Blue color - what does it go with and what is it combined with?

The refined blue color demonstrates its tenderness and is associated with the universal harmony of the world, trust, well-being and care. It symbolizes intellect and self-improvement, brings airiness and lightness, because this shade is similar to the sky and the color of the sea, which are characterized by calmness.

Blue color in clothes

One of the most romantic and at the same time poignant is the blue color, which many designers use in clothes:

  1. This tone is complex, because it consists of pure blue and white. According to psychologists, such clothes are suitable for girls who have a cheerful disposition and easy character.
  2. The shade of blue is often used in sportswear, as it is associated with health and strength.
  3. Often, creative individuals turn to blue clothes, believing that this color helps develop imagination and intuition.
  4. Even in ancient Egypt, the color was considered divine, and was associated with the clothes of the supreme rulers. Today, blue uniforms are worn by people whose work is related to environmental protection.
  5. Delicate shades of this color are a great choice for young ladies. Older ladies turn to more saturated shades.
  6. The blue palette is diverse, so clothes can be suitable for creating business, casual and festive looks.
  7. A common combination of gray-blue in clothes and tones such as yellow, beige, red, black, white, green.

blue color in clothesbeautiful blue colorcombination of gray blue in clothes

Blue dress

The dress in a pale blue shade looks great. This is a beautiful tone that attracts the attention of others:

  1. Topaz blue radiates positive energy and is often used in summer looks. A bold decision would be to choose a light blue outfit. In this image, tenderness, romance and a little mystery are visible.
  2. This dress can have any style. The traditional outfit has a fitted bodice and a fluffy skirt, but you can turn to a dress with a simple cut, for example, in the Greek version.
  3. The blue dress, complemented by white, looks original. For example, lace can be used as white. The tight-fitting model may consist of white silk, complemented by a train in blue.
  4. For a casual look, you can choose a strict and fitted sheath dress with a dark blue collar, suitable for business meetings and dinners. For its design, a gray-blue color is ideal.
  5. For romantic evenings, you can choose a long dress with loose sleeves and a flowing floor-length skirt.
  6. A blue dress can be complemented with polka dots, it will give some coquettishness.
  7. The romantic version is decorated with floral prints, flowers in white and blue colors are in fashion.

blue dressbright blue color

Blue pantsuit

A blue women’s trouser suit looks luxurious, it adds femininity, freshness and prettiness to the image, perfectly emphasizes the ideality of the lines:

  1. If a woman has thin legs, then it is better to turn to flared trousers and a medium-length jacket.
  2. For curvy women, high-waisted trousers made of cotton and stretch are suitable, which are combined with a loose-fitting jacket.
  3. Such fashionable sets look especially impressive on blondes with blue eyes.
  4. A chiffon suit with a long tiered trouser skirt will look gorgeous, which will be harmoniously complemented by a V-neck sweater.
  5. For young people, satin skinny, combined with a cropped jacket with three-quarter sleeves, will be suitable.
  6. For tailoring such costumes, different fabrics are used, depending on the season. For summer, ensembles made of silk, bamboo, cotton with the addition of synthetic fillers are suitable.
  7. For sports, it is better to stay on a velor set; it can be supplemented with a sweatshirt.

blue trouser suit

Blue coat

In autumn, you can refer to the coat, for the manufacture of which the sky blue color is used:

  1. Such a coat can be supplemented with decorative elements, a fur collar and metal fittings.
  2. This season, complete freedom in choosing a style, it can be fitted and elongated, flared and shortened.
  3. Decoration is not very welcome in models, laconic restraint is in trend, however, massive buttons, a belt, sewn-in or patch pockets can become an addition to the coat.

blue coatsky blue color

Blue jeans

This tone for jeans is considered one of the basic options. However, fewer girls are turning to the classic style:

  1. Regardless of the style, mostly with jeans, a casual style is created, which smoothly transitions into vintage. The trend of this season are blue jeans with flowers.
  2. Light shades of jeans look great with sweatshirts, voluminous cocoon coats.
  3. For a romantic look, girls turn to shades in the upper part, such as pink, lilac and cool shades of yellow.
  4. Finding the right option for gray-blue jeans is more difficult. This shade is worn with bright clothes. For example, it can be blouses, shirts, t-shirts in different shades.
  5. Often ladies turn to dark blue jeans. The fact is that this shade is perfect for any image, regardless of the figure.

blue jeanslight blue color

Blue skirt

The spring-summer period often pleases us with colors, light blue color can be perfect for this season:

  1. There are options for skirts made in a solid color, but many options are complemented by a floral print.
  2. Blue looks fresh without becoming as faded as white.
  3. A straight skirt is considered a classic model, a short denim skirt is often used for a casual look, it can be complemented by a top, T-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt.
  4. A straight pencil skirt can fit into a strict business look, which can be easily complemented by a white blouse, and you can put on a jacket on top.
  5. A flared silhouette skirt helps create a variety of looks. It is combined with tops, jumpers, blouses, sweaters, loose cardigans and jackets.

blue skirt

Swimsuit in blue

In a swimsuit, for which a bright blue color is used, you can look fresh and bright:

