New Year's manicure 2020 - fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

New Year’s manicure 2020 can be optimistic, bright and fabulous. To create a festive nail art, a variety of decor options are used. Both painting and modern modeling technologies are popular. What should be the manicure for the New Year of the Metal Rat?

Manicure New Year 2020 — fashion trends

To begin with, before choosing a suitable nail art, you need to consider the shape of the nails. For example, monograms, three-dimensional design and plot painting look beautiful only on long nails. But for owners of short nails, it is advisable to limit yourself to a minimalist design. It is important to consider the length of the nail phalanx before giving the nails the desired shape. Stiletto, square and almond are recommended for girls with a long nail plate and strong nails. If the nails do not differ in strength, it is better to choose an oval shape or a soft square.

Manicure New Year 2020 fashion trends

It is important to choose a manicure for the New Year 2020, taking into account the outfit. For example, if the plans include a spectacular image with an evening dress, nail art with deer or Christmas trees will be out of place. It is better to stay on more elegant design options. As for the combination of colors of nail art with clothes, there are no prohibitions — it can both be combined with a shade of the outfit, and contrast with it.

Manicure New Year 2020 fashion trends

A monophonic New Year’s manicure 2020 is also appropriate, which will suit any outfit. The main colors of the year of the Metal Rat are green, blue and gold. You can choose as a nail art and an exquisite New Year’s jacket, a manicure with rhinestones and glitter, foil or sparkles. The undisputed leader is painting, which is successfully replaced by stickers if necessary. New Year’s drawings are a great way to create a festive mood for yourself.

Manicure New Year 2020 fashion trends

New Year’s manicure 2020 for short nails

Owners of a short phalanx can safely choose bright colors. A multi-colored manicure with cheerful images is chosen by girls with a light and spontaneous character, who prefer comfortable sneakers to heels. Among the most popular drawings are various Christmas trees. This symbol of the New Year is the main trend of 2020. Christmas trees can be painted or lined with crystals, rhinestones, sparkles and other types of decor. New Year’s manicure 2020 is created both in neutral shades and in bright ones. Equally popular are images of deer and Santa Claus.

New Year's manicure 2020 for short nails

New Year’s manicure 2020 in a bright confetti design looks especially impressive on short nails. This is a «sweet» nail art that will appeal to young girls. All kinds of New Year’s sweets and dragees in bright colors are generously sprinkled with glitter and other shiny decor. As a base, you can choose any color: red, mint, turquoise, pink. Neutral white is also appropriate. The main thing is that the color scheme evokes a feeling of tenderness, sweetness and sweet naivety.

New Year's manicure 2020 for short nails

New Year’s manicure 2020 for long nails

Owners of luxurious and strong nails can use rhinestones and sparkles in moderation. Festive nail art will not do without snowflakes or balls. This decor is especially beautiful on long nails. But the drawing must be elegant and contain elements of luxury. For example, glitter or rhinestones will give it nobility. Snowflakes can be combined with sparkles, and balls with a luxurious monogram. An ideal frame for the balloons will be a classic-style tie, made in gold. Snowflakes can also be woven into a monogram.

New Year's manicure 2020 for long nails

As the basis of art, you can choose saturated shades. On long nails, a varied New Year ornament (“Scandinavian patterns”) looks amazing, complemented by images of fabulous winter heroes or Christmas tree decorations. It can be combined with a knitted decor, which masters often decorate with just a few accent nails. The abundance of decor in this case is not necessary, otherwise the nail art will look a little vulgar. Fashionable manicure novelties 2019-2020 are varied and interesting.

New Year's manicure 2020 for long nails

Manicure ideas for the New Year 2020

The design options are so diverse that it is difficult to make a choice. A variety of types of art are in demand, among which painting and brilliant decor are in the lead. Kamifubuki, Yuki flakes, glitter, mirror manicure are also in trend. The jacket remains relevant in the New Year’s design. Many ideas for New Year’s manicure 2020 are universal, that is, suitable for any look. But thematic design requires careful thought through the image.

Manicure ideas for the New Year 2020

Manicure for the new year 2020 with a rat

The most unusual and memorable this season is nail art depicting a rat or mouse. Cute animals look very interesting on the nails, and many fashionistas like the fresh idea. But such drawings are more appropriate for a casual look or a friendly party. They are suitable for cheerful girls with a lively disposition and faith in miracles. Who knows, maybe the image of a rat will appease the mistress of the year and bring good luck? New Year’s manicure 2019-2020 with a cartoon rat is performed mainly in pastel or basic shades.

