Gray-blue color - what does it look like, who suits it and what is it combined with?

The gray-blue color is called «Serenity» it combines shades of blue, gray and lilac. This serene shade can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the elements of clothing and the occasion. It will definitely bring noble features, harmony and a sense of well-being to the image.

What color is gray blue?

What a gray-blue color looks like is not difficult to depict. It differs in shades, but invariably has a blue base with a grayish sheen. This shade is not bright, it has more of a calm, restrained nature. With its help, an elegant, seasoned and luxurious look will be created. Serenity total look using different shades of gray and blue is very gentle and meek — for real ladies.


Gray-blue color in clothes

The combination of gray-blue in clothes with other shades is due to its excellent aesthetic features. This shade is pleasing to the eye, visually easy to perceive and brings positive emotions. It is light, casual and very elegant, which is why it is chosen by the most demanding ladies. What wardrobe item will be the highlight in a feminine look:

  1. Grey-blue accessories. A knitted scarf or hat is a great addition to neutral tones, especially if it contains shades close to this color.
  2. Grey-blue oversized sweater. If we are talking about choosing a warm demi-season wardrobe item, then you need to stop at a gray-blue oversized sweater. This model leads the fashion ratings, and in this color it will look even more interesting and fashionable.


Gray-blue dress

A dress with an ornament in gray-blue color will be an unusual stylish acquisition for your wardrobe. This color is universal, it is applicable in a casual girly wardrobe and in a strict office style. For older women, an elegant blue-gray color will help you look younger than your age, and refresh your face. Office dress code will include dresses in a simple style without unnecessary decor: sheath dress, straight or A-line. For an informal occasion, you can experiment with cut, style, material and decorations. It is best to prefer midi, maxi length and loose or asymmetrical tailoring.


Blue gray coat

A gray-blue women’s coat is a good color scheme for creating an element of outerwear. A coat of this shade will find fans of different fields of activity. Oversized coat goes well with skinny jeans, voluminous sweaters and non-trivial accessories. Such a bold decision will be in trend and will create a fashionable informal youth look. A more conservative model of a coat for respectable women is possible in a straight cut or a wrap-around dressing gown model. A feminine and fashionable model of a coat can be decorated with noble fur on the collar, pockets, hem, cuffs.


Blue gray blouse

What to wear with a gray-blue color, what element of the wardrobe to choose and how to combine colors correctly — this dilemma arises for every girl when choosing a new thing. A gray-blue blouse will elegantly decorate external data and increase all the advantages. A blouse is a practical thing, it is used in office fashion, everyday life and for business formal events. Wear it to the office with a suit, trousers or a skirt. Silk, chiffon and the absence of catchy decor are the key to an elegant look. The casual version is conducive to an easier interpretation of the design, the possibility of drawing or embroidery.


Gray blue jeans

A beautiful gray-blue color in denim is a common and widely applicable option. Girls have chosen gray-blue denim for practicality, comfort and a wide range of successful combinations. Jeans are a casual, informal type of clothing, so for an informal setting, they will be just right. Girls’ favorites are rolled-up skinny jeans. Straight jeans are ideal for curvy girls. In the new season, the top positions of the trend lists are occupied by culottes, which can be made in gray-blue denim.


Blue gray swimsuit

Gray-blue metallic color in beach fashion is not common and therefore will be an unusual acquisition for girls who are striving for a unique and original swimsuit design. This calm, discreet color can be used in sports one-piece swimsuits, in which conciseness and simplicity are important. An open swimsuit in this color scheme comes with bare shoulders, with ties at the neck and patterned straps. Ruffles and a cute print will add playfulness. Piecework swimsuit has a lot of design variations for every taste: with cutouts, rhinestones, inscriptions, patterns.


What color goes with gray-blue

The combination of colors with gray-blue in clothes will allow you to create a harmonious combination of different wardrobe items. In addition to the single-color combination, a variety of contrasting tones can be compared. What colors will successfully fit into the look together with gray-blue:

  1. Violet. Some shades of serenity have a purple glint, so using these two colors is applicable in the same look. The contrast will depend on the brightness of the purple range, but a pale lilac color next to a blue-gray will look more harmonious.
  2. Pink. The tandem of gray-blue with a sophisticated lightened pink or quartz shade looks organic. The image in such colors is very feminine and aesthetic.
  3. Orange. Gray-blue color is very soft and pleasing to the eye, you need to pair it with a delicate shade of orange, avoiding too bright a color. Peach, apricot, salmon — will make a real color splash together with gray-blue.
  4. Blue. Related tones are ideally combined in one image. Different shades of the same color palette can make a visual three-dimensional impression and create a memorable outfit.
  5. Beige. The neutral shade of beige will perfectly fit into the gray-blue range. The main shade will be brought to the fore, and the beige will act as a highlight for the gray-blue.
  6. Grey. The natural shade that is present in the production of blue-gray will be a good addition to an elegant look.
  7. White and black. These classic base colors will work with any shade of blue-gray that will be the main star and highlight in the image.


