Neon manicure 2019 - fashion trends and ideas for nails of any length

Neon manicure 2019 is not just a bright variation of nail art design, but a real explosion of color, while you can even not pay much attention to nail design. Not many people can afford to wear such a trend on weekdays, so it’s better to leave it for the holidays.

Neon manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Many stylists advise fashionistas to do neon nails design 2019 in the summer season. Among the main current trends are the following:

  1. Neon manicure can glow in the dark, but at the same time show its acidity. This feature must be recognized when applying the coating.
  2. The most classic and simplest option for applying neon varnish will be a variation of a jacket. This option will not become commonplace, because acid tips in combination with a neutral matte background look original. On the nails, you can also apply a variant of two neon colors in combination with a jacket.
  3. If a monochromatic design seems too catchy, you need to resort to a base in the form of a white varnish, and then cover it with a color option.
  4. Not many people can believe, but the matte version will not reduce the brightness of the neon manicure. The matte effect can even make the color more catchy. Nails can be completely covered with a matte finish, or only certain color blocks can be made with it.
  5. The peculiarity of neon shades is that they are easily combined with each other. Therefore, using different colors, you can create a gradient manicure, pink with yellow, green with blue, blue with red will be excellent options.
  6. In a gradient, you can combine a neon version and a soft flesh color.
  7. In the neon version, a design with elements of graphics and geometry will look great.
  8. Nail art with neon shards, which are a pattern folded in a stained glass style, will look especially beautiful.
  9. You can make neon holes, and leave the main coating transparent. However, you can also refer to a colored background.
  10. On the nails you can create a whole picture. This is a design with spots, blots and drops, which looks very modern. To do this, a white background coating is created, and green, pink, yellow and other neon varnishes are sprayed on top. If you turn to negligence, but the result is more abstract.

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Neon manicure 2019 for short nails

Owners of small shortened nail plates will be able to decorate neon nails 2019 in a variety of ways:

  1. When creating nail art on short nails, you need to turn to the color that is relevant this season. For spring, more delicate options are chosen, but you can create a neon design on some fingers. This option can be supplemented with rhinestones or twigs.
  2. The brightness in a short manicure rolls over in the summer. Flashy reds, pinks and acid shades can be applied to the entire surface.
  3. The design will look great if a gradient or addition in the form of summer fruits is used.
  4. A matte surface in neon colors in a minimalist style will look original and fresh.
  5. In the autumn period, it is worth turning to deep and warm shades that can warm their owners. Khaki, gold, neon manicure with yellow tones and complemented by themed autumn prints will become stylish colors.
  6. The design of such nails can be supplemented with foil, nude addition and negative space.
  7. For the winter, many women of fashion choose cold colors — these are blue shades that are combined with white, blue, black and red. This design is decorated with a New Year theme of snowflakes and Christmas trees.

neon manicure 2019 for short nails

Neon manicure 2019 for long nails

Owners of beautiful elongated nail plates will appreciate the manicure in neon colors 2019:

  1. If you want to get bright nail art for spring and summer, then you need to turn to neon colors. In this case, several acidic and mega bright shades of varnish can be used at once, then with the help of these coatings a wonderful “color block” technique will be obtained. Such a design on long nails is created: each nail is conditionally divided into several sectors and filled with multi-colored varnishes. The result is an original and non-trivial spring-summer nail design in bright colors.
  2. The ombre technique has become an equally popular bright neon option. In this nail art, several diverse shades of varnish are used at once. A gradient neon manicure can be applied in different ways: in the form of a horizontal and vertical gradient from a nail to another. In this case, you can focus on several individual fingers, covering them with crystals, using other techniques that are combined with ombre.
  3. The design looks intriguing and exciting, made in the “broken glass” technique. For brightness, you need to turn to colors such as blue, purple, purple. This option can be supplemented with pieces of foil.

neon manicure 2019 for long nailsmanicure in neon colors 2019

Neon manicure 2019 almond

This summer, the trend is bright neon nail colors 2019, which look especially good on almond-shaped nail plates:

