Black manicure 2019 - a selection of 150 fashion ideas for all occasions

For those who like extravagant ideas for an image, black manicure 2019 will be an excellent option. Stylists offer many interesting ideas in various styles, ranging from strict classics to youth creativity.

Black manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Every modern woman has her own view on what a stylish and beautiful manicure should be, everyday or festive. When choosing a nail art option, some prefer classic neutral ideas, while others prefer bold and original experiments. For the latter, with a high probability, a 2019 manicure in black will be a suitable option.

Black manicure 2019 - fashion trends

Thanks to the widest variety of options, black manicure 2019 will complement any style of a modern woman with interesting and impressive accents. It is important to remember that the black nail design attracts maximum attention, so the shape and preparation of the nail must be impeccable. Previously, it was believed that black manicure is suitable only for long nails, but in our time this stereotype has been destroyed.

Black manicure 2019 - fashion trends ideas

Black manicure for short nails 2019

In recent years, short nails have become a new trend — they look more natural, and it is also very convenient and practical. More recently, it was believed that black manicure and short length are absolutely incompatible, but today’s fashion is making its own adjustments. This year, short nails are the best option for embodying fashionable and original nail art ideas.

Black manicure for short nails 2019

Black manicure and novelties of 2019 will be appropriate for creating a strict business look, laconic and feminine cocktail bows, it goes well with an elegant feminine evening look. A variety of stylish nail design ideas in black look beautiful both on strict square nails and on a soft rounded shape.

Black manicure for short nails 2019 ideas

Black manicure for long nails 2019

Long nails are a chic field for creativity, allowing you to embody any bright and fashionable design ideas. A black manicure at such a length looks very bright and defiant, and for the integrity of the image it is important that it blends harmoniously with the clothes. Such ideas look beautiful with an elegant evening dress in black. Black manicure 2019 fits well into everyday bow, provided that it matches the style, taste preferences and lifestyle of the girl.

Black manicure for long nails 2019

Stylish black manicure 2019 looks beautiful and impressive on any form of nails:

  • square;
  • Black manicure for long nails 2019 square

  • almond-shaped;
  • Black manicure for long nails 2019 round

  • pointed.
  • Black manicure for long nails 2019 sharp

Black Manicure Ideas 2019

At the mention of the black color of the nails, many people immediately remember the monochromatic long nails associated with the style of youth subcultures. In our time, this stereotype is best left in the past. Black manicure ideas 2019 look very stylish, fashionable and creative, various original options are ideal for everyday bows, harmoniously combined with clothes in any style and color you like.

Black Manicure Ideas 2019

The only drawback of black manicure, which cannot be ignored, is the need for impeccability. The color is very dark and catchy, it attracts maximum attention, so the shape of the nails should be perfect. At the same time, it can be any life — square, almond-shaped or pointed. The nail plate should also be flawless — absolutely even and smooth.

Black Manicure Ideas 2019 Fashion

Black and white manicure 2019

Monochrome manicure is a kind of timeless classic. Such ideas are always relevant, in any season and for any occasion. Black and white manicure with an interesting design 2019 offers a lot of bright ideas for nail design that will become trendy in the upcoming seasons:-

  • black and white jacket;
  • Black and white manicure 2019 french

  • moon manicure in black and white;
  • Black and white manicure 2019 moon

  • black manicure 2019 with a white pattern;
  • Black and white manicure 2019 pattern

  • black and white striped manicure.
  • Black and white manicure 2019 strip

Matte black manicure 2019

If you want to draw maximum attention to your nails, a great idea for this would be a trendy matte black manicure 2019, which can be both simple and concise, and in various stylish designs. A laconic matte nail design is popular — a solid black color that fits perfectly into a strict look and combined with evening or cocktail dresses.

Matte black manicure 2019

But for many, the idea of ​​a solid black matte manicure may seem very simple and boring. For those who want more original solutions, stylists offer many interesting options:

  • combination of matte and glossy surfaces;
  • geometric design;
  • black matte manicure 2019 with drawings;
  • the use of various decor options — rhinestones, sparkles, bouillons.
  • Matte black manicure 2019 ideas

Red with black manicure 2019

The combination of red and black is associated with passion for many. This combination looks catchy and defiant, even somewhat outrageous. Black and red manicure in 2019 will appeal to those who love accents on details. This nail design is not particularly appropriate in everyday life, but can fit into the office dress code in some strict variations. Such a solution would be ideal for an evening, stylish and extravagant look.

Red with black manicure 2019

Trendy black and red manicure is popular this year in such design options;

  • plain black manicure in combination with plain red;
  • Red with black manicure 2019 ideas

  • nail design with a pattern;
  • Red with black manicure 2019 style

  • black and red geometric manicure;
  • Red with black manicure 2019 fashion

  • ombre manicure.
  • Red with black manicure 2019 ombre

Black manicure 2019 french

Classic French manicure is a universal solution for all occasions — both for everyday looks and for a solemn occasion. A variety of design options and decor made French a real art of nail design. One of the most popular ideas was a black French manicure, which is relevant in 2019 among fashionistas.

