Bright summer manicure - the perfect solution for the hot season

A bright summer manicure is an essential item in the arsenal of a mandatory summer procedure. Beautiful, well-groomed hands with attractive nails are a kind of business card of a real girl. It is impossible to consider yourself a real lady with sloppy nails. A bright summer manicure will help you relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation.

Beautiful summer bright manicure

Bright summer manicure for almond-shaped nails is the most popular among beauties of different ages. This form is practical, beautiful, has the ability to visually lengthen the fingers and adds grace. To achieve the perfect summer manicure will help a few rules and tips:

  1. Moisturized hand skin. Hand cream is a must for a flawless manicure. The skin on the hands is the first to give out the age of its owner, therefore, in order to keep the hands young as long as possible, it is necessary to constantly replenish the moisture deficit and use a moisturizer. The cream is applied 30 minutes before going outside. For the summer period, it is preferable to choose cosmetics with SPF filters to prevent photoaging.
  2. Edged or hardware manicure. Not removed cuticle, hangnails or peeling are the enemies of a chic manicure. Masters of manicure service will help to get rid of these problems. Massage bath, paraffin therapy and hand massage will bring real pleasure and relaxation.
  3. Nail cover. For summer manicure, you can use traditional varnish, applying it in 2-3 layers, for better staining. Allow your nails to dry thoroughly after each coat so that the coating lasts longer. Most of the girls prefer gel polishes for their duration of operation. The gel polish coating lasts about a month with proper application and retains its original appearance, with the exception of an overgrown nail at the base.


Summer bright manicure for long nails

A bright summer manicure on an almond shape is a non-trivial replacement for boring typical squares and ovals. On almond-shaped nails of medium length, you can depict whatever your heart desires. French manicure with a well-curved smile line of various bright colors or their combinations will look very good on them. Almond nails are good with geometry and abstraction, with minimalist lines, strokes, figures. Even a monophonic simple manicure looks different on such an unconventional form.


Bright summer manicure for short nails

Summer bright matte manicure on short nails is always relevant and advantageous. Short nails are more practical and the chance of breaking them at the most inopportune moment is much lower than that of long ones. Even at a minimum length, you can come up with an interesting design using the latest techniques. Short nails can be painted with all different colors, make a pattern with polka dots or stripes ─ simply and tastefully.


Bright summer manicure on square nails

Summer manicure bright colors on square nails ─ the most common type of design. The square shape allows you to perform absolutely any pattern and design. Long square nails do not look very good, it is better to give preference to medium and short ones with rounded edges. The most hit designs are three-dimensional drawing, modeling, acrylic sand, sweet bloom, rubbing, mica.


Bright summer manicure for sharp nails

Bright summer manicure on the sea, decorated on sharp nails ─ extravagant and extraordinary. The owners of such marigolds are distinguished by their temperament and strong character. This form is not practical for everyday life, but on the sea coast it will be just right. You need to choose a design that emphasizes sharp corners: a triangular moon manicure, decorative rivets and rhinestones, extraordinary images, the most intricate monograms.


Bright Summer Manicure Ideas

A bright summer manicure with a design has a number of advantages over a plain coating. Design is always interesting and unusual. A little creativity, imagination and the most ordinary hands will turn into a work of art worthy of the red carpet. The most trendy neon shades, glitter, stones, gradient, artistic painting ─ will not leave their mistress unattended and will make you feel like a star of the best glossy publications in the world.


Bright summer French manicure

A bright summer pink manicure as a base for a jacket is hackneyed and uninteresting. A little bit of creativity and the classic jacket will be improved and transformed. Original ways to diversify a classic white jacket:

  1. Flexible tape or chrome film. Cover the smile line with flexible tape or a cut-out chrome sticker. Such a manicure looks like a mirror image with an unusual glow.
  2. Color french. The smile line is painted with different colors making a gradient transition, or covering each finger with a different color.
  3. Liquid foil or glitter. This option is excellent for a folding jacket. The smile line is laid out with a transparent gel or acrylic with sparkles or liquid mica. Looks like sparkling stained glass — super impressive and unusual.
  4. French moon manicure. Combines two types of manicure: French and moon.
  5. Antifrench. The smile line stands out at the base of the nail under the cuticle.


Bright summer manicure with rhinestones

Bright summer red manicure is a classic of nail art. It is diluted in various ways, and the most common of them is rhinestones. Some popular designs with rhinestones:

  1. Straight line. It can be laid out vertically, diagonally or obliquely and use rhinestones of different diameters, large in the center, decreasing towards the periphery, for example.
  2. Lunar manicure. Mark the border of the transition of colors with small rhinestones.
  3. Supplement with rhinestones monogram, drawing.
  4. Rhinestones of unusual shapes. Asterisks, squares, triangles — everything is appropriate in a catchy summer nail art.


Bright summer manicure with drawings

Summer bright manicure with fruits is recognized as the most used design in the sunny season, but there are other interesting patterns for this season:

  1. Floristics. Valid for any time of the year. In summer, it involves the use of brighter shades of colors and bases.
  2. Baby. Cartoon characters, funny animals, comic book characters — will appeal to extraordinary, spontaneous girls.
  3. 3D drawing. The bloom technique is gaining momentum and popularity. With its help, you can depict patterns, flowers, ornament. This volumetric effect is achieved with a thick design gel or acrylic powder.
  4. Food. Trendy design in the latest season. In this style, fast food, drinks, ice cream, and confectionery are mainly depicted.