  1. Such shades can be harmoniously combined with white and complemented by a geometric pattern that is in trend.
  2. Almonds continue to be a popular form of nails, but not the sharp version of it.
  3. Stones and rhinestones are often used for decoration. For example, sea pebbles or golden foil can be used for decoration.
  4. In fashion, the monogram continues to be relevant, you can turn to watercolor design.
  5. Fashionable neon manicure can be decorated with flowers, bugs or butterflies.
  6. Rhinestones continue to be in fashion, their number and style of design depends on the preferences of the owner.

neon manicure 2019 almond

Neon Manicure Ideas 2019

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas manicure 2019, neon colors and design ideas for which are extremely diverse:

  1. Nail art in green, pink, yellow or orange shades looks truly unsurpassed.
  2. A great idea in a neon style is a jacket, it can be presented both in a glossy and matte base.
  3. Acid color coating can be combined with geometric patterns.
  4. Another original version is neon abstraction, where there is a play of contrasts and an intricate pattern.
  5. The acid version can be presented with rhinestones, for example, a bright design can be performed in a jacket or moon nail art.
  6. It will be interesting to look in the acid version of minimalism.
  7. This season, you can not do without spectacular inscriptions that may be present on this type of nail art.

neon manicure ideas 2019manicure 2019 neon colorsbright neon manicure 2019

Neon french nails 2019

The classic version of the jacket can be transformed with acid colors. French stylish neon manicure 2019 can be made in the following variations:

  1. Bright tips in tandem with a neutral matte background create a unique jacket.
  2. You can refer to the combination of two neon colors using the french technique.
  3. Often in French manicure neon and nude are combined. The result is a soft and delicate contrast.

neon french nails 2019

Orange neon manicure 2019

Summer neon manicure 2019, made in orange, can give a wonderful sunny mood:

  1. In orange, you can add tenderness if you combine it with a white tint. In this version, the gradient looks great, and drawings or decor on a delicate coating can add color.
  2. It can be a marble design, airy flowers, abstract drawings and delightful compositions with birds, abstraction or minimalism.

orange neon manicure 2019

Pink neon manicure 2019

Neon pink nails design 2019 are reasonably recognized as one of the most feminine options:

  • bright acid pink color is perfect for the base of bright fruits, in the summer season this design will become unique;
  • this color can be perfectly combined with various other bright shades.

pink neon manicure 2019

Neon yellow manicure 2019

An unforgettable impression on others will help to make a bright neon manicure 2019, made in yellow:

  • Juicy Sicilian lemons are considered the source of this color;
  • such a yellow color can become part of a concise nail art, for example, these are lemon slices on the tips of nails in a French manicure;
  • making out a neon yellow manicure, some nails can be painted with patterns and drawings;
  • a great option would be a design in the form of a lemon slice with veins and even transparent drops of juice on one or two nails.

neon yellow manicure 2019

Neon green manicure 2019

To complement a stylish evening bow, a neon 2019 manicure made in green is perfect:

  • one of the common options is green nail art with foil;
  • green goes well with orange;
  • green can be a luxurious base for black stickers;
  • in black, flowers, fruits and butterflies can be superimposed on a green background.

neon green manicure 2019

Neon matte manicure 2019

In order to create a fashionable neon manicure for summer 2019, you can use not only a glossy, but also a matte finish:

  • from the matte base, you can create colored blocks. Even if there are a small number of them, the texture contrast will definitely become more expressive;
  • neon matte manicure can be slightly diluted with rhinestones;
  • traced branches will look great on the nails;
  • nail art can be complemented by beige or any other shades.

neon matte manicure 2019

Neon manicure with design 2019

A lasting impression on others will help to make a neon manicure trend 2019, containing a variety of designs:

  • such nail art involves the addition of all kinds of drawings, it can be abstraction, floral motifs, geometric shapes that will look fashionable and original on the nails;
  • drawings may not be, in this case it will be a kind of play of colors;
  • acid shades, which are complemented by a gossamer design, have become the trend of the season.

neon manicure with design 2019neon manicure trend 2019

Neon manicure with rubbing

Visually stylish neon manicure 2019 will help make the rub even brighter:

  • for example, you can apply a holographic rubbing with sparkles on your nails, in this way some fingers stand out with shine;
  • you can refer to the design of nails with a pearl rub;
  • manicure in a neon version is often complemented by a holographic rubbing. In recent seasons, neon multi-colored glitters have even been created that are applied to the nails and harmoniously complement them.

neon manicure with rubbing

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