination of several colors in one set, sequins and silver or golden varnishes, rhinestones, stylish geometry and a marble pattern look gorgeous. Your legs will look their best with this design.

pink pedicurewarm pink color

The combination of pink with others

Beautiful pink is one of the few versatile tones that can pair beautifully with an entire rainbow palette, even yellows and greens. Great combinations are khaki pants and blue jeans with a white blouse under a pink coat, or a unique green blouse with black polka dots with a pink full skirt. Another great combination is a blue shirt or t-shirt with pink pants or skirts, whichever suits you best.

combination of pink with othersbeautiful pink color

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