  1. Girls with a perfect figure can turn to a separate swimsuit. The top and bottom can be made in the same shade or differ from each other.
  2. Fused models will be no less popular, there are options that are complemented by translucent openwork inserts on the stomach.
  3. If there are shortcomings in the abdomen, then you can turn to swimsuits with a slimming effect.
  4. You can refer to models that are decorated with rhinestones, sequins, ruffles, buckles, braid or fringe.
  5. A knitted swimsuit is considered a stylish option. Patterns will be its main decoration.
  6. The swimsuit can consist of two colors: a light blue color is designed to create additional volume, and a dark shade to hide excess volume.
  7. Among the drawings, a marine theme is in demand, it can be a strip of different widths, which is presented on the entire swimsuit or on a separate part of it.
  8. Among the popular color combinations remains white and blue, which can be decorated with floral patterns.

blue swimsuitbright blue color

Blue blouse

For the manufacture of feminine blouses, pale blue is often used:

  1. A classic long sleeve blouse is ideal for the office. Such a model can be supplemented with buttons or be without them.
  2. The blouse can be with short sleeves, made in different techniques, it is a tulip or a flashlight, the sleeve can resemble wings.
  3. A romantic model in blue can be embellished with a frill, but in this case, you should abandon unnecessary accessories.
  4. Blouses with a bow look elegant and interesting, while you need to take into account the size of the chest. To emphasize a large chest, you need to choose a model with a small bow.
  5. The wrap model is suitable for fragile girls and will help shape the waistline.
  6. One of the elongated options will be a tunic, it has a free cut. This model well hides full hips and lengthens the silhouette.

blue blousesoft blue color

Blue shoes

Shoes, for the manufacture of which a light gray-blue color is used, can act as a stylish accent of the image:

  1. For the office, you should choose an option in a slightly grayish tint, then the choice of clothes will be larger.
  2. Shoes can be presented in different variations, these are lacquer models or such a familiar model as pumps.
  3. Among the options for heels, it is worth stopping at a low stiletto heel or a rectangular heel.
  4. An interesting model with a blue sole. For comfortable walking, it is worth stopping at shoes with a platform.
  5. Blue sandals can be perfect for summer, especially they can be combined with different top options.

blue shoeslight gray blue color

Blue bag

It is advantageous to beat the combination of gray-blue with other colors using a bag:

  1. The popularity of such bags is due to the fact that they bring tenderness and freshness to the image.
  2. For constant wear, it is worth stopping at trapezoidal models or on another form, but with a rigid frame.
  3. For a solemn occasion, choose small bags, decorated with various decorative elements. The material can be leather, textile or suede.
  4. Turquoise blue is becoming a popular shade. A light blue bag has a unique lightness. The trend of recent seasons has become a bag in a gray-blue design.

blue bagsky blue color

blue manicure

The depth and splendor of natural shades contains a blue nail design:

  1. Such a richness of shade helps to create different combinations with white, pink, brown, beige, green, golden, red and other colors.
  2. A noble blue delicate color looks with pebbles and other shimmering elements.
  3. Rhinestones on the basis will help create an oval or triangle in the hole, it can be a pattern or pattern.
  4. Options with a minimum of dots, stripes and smiles look amazing.
  5. Among the complex options, you can use a matte finish, a three-dimensional pattern and different color blocks.

blue manicureblue nail design

blue hair color

Stylish, bold and unusual looks gray-blue hair color:

  1. A gentle option would be a pale blue color with a barely noticeable ash overflow.
  2. Azure and turquoise color can emphasize facial features.
  3. With the help of blue crayons, you can color individual strands or tips.
  4. For a long-term result, it is worth contacting a master colorist. One of the options will be blue-blue highlighting, this color is suitable for short haircuts or squares with even styling.
  5. The ombre version in blue goes well with ash, jet black and blond.

blue hair colorbeautiful blue color

Blue pedicure

Beautiful blue color is perfect for a summer pedicure:

  1. One common option would be a blue pedicure, complemented by cute flowers or a shiny base.
  2. Gentle and cute looks pedicure, interspersed with pink, purple and blue drops.
  3. Rhinestones, flower paintings, exciting stars and stripes may be present in the pedicure.
  4. In a pedicure, a marine theme is welcomed in the form of stripes, polka dots or a cellular print.

blue pedicureblue nail design

wedding in blue

In recent seasons, a blue wedding dress has been very popular:

  1. In summer, a ceremony in blue will be suitable for holding on the shore of a lake, river or even a pool in a country house.
  2. For a wedding in blue, fabrics such as silk, chiffon, tulle will be suitable.
  3. In shades of blue, there can be not only an outfit, but also the decoration of a cortege and a banquet hall.
  4. A bold decision would be to decorate the wedding in pink and aquamarine colors.

wedding in blue

What color goes with blue?

Many fashionistas are interested in what the gray-blue color is combined with:

  1. A classic option would be such a combination as blue and white, they organically complement each other.
  2. Blue and yellow are often combined in winter as a reminder of the sun.
  3. You can use as a complement a bright range such as red, green tones.

what color goes with bluewhat goes with gray blue

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