Black matte manicure - fashionable design for all occasions

Do you want trendy designs? Feel free to choose a black matte manicure, both in a monophonic design and in trendy minimalism, and with various decor in the form of adding shine, kamifubuki, rhinestone blotches, a combination of different techniques in one set. The French and lunar version, patterned and painted solutions remained in fashion.

Matte black manicure 2019

Like black matte nails? There are a lot of great variations with dark and light polishes mixed up, where the dominant color feels great in tandem with white, blue, green, pink, red and yellow tones and all their shades. A great choice is milky white and black nails with lace patterns and monograms, and a stylish hit of this season is multi-colored abstract geometry on a black base, where all the bright colors of the rainbow spectrum are beautifully intertwined.

matte black manicure 2019

An excellent black matte manicure will turn out in a monophonic coating with rhinestone patches along the main lines of the nail plate and either across the nails or along the nail. It does not lag behind and is in no way inferior to the original design in three colors: black and white and beige or cream, as you like. With an accent on the moon and triangular patterns, and charm in both cases will add framing with rhinestones of the moon or oval.

black matte nails

Black matte manicure for long nails

To have well-groomed and beautiful hands, you can make black matte sharp nails with minimal decor. For example, on one, maximum two nails, add glitter, “silver” or “gold”. A charming design on long nails will turn out with a combination of matte and gloss, when a French smile is drawn on a matte base with glossy varnish, and rhinestones or an alternation of small and large stones, or metal figures are laid out along the smile.

black matte pointy nails

Another beautiful black matte manicure will turn out if you use several techniques in one set. Can be combined:

  • deep design and negative space;
  • stylish geometry and monograms and inlaid nail plate in oriental style;
  • solid color coating and gradient, black and white or red and black.

black matte manicure for long nails

Black matte manicure on short nails

The trend is black matte almond-shaped nails, for lovers of naturalness, you can also leave a non-sharp square, dark varnish will emphasize not only the beauty of minimalism, but also the well-groomedness of your hands. If preference is given to short nails, then it is better to refuse voluminous and large drawings, and to complement the design with glitter, or mysterious monograms and curlicues, you can dilute the resulting nail art with rhinestones with elements of floristry and slightly obtained nail art.

black matte manicure on short nails

Another black matte manicure on short nails will turn out to be excellent if you combine several color schemes in one set, successfully diluting them with a different decor, you can use foil, or “gold” or “silver” ribbons. Experienced craftsmen can offer original abstract patterns, for example, on a space theme or graphic drawings with stylish geometry.

matte black almond nails

Matte black manicure ideas

What black matte design manicure is at the peak of popularity in the new season?

  1. A tribute to the dominant retro — a clear leader — a monochromatic manicure, beautiful and concise. However, according to stylists, a black matte manicure would look better even with a minimal decor. Various unique and original solutions are in fashion, which are suitable not only for every day, but also become the missing highlight for elegant bows.

  1. Black matte manicure with rhinestones, with sparkles, with a combination of different colors in one set, for example, black and red or pink and black, even more interesting ideas can be obtained using diverse techniques in one version, drawing patterns, both hand-painted and and stamping. You can add drops, foil or make a marble pattern.

black matte manicure with design

Black matte manicure with rhinestones

If you want to make a chic manicure, then you can hardly find a better solution than black matte nails with rhinestones. Do not forget that “pointe shoes” remained in fashion and sharp long nails returned to the world podium, but not stilettos. Not only jewelry can decorate your fingers at a gala event, but also magnificent her art with rhinestones, with which you can make any accent on the nail plate, both on one and all nails.

black matte manicure with rhinestones

A chic black matte manicure with rhinestones is an intelligent and elegant design that, with the help of rhinestones, will not look gloomy and boring even in spring or summer. Indeed, for a variety of black colors, diverse pebbles are used. If you want a special refinement, then you can add a floral ornament, asymmetric patterns of pebbles, rhinestone blotches along the moon or oval nails still look very harmonious on black nails.

black matte nails with rhinestones

Black matte glitter manicure

A black matte manicure with beige varnish or gloss attracts attention, tempting, beautiful, playful. According to experienced craftsmen, you should not overdo it with shiny elements, and it is better to highlight one finger completely making it shiny. However, if you want to sparkle in the sun, but at the same time make a black matte manicure, then a design where the shine will be drawn in a thin vertical line across all nails will be a great solution. Another interesting design will be on the matte, which combines matte and gloss with the effect of a cat’s eye.

black matte glitter manicureblack matte manicure with beige

Red with black matte manicure

Another seasonal hit is the design of black matte nails combined with red polish, both glossy and matte. Rhinestones, airbrushing, droplets act as an additional designer decor. It will turn out a catchy, unexpected and very bright nail art, which at the same time will suit any created bows in diverse shades of the rainbow. After all, black is in harmony with the entire rainbow and pastel palette, and red feels great in royal combinations: with blue and white. Available with green and yellow colors.

