Chocolate color - what is it and to whom does it suit?

In a variety of stylish and attractive colors, universal colors remain the most popular from year to year. Such shades are easily combined with any others and always emphasize the elegance and sophistication of style. One of the most popular in modern fashion is chocolate color.

Chocolate color — what is it?

This color has many tones. Warm tones remain the most popular, reminiscent of a hot childhood favorite sweetness from cocoa beans. However, designers also divide such solutions into categories — dark chocolate, milk chocolate and even white, but the latter option is rarely used in fashion design. In this shade, more additions are relevant, for example, a chocolate-colored manicure. In addition, the ideas of the nude palette are also in trend. These include coffee with milk, cocoa, caramel and other interesting solutions that perfectly complement the onion.

What color is chocolate

Who suits the chocolate color?

Warm saturated colors remain the most relevant choice for fashionistas of the autumn color type. All tonalities and even printed ideas are suitable for such girls. Bright appearance in an ensemble with chocolate accents will attract even more attention. Cool chocolate color has become a popular choice for winter ladies. Deep dark tones, such as dark chocolate, are considered especially successful. If you belong to the summer or spring color type, stylists suggest focusing on bright design ideas and emphasizing the sophistication of your appearance with warm shades, such as caramel.

who suits chocolate color

Shades of chocolate hair color

Such an attractive and at the same time natural coloring has become a popular solution in hairdressing. In a palette of natural tones, every fashionista can easily choose a good option, taking into account not only personal preferences and taste, but also regarding the color type, pronounced merits of the face and body. In addition, by giving your hair such a tone, you will not have problems due to regrown roots or burnt ends, since natural shades even in transition or combined with contrasting strands look amazing. Let’s see the most stylish ideas:

  1. Chocolate hair color with highlights. Chocolate coloring is considered a very good choice for the background in an ensemble with contrasting strands. For highlighting, you can choose both the bleaching technique and the idea of ​​​​combining several tones of the palette.

chocolate hair color with highlights

  1. ombre. Another popular solution in hair coloring is the gradient transition technique. Variations with chocolate paint are presented with light ends or roots, ideas with bright unnatural colors and even burning black.

shades of chocolate hair color

  1. Natural coloring. If you stick to a natural style in your looks, then a solid coloring would be a good solution. For such ideas, both dark and light caramel shades are suitable.

chocolate brown hair color

Dark chocolate hair color

Dark saturated shades of paint will help make the appearance more expressive and bright. Such solutions are presented both for short haircuts and for spectacular long curls. Chocolate-chestnut hair color looks very beautiful in styling with elongated strands and a smooth line of tips. A good addition to this coloring will be bangs. This element can be made in a straight shape or a triangular angle in the center of the forehead. Stylists emphasize the relevance of thick and elongated bangs. And the originality of the whole image will be added by a rosary with a straight or zigzag parting.

dark chocolate hair color

Light chocolate hair color

If your main style corresponds to a romantic feminine direction, then coloring in light warm colors will be an actual solution for you. The fashion trend of the last few seasons has become chocolate-caramel hair color. This choice looks especially impressive on curly hair or graduated haircuts. Caramel goes well with wheaten blonde tones or dark natural colors in the ombre or highlighting technique. The advantage of light chocolate is its versatility for any type of appearance and flexibility in repainting.

light chocolate hair color

Chocolate color in clothes

Such stunning colors are considered a fashionable solution in clothing design. The main advantage of chocolate shades is versatility. Deep and rich tones are perfect for a strict business style, relaxed street casual and even evening looks. In addition, against the background of warm brown materials, romantic pastel and delicate shades look very attractive and contrasting, further emphasizing the sophistication and femininity of the bow. Let’s see the most fashionable ideas for using a stylish color:

  1. Chocolate shiny color. This color scheme goes well with fabrics of shiny textures. Products made of silk, satin and patent leather became especially popular.

chocolate color in clothes

  1. Chocolate printed color. In the question, the combination of chocolate colors looks great with light and pastel colors in the form of various motifs of drawings and abstractions. Geometric polka dots, checks and stripes, openwork flowers are in trend, but ornaments are considered especially popular.

chocolate color combination

  1. Fur coat. Fur products are considered a popular choice in shades of chocolate. This color accentuates the naturalness and naturalness of the color. The trend is not only fur coats and short fur coats, but also spectacular vests, as well as fur trim.

shades of chocolate

  1. Pullover. A warm knitted jumper will help to add comfort and practicality to an autumn or winter bow. Textured patterns in the form of braids and arans will attract attention. The trend is both a classic cut and oversized models, a shortened length, one-shoulder and other interesting styles.

what to combine chocolate color with

  1. Costume. Chocolate color schemes are relevant for the design of strict business trouser and skirt sets. However, the costumes are also presented in sports and casual styles, such as knitted, romantic direction with cropped or wide trousers and a beautiful tunic.