Multi-colored bright summer manicure

A bright summer monochromatic manicure will be improved if each nail is painted in a different color. Even such a simple monochrome variation can be modified and improved:

  1. Matte finish. Opens a simple plain manicure on the other side. Add some elegance, style and depth.
  2. multi-colored jacket. Draw a smile line in French manicure on each finger with a different color, or with a gradient, where one nail will be a logical continuation of the other.
  3. modeling. Multi-colored flowers, rainbow ice cream — an interesting convex design on a multi-colored plain varnish.
  4. Rhinestones. Each color of monochrome varnish is complemented by rhinestones of the same shade. This method will succinctly decorate a motley multi-colored nail art.


Bright neon summer manicure

A simple bright summer manicure is beautiful, and a neon manicure is very unusual and noticeable. These acidic bright shades are visible for several kilometers, so their owner will never go unnoticed and will definitely stand out against the background of a faceless crowd. Such a manicure in itself is a bright acceptance and does not need to be improved, but even it can be embellished and diversified:

  1. ombre. You can combine several acidic neon shades with a soft gradient transition.
  2. Ornament. The combination of neon geometric details looks great in one manicure. Even simple polka dots or stripes win in neon design.
  3. Velvet sand. Unusual attribute for nail design, creates an uneven rough surface with the effect of sand on the nails. Ideal for embodying the sea coast on nails.


Bright summer manicure with sparkles

A beautiful bright summer manicure for long nails is decorated with sparkles of all kinds of catchy shades, acquires a charming radiance and mysterious depth. Glitter is always relevant and summer manicure is no exception. The most fashionable glitter nail art ideas:

  1. Glitter on one finger. Highlighting one nail with sparkles with a monophonic manicure, the design becomes playful and flirtatious.
  2. Glitter in drawings. By adding a little sparkle to the painting, the image is filled with depth and sophistication.
  3. Glitter pattern. By covering all nails with liquid foil, its shine can be softened by embellishing with painting: flowers, ornaments and cute curls are the best solution.
  4. Brilliant drawing. This is the best way to demarcate different elements, to separate different colors, or to mark the boundaries of the moon manicure and jacket.


Bright summer manicure with holes

Summer bright beautiful gentle manicure with holes is a brilliant solution for romantic natures. Transparent holes with shellac were very fond of for the opportunity to delay the date of manicure correction. This design very gently delimits the area of ​​the regrown nail and the manicure looks more neat. The most common ways of moon manicure:

  1. Wells in contrasting color. A more used moon manicure scheme.
  2. shiny holes. They are made in small or large sequins and look very gentle and feminine.
  3. Lunar manicure with rhinestones. In this case, rhinestones can both outline the border of the hole and completely fill its space.
  4. Painted holes. They are performed by drawing the hole zone with patterns, or using a design slider with various patterns.


Bright summer manicure gradient

Bright summer ombre manicure is an extremely attractive and sought-after design. The most advanced fashionistas choose this exotic design of the nail plate for its exclusivity and smooth transitions of shades. The most trendy types of gradient:

  1. Vertical. Each finger is painted with one color with a soft transition to another.
  2. Horizontal. The gradient transition is distributed over several fingers. It may consist of two or more colors.
  3. Diagonal. Stretching colors is done diagonally from the top corner to the opposite bottom.
  4. Multicolored. Includes several colors on one finger — very reminiscent of a rainbow color.
  5. With sequins. Instead of the usual ombre varnish, it is done with sparkles or rubbing.


Bright summer manicure with foil

Delicate bright summer manicure with shiny foil is interesting and unhackneyed. There are a lot of variations in the use of foil, and for each there is an admirer:

  1. Broken glass. The most famous foil design. This is best done with green chameleon foil on a black base, but other color combinations are possible based on personal preference.
  2. transfer foil. Gold or silver on a plain bright varnish looks luxurious.
  3. Aquarium design with crinkled foil. Under a thick layer of gel or acrylic, crumpled foil is laid out and a feeling of three-dimensional 3D under glass is created.
  4. Rainbow. It involves several colors of transfer foil in one manicure. It is very good to complement it with careless black strokes and straight lines.


Bright summer manicure with geometry

A very bright summer manicure with geometric figures is a stylish solution for lovers of simple and clear shapes. Even such a laconic design has several interpretations:

  1. Decorative rivets. A very interesting thing to create a modern trendy design. Round, square, triangular, rhombus gold or silver colors will perfectly complement a simple plain manicure.
  2. straight lines. One or more lines, intersecting stripes and perpendiculars are an extremely stylish solution for a minimalist design.
  3. geometric ornament. Symmetrical or asymmetrical geometric shapes in different colors in glossy or matt finish are incredibly attractive. Gloss and mat can be combined in one manicure, getting an interesting effect of the play of structures.


Bright summer manicure with inscriptions

Bright fashionable summer manicure of one color with inscriptions is an indisputable new trend in manicure art. You can write anything on your nails: a life credo, a cool expression, a catchphrase and do it in several ways:

  1. Slider or photo design. Includes stickers with all sorts of inscriptions. The main thing is to take into account the relevance and relevance of manicure, because it will attract increased attention from people around.
  2. Hand lettering. Enough to write one word on a plain surface, and the title of the star of the summer season is guaranteed.
  3. newspaper design. It imitates a newspaper on nails, looks unusual, entertaining and can be easily done even at home, for this you just need to get newspaper pieces, cotton wool and alcohol.
  4. Littering. Initials or one letter that is meaningful to the owner will be an interesting addition to the monochrome coating.


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