red with black matte manicure

With such a set, a black matte manicure with red ombre gradient transitions will harmoniously resonate not only with everyday clothes, but also with chic evening dresses, especially in red and black colors. This manicure will be the missing highlight that will give the whole overall appearance not only elegance, but also extravagance and subtle French charm in one bottle.

black matte nail design

Black matte manicure with silver

Long black matte nails are perfectly combined with silver polishes and sparkles. If you want to make an evening design, feel free to use silver, like glitter, sand or powder, as well as foil or ribbons for a moon manicure. However, even in the evening version, it is better not to overdo it, and focus on one, maximum two fingers. Silver will look just as beautiful on short nails, especially in plot compositions related to the sky and space. For example, why not make a beautiful ornament from the stars, the moon in the silver colors of the night.

black matte manicure with silver

Another black matte manicure on short nails with silver will look great if it is diluted with rhinestones or metal figures, you can use voluminous pebbles or drops of silver varnish. However, in such a design, accents should be placed on one, maximum two nails, successfully combining it with a moon manicure, where the highlight of the moon will also be brilliant.

long black matte nails

Black and white matte manicure

A beautiful black matte manicure will turn out in combination with white varnish, both matte and glossy. What patterns will be in high demand?

  1. Stylish geometry remains popular, where abstract shapes are drawn. Black lacquer drawings look impressive on white, and white lines and their intricate intersections on black.

black and white matte manicure

  1. The polka dot pattern looks chic, the right solution to complete the hit retro images of dudes and windy coquettes from the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century. The trends of spring-summer 2019 are not far behind him and are in no way inferior to him in the trends of spring-summer 2019 — black matte manicure with inscriptions, it can be in a sporty style, interestingly — with various slogans and messages.

beautiful black matte manicure

Black matte manicure with gold

Another unconditional evening hit is black matte nails with gold, both in the form of spectacular minimalist inclusions on one or two nails, and drawn in thin lines along all fingers. In this design, it is appropriate to use monograms and, in addition to the “gold”, inlaid nails with rhinestones in an oriental style. An excellent solution would also be a black matte manicure using diverse techniques in one set.

black matte manicure with goldmatte black nails with gold

Black matte manicure with foil

Another novelty of this season is black matte nails with foil, which can be of several types:

  • gold foil, and the resulting design will immediately fall into the category of evening manicure;
  • multi-colored, and red, blue, yellow, white, holographic, gasoline and green foil will perfectly harmonize with black varnish.

black matte manicure with foil

To make a black matte manicure with foil perfect, you should cover your nails with gel and dry them in a lamp, or with ordinary varnish and let it dry for a couple of minutes, then apply the foil, slightly pressing it on the nail. Then cover with top. An excellent design is ready, and this solution is perfect for any conceived bow, except for a strict business style.

black matte nails with foil

Black matte manicure with a pattern

To make a trendy black and pink matte manicure, you can use original drawings. Solutions in the spirit of graphic and stylish geometry, openwork lace, floral and plant motifs, ethnic ornaments are in fashion. The choice depends on personal preferences and the overall chosen idea of ​​​​the whole image. So, for multi-layered hippies and boho, ethno and geometry are suitable, for grunge and glam rock — abstraction, space themes and patterns made with rhinestones, «gold», «silver» or foil. Flowers and painting, both handmade and stamping, will suit any conceived bow.

black matte manicure with a patternblack pink matte manicure

Black matte french on nails

An eternal classic — French manicure in a dark version — these are matte black nails with a glossy jacket — an incomparable solution for every day and for a holiday. It will turn out a discreet and sophisticated design, skillfully combining matte and gloss. Another chic black matte French manicure will look on long nails if you add modeling in the form of a three-dimensional flower to it or additionally decorate it with rhinestones, along an oval, along a smile, or with single inclusions on all nails.

black matte french nailsblack matte nails with a glossy jacket

Black matte manicure with geometry

A black matte manicure with holes in a brightly saturated palette will be obtained using red, where the highlight of the moon is drawn with geometric lines using diverse techniques, for example, deep design and negative space. To successfully complete the design, you can dilute it with kamifubuki or rhinestones, both on one and on two or more nails.

black matte manicure with geometryblack matte manicure with holes

Black matte manicure with rubbing

Excellent black matte nails with a rub will turn out if you use a mirror and pearl powder. Experienced nail art masters can offer several variations of this design. So, an accent with rubbing on one finger is allowed with a monochromatic coating, or you can do all the nails using rubbing, then the dull effect will be lost, but there will be shine on all nails. Even in a black matte manicure, you can add additional decorations in the form of droplets, shiny sand and rhinestones.

black matte manicure with rubbingblack matte nails with rubbing

Black matte manicure with marble

A stylish black matte manicure is also a marble design that has fallen in love with a huge number of fashionistas. A beautiful ornament on a soft varnish will look elegant and sophisticated, such a pattern looks great not only on long, but also on short nails of any shape. Matte looks elegant and restrained, and a successful drawing only sets it off and turns even a bright, dark and rich black matte manicure into a gentle version.

black matte manicure with marblestylish black matte manicure

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