beautiful chocolate color

Chocolate coat

One of the most popular solutions in deep rich colors is classic outerwear. The chocolate-colored women’s coat is represented by many stylish styles. The trend that does not lose popularity is the classic and models in the English style — duffle coat, trench coat, cape and others. To emphasize your grace and sophistication, look for a wrap design with a contrasting or solid color belt. Any option will perfectly complement the fur decor — pockets, cuffs, collar. This finish looks good in contrasting colors.

chocolate coat

Chocolate color dress

The dress remains the most feminine and romantic element of a woman’s wardrobe. Such a choice, in addition to attractiveness and showiness, can add practicality, comfort, and functionality to the image. And one of the criteria for such a choice is coloring. Shades of chocolate are great for both everyday wear and strict office bows. In the trend and an evening dress of chocolate color. The latter option is often represented by a flying cut of flowing fabrics — silk, satin, chiffon. Designers offer products for every day from comfortable wool, knitwear, yarn.

chocolate color dress

Chocolate colored skirt

A fashionable alternative to a dress in modern women’s fashion is considered a skirt. Such an element of clothing also emphasizes femininity and romance in the image, but at the same time it is unique in the ability to combine different top options, creating a variety of bows every day. One of the most relevant solutions in the cold was a chocolate-colored knitted skirt. Strict models remain universal, for example, a pencil, made of pleasant suede, leather, suit wool or knitwear. And if you follow the direction of the romantic, then a pleated, tutu, trapeze or asymmetry would be a stylish choice.

chocolate colored skirt

Chocolate color women’s trousers

What modern fashionista does without trousers? This element of the wardrobe will always provide comfort and practicality for the whole day. If you adhere to a discreet business style, then classic styles with arrows, a shortened length or a flared knee will be the actual choice for you. Shades of chocolate color are perfect for images for every day. In this case, jeans, joggers, and corduroy trousers remain the most popular. In addition, the trend and printed design. And suede or leather products will help to focus on the lower part of the bow.

chocolate color women's pants

Chocolate jacket

When choosing outerwear, fashionistas often stop at practical non-staining colors. If the dark classic shade is already boring for you or you decide to exclude gloom in your bow, pay attention to models of warm brown tones. The most popular in modern fashion are chocolate parkas, leather jackets and a pilot. In the question of what to combine chocolate color with, stylists offer ideas in the style of a total look or the use of bright and contrasting accents. Knitted voluminous additions, for example, a scarf or snood, are considered especially successful.

chocolate color jacket

Chocolate color swimsuit

Initially, the rich deep tones of the brown palette were considered purely demi-season solutions. However, recently this option has been welcomed in collections for the summer. Bathing suits are a prime example of this. Light chocolate color is perfect for fashionistas of summer and spring color type. A beautiful tan of winter and autumn girls will perfectly emphasize a swimsuit of rich and deep tones. Unusual monokini with figured connections of the top and bottoms and separate sets with many straps, ties, harnesses and other additions look especially impressive.

chocolate colored swimsuit

Chocolate underwear

Traditionally attractive lingerie is presented in classic colors or shades of nude. Panties and bras in this design are versatile and practical for any outfit. However, if you want to please your beloved man or emphasize your originality, stylists offer to move away from standard solutions and pay attention to chocolate-colored lingerie. In addition to stylish silk, satin and lace sets, sexy combinations are also in trend. Linen short dresses are often decorated with contrasting lace inserts.

chocolate underwear

chocolate colored shoes

Brown shoes are considered an up-to-date alternative to completing black and gray shades. A beautiful chocolate color not only successfully complements clothes of any color, but is also able to attract attention. A fashionable choice in this case would be shoes made of patent leather, with embossed reptile patterns or perforated patterns. Contrasting combinations in product design are also in trend, where not only shades can be combined, but also materials, such as leather and suede. The most popular styles in the chocolate color scheme are classic pumps, oxfords, ballet flats and moccasins.

chocolate colored shoes

Chocolate manicure 2019

This popular color has become a stylish choice in modern nail-art as well. Designers offer many original and unusual manicure ideas, which, depending on the technique and decor used, will effectively complement everyday, business and even evening looks. Deep saturated tones look great both on natural nails of any length and shape, and extended nail plates. Let’s review — chocolate manicure fashion trends:

  1. plain. A win-win choice for any look and style is a one-tone monochrome coating. To make the handles look neat and tidy, complete the design with a matte top, and an iridescent rub will add attractiveness.

chocolate manicure 2019

  1. Feng Shui. If you’re keeping a low profile, but want to add a touch of originality to your nail design, stick with ideas that highlight one finger. Applied decor, various drawings or sliders, contrasting varnish are suitable for decoration.

chocolate manicure

  1. With rhinestones. Sparkling crystals will add showiness and expressiveness to the varnish of a rich deep shade. The trend is both a large-scale abundant scattering of transparent rhinestones and pixies, as well as beautiful compositions of colored stones.

chocolate color manicure

  1. cat eye. Another popular choice for a saturated color manicure was the idea of ​​interpreting a cat’s eye. For this, a special magnet is used, which creates a glare along the vertical, diagonal or side of the nail plates.

beautiful chocolate color

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