Manicure for the new year 2020 with a rat

Delicate New Year’s manicure 2020

Psychics and astrologers claim that the White (Metal) Rat does not like pathos and bright tinsel, so the color of the manicure for the New Year 2019-2020 should be gentle. Fashionistas are advised to focus on discreet and pastel manicure options, which will certainly appeal to the future hostess of the year. Silver, metallic and gray nail art is appropriate. The flickering of metal, experts say, will bring good luck and financial well-being in the new year. But now fashionable predatory prints should be avoided so as not to frighten off luck.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

Stylish New Year’s manicure 2020 is performed in delicate peach, pink, sand, azure shades. Muted green is also appropriate, it can be in a matte finish, which combines favorably with the Christmas tree. But white manicure is even more relevant — gentle and versatile. Such a nail will suit any image, and at the same time it will delicately complement it, and not draw the attention of others to itself. But it is important to choose the shade of white that is ideal for skin tone. Matte manicure with white notes and minimalist decor is especially popular this season.

Delicate New Year's manicure 2020

New Year’s manicure 2020 french

French manicure for short and long nails is an elegant classic. But new trends in manicure 2020 dictate their own rules. As a New Year’s nail art, French is less official. The smile line is highlighted with varnishes of saturated shades with shiny splashes. A smile doesn’t have to be perfectly even — it can be asymmetrical, double, deep, or cover most of the nail. A blurry smile made of glitter looks especially festive. The most popular colors are navy blue, silver, red and black.

New Year's manicure 2020 french

Solid manicure for the New Year 2020

Designers recommend that owners of both short and long nails look at rich and deep shades of blue, green, black, red, chocolate, terracotta. A beautiful New Year’s manicure 2020 in these colors will look elegant and spectacular. And you can add decor to it. Gold and silver in the form of various decorative components, decorating the nails in a minimal amount, give the nail art an exquisite showiness. You can also decorate your nails with pixie crystals. Such a manicure will be appropriate both in the office and at a party in honor of the New Year.

Solid manicure for the New Year 2020

New Year’s manicure 2020 with rhinestones

New Year’s manicure (2019-2020) provides for a bright decor. Rhinestones of different colors and shapes will be an excellent option for festive nail art. They decorate both a monochromatic manicure and a painted design. Most masters prefer to decorate them with several accent nails. Rhinestones look especially impressive in combination with a matte finish, with which they contrast favorably. Stones can be decorated with a variety of patterns. Small stones are in trend, but larger ones are also appropriate for a festive manicure.

New Year's manicure 2020 with rhinestones

New Year’s manicure 2020 with a pattern

There are not so many options for painting New Year’s manicure. The most popular drawings are snowflakes, champagne glasses, images of Santa Claus, snowmen, deer and other forest animals. Also, mittens, New Year’s confetti, Christmas trees, stars can be depicted on the nails. Most are very easy to make and don’t require much artistic talent. Images of fairy-tale characters like Mickey Mouse or the Snow Queen are also very popular, but require the use of stickers. The main colors of the New Year’s manicure 2020: red, blue, silver and green.

New Year's manicure 2020 with a pattern

New Year’s manicure 2020 with sand

Sand is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a high-quality imitation of snow. This decor is distinguished by the exquisite radiance of the sparkles that are included in its composition. This is a delicate nail art that adorns 1-2 accent nails. The rest of the nails are covered with pastel or dark varnish, which becomes the background for the decor. Such a beautiful manicure for the New Year 2020 is distinguished by sophistication. Festive nail art is complemented by a small amount of rhinestones. Sand is used for volumetric design. For example, they draw a snowflake on the nail, and then sprinkle it with sand. After drying, a delicate art is obtained.

New Year's manicure 2020 with sand

New Year’s manicure 2020 with stickers

Stickers make it possible to create a stylish New Year’s manicure 2020 with a complex pattern in record time. There are many options for images — and each looks incredibly attractive. Images can be replaced with inscriptions. Stickers are of several types:

  • lace (fine patterns and lines);
  • drawings (intended for those who are deprived of artistic skills);
  • photo design (the image is cut out and glued to the nails).

New Year's manicure 2020 with stickers

New Year’s manicure with gold 2020

Gold decor is elegant and noble, it gives nail art a special zest. «Gold» is decorated with a manicure in rich colors, in combination with which it looks especially attractive. Beautiful New Year’s manicure (2020) can be done in different variations. They use golden glitter, liquid foil, use the “broken glass” design. Yellow duct tape will help you create this season’s fashionable geometric manicure even on your own. And for festive art, broths or mica in the shade of “gold” are suitable. They are complemented mainly by varnishes of neutral shades.

New Year's manicure with gold 2020

New Year’s manicure 2020 with a clock

Do not forget about the long-awaited moment of the holiday will help art with a clock. Fashionable New Year’s manicure in 2020 will not do without them. Often, craftsmen use special stickers that detail the hours pointing to 12 o’clock. Such nail art can be fabulous. For example, the watch from the cartoon «Beauty and the Beast» looks truly incredible. As an addition to them, images of glasses, snowflakes and other New Year paraphernalia are used. Clocks are often encrusted with stones. The background can be made in neutral or in bright and saturated colors.

New Year's manicure 2020 with a clock

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