Black manicure 2019 fren

At the mention of a jacket, many people imagine a monotonous nail design that does not have anything remarkable. If earlier this was the case, today stylists offer fashionistas a lot of bright and creative ideas for French manicure, both in a laconic design and with luxurious decor:

Manicure 2019 black with gold

In order to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of black manicure, it is worth adding gold decor. This nail design looks very elegant, elegant, ideally combined with an evening or festive look. Some manicure options can also fit into everyday office style. Thanks to the gloss, light or very catchy, the length of the nails visually increases, which is a huge plus for owners of short nails.

Manicure 2019 black with gold

Manicure black with gold 2019 is a set of stylish and bright nail design options:

  • black geometric manicure with gold 2019 — the presence of straight lines in the design;
  • Manicure 2019 black with gold geometry

  • nail design with golden sparkles;
  • Manicure 2019 black with gold glitter

  • black manicure with a gold pattern;
  • Manicure 2019 black with gold pattern

  • black manicure with gold foil.
  • Manicure 2019 black with gold foil

Black manicure 2019 with glitter

Manicure 2019 in black tones is, as a rule, the embodiment of conciseness and elegance, and only one detail can make a strict and restrained nail design more elegant — shine. Such an idea brings a special touch of elegance and solemnity to the image, transforms the manicure. There are several trendy and popular ideas for what a shiny black nail design can be:

  • black manicure 2019 with sparkles;
  • Black manicure 2019 with glitter glitter

  • nail design in black with rhinestones;
  • Black manicure 2019 with glitter rhinestones

  • black manicure with rubbing;
  • Black manicure 2019 with glitter rubbing

  • golden or silver patterns on black nails.
  • Black manicure 2019 with glitter pattern

Nude manicure 2019 with black

Due to its practicality, manicure in nude colors is now at the peak of popularity. Neutral light color, close to natural skin tone, blends perfectly with any style and tone of clothing, harmoniously fits into both everyday and festive bows. But a nude manicure does not have to be plain and minimalistic. The stylists managed to combine two absolutely opposite ideas — a beautiful black manicure 2019 and a neutral light one in nude tones.

Nude manicure 2019 with black

Fashion trends in 2019 offer stylish and interesting ideas for black manicure with nude:

Manicure 2019 black marble

An amazing idea was a chic black manicure 2019 in marble design. A striking feature of the nail design is an unusual pattern in white or gray, imitating the texture of natural marble. This option looks especially impressive on nails of impressive length, on which an interesting texture will be clearly visible. On short nails, unfortunately, the effect will not be so bright. Black marble manicure is difficult to combine with other options for nail design and decor — any combination shifts the focus from an interesting texture.

Manicure 2019 black marble

To avoid monotony, you can try the following combinations:

  • plain black manicure in combination with marble;
  • Manicure 2019 black marble ideas

  • black marble in combination with white.
  • Manicure 2019 black marble with white

Black manicure 2019 with rhinestones

The easiest and safest way to transform and decorate your nail design, giving it a festive look, is miniature rhinestones. Only a couple of small shining pebbles create a special effect, thanks to which even the most ordinary nail design looks gentle and festive. The advantage of rhinestones is that they easily fit into any nail art — they look beautiful both on laconic plain black nails and on exquisite artistic painting. But in the second case, it is important not to overdo it so that the design does not turn out to be overloaded and bloated.

Black manicure 2019 with rhinestones

There are several options for how you can transform a stylish black manicure 2019 using rhinestones:

  • one fingernail is luxuriously decorated with a large number of pebbles;
  • on one or more nails, the holes are decorated with rhinestones;
  • drawings or stickers on the nails, decorated with rhinestones;
  • a straight line of miniature stones along or across the nail.
  • Black manicure 2019 with rhinestones ideas

Black manicure 2019 minimalism

Not everyone likes artistic painting, luxurious and bright nail design, which attracts maximum attention. With all the love for catchy black, many women prefer a simple and concise neutral design. But minimalism does not mean the absence of taste or fashion trends in the image. Laconic black manicure looks original, stylists offer new items for 2019 to lovers of discreet design:

  • french manicure in black;
  • Black manicure 2019 minimalism

  • black moon manicure;
  • Black manicure 2019 minimalism moon

  • manicure with a laconic geometric design;
  • Black manicure 2019 minimalism geometry

  • black matte manicure.
  • Black manicure 2019 minimalism matte

Black manicure 2019 with inscriptions

For many girls, nail design is a way to express their individuality, and no option can do it better than a stylish black manicure 2019 with inscriptions. Why black? First of all, it is worth remembering that this color is very contrasting, and any drawing or inscription on such a background looks more vivid and clear. Black nails with inscriptions in white or yellow look especially catchy and stylish — first of all, regardless of the font, they are easy to read.

Black manicure 2019 with inscriptions

The theme of the inscriptions can be anything. Here, in full size, you can show your individuality, slightly open a small window to others into your inner world. On nails in tiny font, you can write short phrases or quotes with meaning, names, names of your favorite brands, or just cute inscriptions on the theme of love. But first of all, it is important to remember that black manicure 2019 with inscriptions is appropriate in everyday style, but not in business and official.

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