Shades of gray-blue

Cool gray-blue color will be an excellent base for the embodiment of a business style. What colors are included in the gray-blue palette and diversify the wardrobe:

  1. blue stone. This languid, deep color will create an amazing visual effect with any color type of appearance. It is included in the top colors for autumn, according to the Pantone Institute.
  2. Highlighted gray-blue. A translucent delicate shade is applicable for a business, casual and romantic look. This gray-blue noble color will set you up for romanticism and dispel sad thoughts, clarifying your mind.
  3. Light jeans. The shade of light denim also belongs to the gray-blue palette and is used in the creation of denim.
  4. Bright gray blue. This shade is more dominated by blue, and gray only beats off with a faint echo. This shade goes well with neutral colors and is a leader in this image.


Blue-gray shoes

What colors are suitable for gray-blue, if shoes are decorated in this shade? With gray-blue shoes, neutral clothes of restrained colors are wonderfully combined. For a solemn and formal style, classic pumps with medium heels are chosen. Casual shoes should be practical and comfortable, so loafers, oxfords, sneakers, slip-ons and ballet flats are a great option for a comfortable pastime. In summer, open sandals in gray-blue color will become indispensable companions on hot days.


Gray-blue bags

The gray-blue color of the bag is an interesting accompanying detail in the image. The bag is able to decorate any clothes and convey the necessary message. Bags of different sizes, shapes, colors and related decorations have different purposes and functionality. The most unusual forms of bags are in fashion: in the form of an elongated cylinder, round spherical, saddle-like, the more pretentious the model, the more interest it will cause. If you want something less extravagant, then choose medium-sized bags with short handles and without unnecessary details.


Blue earrings

Blue earrings are a new fashion trend in the jewelry world. Blue color is used in the manufacture of products from natural precious metal or high-quality luxury jewelry. Gray-blue color in earrings is present in the form of colored enamel or stones. The most fashionable types of earrings in the new year are: cuffs, worn over the entire area of ​​the auricle; asymmetrical earrings, where the right one is fundamentally different from the left or is its logical complement; tassel earrings made of beads or dense silk threads; feather earrings.


Grey-blue hair color

Gray-blue hair tends to surprise and shock. Such a bold, extraordinary decision can only be made by desperate, courageous experimental girls. There are many ways to color a color blue-gray. Shades can be both bright and discreetly muted. The most gentle coloring technique is ombre, with its help you can adjust the blue area, making it only at the ends of the hair, starting from the middle or indicating just below the root zone. The gray-blue color is also performed using the highlighting technique, making several strands on the natural color.


Manicure gray-blue color

Gray-blue nail design is a suitable option for any season. In summer, this shade embodies the seascape, in winter it resembles the shade of a snowy sky, in spring it is associated with the awakening of nature, and in autumn with longing for the summer heat. This color is good for bringing to life a variety of designs. Blue-gray manicure ideas:

  1. Monochromatic coating. The simplest and most traditional version of monochrome manicure. It looks elegant, elegant and conservative.
  2. Grey-blue jacket. Serenity can be used as a smile line or can be used as a base in a French manicure. This is a non-standard and stylish solution.
  3. Grey-blue with stones. Rhinestones bring incredible sparkle and high cost to nail art. It is ideal to use opal-effect rhinestones on a coating of this color, which will especially stand out if a matte top is applied.
  4. Gradient. This color goes well with white and such a tandem with a soft transition of shades will become an extraordinary and trendy solution. The gradient can be made with a clear geometric delineation or smooth shading.
  5. flexible tape. Such a decorative tool is able to create the most incredible design, ranging from straight geometric lines to a reverse jacket.
  6. painting. The most common type of decoration for a monophonic manicure is an artistic drawing, it does not matter in what way it is made, only the final result is important.
  7. inscriptions. A light gray-blue shade will be a great help for inscriptions on nails. This design is gaining popularity and love of the beautiful half. They write whatever they want on their nails: affirmations, confessions of feelings, catchphrases.


Wedding in gray-blue color

A gray-blue wedding dress will be a non-traditional color scheme. Many girls strive to be remembered and stand out on such an important and responsible day, so they choose outfits in non-standard shades. Pale pink and ivory have been replaced by a new fashionable color for wedding dresses — gray-blue. It is used in the design of the entire dress, or lace, beads or rhinestones in this tone are possible. The base of the skirt is made in gray-blue, on top of which several layers of tulle are sewn, creating a translucent smoky effect.


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