Mint manicure 2019 - a selection of fashionable ideas for nails of any length

The mint manicure of 2019 impresses with its diversity, because this summer season there will be beautiful options, both in a hit retro monotone, and with diverse intricate and simple patterns, suitable for every day and for festive occasions.

Mint manicure 2019, fashion trends

Mint manicure summer 2019, fashion trends lead us to the fact that there will be pastel shades in the trend, and mint color has become extremely popular this season. After all, he not only emphasizes tenderness and femininity, but also allows every fashionista who has chosen him to reveal her individuality. Emphasize well-groomed hands and always be in the spotlight. Hits include:

  • creative work of experienced craftsmen with additional designer decor in the form of broken glass effect and sparkles;
  • interesting berry and watermelon drawings, so relevant in summer.

mint manicure 2019 fashion trends

Mint beautiful manicure in 2019 is a youth solution with non-trivial drawings of animals, ears, hearts, inscriptions and various stripes that draw attention to your hands. Also, complete monotony will be in fashion, as a tribute to the 80s of the last century, which looks amazing on any shape of the nail plate. If you combine two hit trends of modern fashion: retro and minimalism, then the ideal choice is a plain design on the natural length of nails.

mint manicure summer 2019 fashion trends

Mint manicure 2019 for short nails

Mint manicure 2019 with a pattern looks beautiful on non-sharp squares of short nails or on an oval shape. Experienced craftsmen offer interesting options in a minimalist and delicate design with laconic patterns on one or two nails. It can be stylish geometry and graphics, floral and plant motifs, abstraction, lace and curlicues with oriental-style monograms, framed with rhinestone patches, both along the moon and along the oval of the nails.

mint manicure 2019 for short nails

The mint stylish manicure of 2019 will look perfect in combination with silvery small patterns, applying a delicate pattern and negative space make this design unsurpassed in craftsmanship and beauty, equally suitable for business suits and festive outfits. Graphics and geometry, various lines, triangles, circles and their combinations with each other will also be in great demand.

mint manicure 2019 with a pattern

Mint manicure 2019 for long nails

A real seasonal hit is a mint-colored manicure of 2019 on a diverse form of the nail plate. So, “pointe shoes” and an oval remained in fashion, sharp nails entered the trends, and in combination with delicate pastel shades, they simply amaze with their beautiful appearance and femininity. Want to make great designs? Choose options with abstract multi-colored stains, or a monochromatic solution with additional decorations in the form of large and small pebbles, metal figurines and rhinestones.

mint manicure 2019 for long nails

Mint manicure 2019 looks great on long oval and sharp nails, especially with delicate or catchy patterns, as you like and who suits you best. Unusual monograms and lace are in fashion this season, a combination of mint tones with black, pink, lilac and purple hues, successfully complemented by rhinestones, glitter, kamifubi and powder. Here, the choice of decoration already depends on personal preferences.

mint manicure 2019

Mint Manicure Ideas 2019

Which beautiful mint manicure of 2019 will be at the peak of popularity this summer?

  1. A chic choice would be nail art with diverse lace, curls and monograms, which can be hand-painted or stamped. Any of the ideas will bring to the overall appearance notes not only of femininity, but also of romanticism and exquisite French charm.

  1. Mint manicure 2019 with abstract patterns with an unusual ornament, or a design that combines inscriptions, even and curved lines with curls, successfully complemented by rhinestone splashes both on one nail and on several, it will be especially interesting to highlight the moon with a different color or different pebbles . A tempting idea not only for everyday life, but also for a festive manicure.

beautiful mint manicure 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with sparkles

Mint nails design 2019 are stylish and interesting ideas, successfully diluted with shiny varnishes, sand and powder. In this summer’s fashion there will be non-trivial ideas with abstract geometry and graphics, drawn with clear dark and light lines with the addition of silver and golden hues, drawn between patterns or applied on top along the lines to give the manicure an exquisite shine.

mint manicure 2019 with sparkles

Mint manicure 2019 with shiny elements can be presented in two or even three-color combinations, when pink, yellow or black tones are added to the dominant color, beautifully and effectively highlighting the base and playing on the contrast, both soft and delicate, and catchy and saturated. The trend is a marble pattern and a silver gossamer, lines and other geometric shapes. Here the choice depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the skill of the one doing the manicure, so that a stunning and eye-catching, but elegant design is obtained.

mint nails design 2019

Mint with pink manicure 2019

Fashionable mint manicure 2019 is represented by a two-tone combination of the main tone and pink shades, which bring a touch of perfection and harmonious sophistication to the chosen design. When two colors are perfectly combined with each other, especially with interesting and unusual patterns in the form of floristry and vegetation, the effect of broken glass and large or small flowers, preferably roses, peonies and stylized daisies, you can draw an elegant orchid or a sakura branch, which is incredibly fashionable in this season.

mint with pink manicure 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with pink tones looks great with intricate and simple patterns. It can be not only plants and flowers, but also insects, for example, an amazing idea is butterfly wings, especially on two fingers, one of which is also decorated with rhinestones. However, do not forget that abstract and stylized flowers are something that will always be in fashion, and their combination with lace and monograms is in high demand among true fashionistas.

trendy mint manicure 2019

Matte mint manicure 2019

A stylish mint manicure in 2019 is done with matte varnishes or with the help of a matte top, which covers the nails at the end. What ideas can you take into service to make an amazing design? Stylists recommend combining a matte mint version with pink and pale yellow, white and blue colors to get a gentle and very attractive manicure. Do not forget that not only nail art with drawings and ornaments is in fashion, but also monochrome solutions that can be varied depending on the combination of colors in one set.

matte mint manicure 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with a matte effect is perfectly combined with a glossy varnish in an accent design, in this case it would be appropriate to use white or pink gloss, you can black and dark blue, depending on personal preferences and what option you want to do. Delicate and romantic or catchy and intense. A moon manicure and a design with multi-colored abstract geometry that combines diverse shapes will look non-trivial.

stylish mint manicure 2019

Mint yellow manicure 2019

Another catchy and at the same time harmonious solution is the 2019 mint and lemon manicure, which immediately catches the eye because of its saturation with a yellow palette, but the dominant pastel base softens it and makes it elegant. A great option is a mint-yellow combination with diverse patterns, for example, butterfly wings, large or small flowers, or in a plain version with the addition of rhinestone blotches arranged asymmetrically along the oval.

mint yellow manicure 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with yellow tones looks great with an ombre effect, as sharp and smooth contrasting transitions between the yellow and mint palette are always a win-win option that requires increased attention, because two opposite shades are combined. One is presented in a bright rainbow spectrum, and the second is in a soft pastel range, and their gradient is a stylish and rich nail art option that is stunning in its appearance and is in high demand, especially in summer, because it adds brightness to the monotony.

manicure 2019 mint with lemon

Mint manicure 2019 with foil

The mint color of nails in 2019 is successfully diversified by various foils, both holographic and metallic. Nails with silver and gold foil will look especially beautiful, or when “broken glass” is applied in diverse shades. Foil patterns are always a win-win modern design that allows nails to look stylish and spectacular, it is chosen by true fashionistas when they want to emphasize their exquisite taste. Foil can act as a separate decor, or interesting patterns, monograms and lace can be applied on top of it.

mint manicure 2019 with foilmint nail color 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with a pattern

The 2019 manicure looks very nice in mint tones with diverse patterns, because all sorts of interesting solutions are in the trend of this summer. So, for example, a great idea is a delicate design in the style of Japanese painting with small wildflowers or decorative flowers, executed on an accent white or blue background. It is also worth paying attention to abstract motifs, feathers and leaves, dots and drops, lemon and lime slices, which is especially important on mint shades.

mint manicure 2019 with a patternmanicure 2019 in mint colors

Mint manicure 2019 with black

Mint color nail design 2019 will successfully dilute the black tone when a very catchy and stylish manicure is created, combining not one or two, but even as many as three shades. For example, mint, pink and black, or a yellow-black combination, as you like more. It can be dark lace on a delicate background, or monograms and curlicues, complete geometric abstraction and stylish dotted geometry, complemented by graphic elements. Super original design for many occasions, both for everyday life and during the holidays.

mint manicure 2019 with blackmint color nail design 2019

French mint manicure 2019

Manicure 2019, mint color, due to its tenderness, looks advantageous with a French smile, both on sharp and oval and square nails. French can be completely classic without any decor, or go with golden and silver traces of a smile and an oval of nails. It can also easily combine the classics of the genre with diverse patterns, such as full coverage of one finger, or an openwork ornament on two or three nails. A nautical theme with palm trees and anchors will be in high demand, especially if you are going on vacation on the coast.

french mint manicure 2019manicure 2019 mint color

Mint manicure 2019 with holes

A great choice is a 2019 summer mint manicure with a Hollywood smile, the moon design can be oval or triangular, it looks especially beautiful in a mint-white combination of two jackets: French and moon, when two smiles are drawn on square nails. Geometric patterns with negative space are also in trend, both on two or three fingers, and on all nails. The option with an oval line highlighted with silver or gold ornaments and with a silver accent on one nail is in demand.

mint manicure 2019 with holessummer mint manicure 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with silver

Another seasonal hit that has not left the world podium is the 2019 mint manicure with a rub, which amazes with its variety of variations. The pearl, holographic and mirror solution does not give up its positions, true fashionistas are in demand for rubbing a chameleon and a prism and a rainbow, especially complemented by a diverse design decor in the form of metallic silver figures, for example, small hearts, moons and stars, triangles and rhombuses, glitter and sand, in the course of the aquarium technique of sealing unique patterns.

mint manicure 2019 with silvermint manicure 2019 with rub

Mint manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Mint nails 2019 look great with rhinestone patches, where pebbles can be located along an oval or moon. Be lined with an asymmetrical pattern in which small and large rhinestones alternate. The design looks tempting, combining mint-white and black-mint colors in an accent version. Another non-trivial pattern is obtained by combining abstract patterns with a three-dimensional ornament, supplementing the general nail art with sand or powder.

mint manicure 2019 with rhinestonesmint nails 2019

Mint manicure 2019 with geometry

Stylish mint manicure with the design of 2019 are options with geometric and graphic patterns, which can be clearly drawn lines and shapes, or abstract drawings with elements of graphics and geometry. Chic solutions — nail art with silvery or golden thin metallic lines or made with the help of cobwebs, when the lines intersect each other, giving all the best to non-trivial ornaments.

mint manicure 2019 with geometrymint manicure with design 2019

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