Almond shaped nails design - a selection of fashion ideas for every day and for special occasions

The most fashionable in 2019 will be the almond-shaped nail design. Its peculiarity is that the nail plates somewhat narrow towards the edge, but at the same time they lack the pronounced angularity characteristic of pointed nails.

Almond shaped nails — design 2019

Many stylists prefer to create almond nails, the design of which is extremely diverse in 2019:

  1. This form has its own nuances, you do not need to choose bright shades, it is better to focus on a more delicate shade that will not look vulgar.
  2. The combination of pink and blue often began to be used on the almond shape. This tandem is the best solution.
  3. French is also great, it gives the nails some elongation and grace.
  4. The almond-shaped nail design perfectly perceives matte shades, they make the manicure more interesting, elegant and neat.
  5. Among the velvety structures, it is best to turn to a manicure in a plum or gray version.
  6. The monochromatic version looks especially original if it is complemented by glitter or stones. If there is no desire to resort to a solid nude, different geometric prints will become relevant in 2019. There are many variations, you can stop at triangles, circles, lines and abstractions. The almond-shaped shape is able to perfectly present these figures.
  7. An incredible composition will be the creation of an almond gradient. There are several options for creating a composition, this is a clarified basal color scheme, or vice versa, a snow-white shade will be on a descending cut.
  8. The almond-shaped jacket looks expressive in pastel shades, and you can emphasize your taste with a smile in the variant of sky blue, menthol, coral, melange or creme brulee, all these colors look perfect in everyday life.

almond shape nail design 2019almond nails design 2019beautiful almond shaped nail design

Nail design for long nails almond shape

Girls who prefer luxurious nail art can create a beautiful nail design for long almond-shaped nails:

  1. To embellish long nails, you can turn to a concise version, many women stop at a manicure in pastel colors with neat geometric patterns.
  2. In addition to light shades, ladies often resort to golden tones, because it looks incomparable.
  3. On long nails, French manicure applied in nude or soft pink shades looks unsurpassed.
  4. The long almond shaped nail design can be presented in a wedding version. Such a manicure can be embellished with rhinestones, sparkles, pearls or abstract patterns.
  5. Such colors as matte marsala continue to be in fashion. This color on the almond shape looks very catchy, bright and luxurious. The velvety base does not require additional decorative elements.
  6. The moon manicure looks great, which is strewn with stones at the root part.
  7. On long nails, a mirror design looks great, in addition, you can highlight individual nails with a silver or gold rub.
  8. In a manicure, you can turn to chocolate almonds, and a variety of strokes and lines are created on top in different directions.

nail design for long almond nailsalmond nail design for long nails

Short almond nail design

Owners of shortened nails will be able to use the design of short almond-shaped nails:

  1. The classic version of the jacket will be relevant for a short length. Thanks to this design, the fingers will look elongated and graceful.
  2. If you want something extravagant and original, then you need to turn to ethnic motifs for help.
  3. There are current ideas that will help you make a beautiful and trendy manicure, for this we use the “word catcher” design, African and Indian motifs. To apply such a manicure beautifully, you have to work a little.
  4. An excellent option would be a plain almond-shaped nail design with rhinestones,
  5. The main thing is to choose the right shade.
  6. Marble nail art will be stylish and original, this is an excellent option for ladies who love an unusual finish. Often this method of application is combined with other shades, thanks to this combination, it looks more charming. Regarding the additional decor, it is not used, since such nail art in itself looks self-sufficient.
  7. One of the most spectacular options would be a moon manicure. This solid color finish can become suitable for everyday wear. If you add a little shine in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole, you get a more festive option. Often such a manicure can be complemented by a geometric or floral print.
  8. Nail design is not complete without fashionable drawings, however, trends change every year, so you need to follow fashion trends. These can be floral motifs, floral prints, because such options can emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the image. In addition, each color can play in different ways, even there are various combinations between flowers.

short almond nail design

Trendy almond shaped nail design

This season, stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas almond nails, the design of which is extremely diverse:

  • the coating can be taken in different tones, both light and dark or bright;
  • nude manicure will be a great everyday option;
  • nails can be organically decorated with foil or sparkles;
  • popular and almond-shaped nail design, made using the gradient technique;
  • nail art can be very concise, made in the style of minimalism;
  • rubbing will help to give shine to the nails;
  • the current trend will be the application of abstract motifs or original inscriptions to the plates.

trendy almond shaped nail designalmond nails designStylish almond shaped nail design

Light almond nail design

White almond-shaped nails look extremely gentle, the design of which is presented in different versions:

  1. A rich range of nude tones will make manicure an excellent solution for summer and winter. Such a light manicure can be complemented with kamifubuki, dots, inscriptions and minimalist patterns.
  2. Nail art is becoming mega-stylish, the almond-shaped nail design is decorated with foil decor. This option is able to fully convey the brilliance and chic. On the nails, rainbow foil, glitter foil strips, wrinkled or mirror foil can be used, which creates different effects on the nails.

light almond nail designwhite almond shaped nails designalmond shape nail design ideas

Dark almond shaped nail design

Incredibly popular everyday almond-shaped nail design, made in dark shades:

  1. A matte finish is often applied in dark colors, because it looks unusual and stylish.
  2. A matte effect can be created in two ways: using a matte top or using a velvety powder.
  3. Allowed matte combination with «negative space» and individual fingers in a glossy version, embellished patterns and rhinestones.
  4. The dark almond shaped nail design can be presented with a gradient in a vertical, horizontal or angled ombre.
  5. Particularly popular in the dark version was the «cat’s eye» manicure.
  6. Solid dark manicure can be diversified with the help of rhinestones, drawings and patterns on other nails.
  7. For the spring-summer period, they often choose the option of a manicure with flowers, the leaves and twigs stand out perfectly against a dark background.
  8. For winter, a dark manicure is complemented by glitter and drawings in the New Year theme, which will bring joy and positive into everyday life.

dark almond nail design

Almond Shaped Nail Designs — Bright Colors

Bright colors can highlight interesting textures, for example, a velvet base will look amazing with this addition:

  1. Brightness can be added to a noble jacket, brilliant ombre and moon nail art.
  2. The simplest option would be a plain coating in a bright matte or glossy version.
  3. In warm weather, red, pink, green, yellow manicure on almond nails will cheer you up.
  4. For cold weather, you can turn to blue and green shades.
  5. Floral motifs will help create attractive images with bright colors. Such drawings can be highlighted using rhinestones, glitter, beads or drops.

almond shape nail design bright colorsalmond nails design 2019

Nude almond shaped nail design

Lovers of conciseness will be able to choose a nude delicate almond-shaped nail design:

  1. Everyday manicure is characterized by restraint, the use of a minimum of decor to make it look discreet. They often stop at the use of nude and pastel colors, because light shades make the nail plate visually longer.
  2. It will be good to look at a French or moon manicure, you can turn to floral motifs or geometry.
  3. Ombre looks spectacular, the transition can be carried out from a delicate shade to another, more saturated one.

almond nude nail designdelicate almond nail designalmond nails design

Foil Almond Shaped Nail Design

In recent seasons, the use of such a decorative element as foil has been widespread. With it, you can create a variety of options for nail art:

  • shiny strips of foil — the easiest way to create a stylish manicure;
  • the foil looks unsurpassed both on pastel colors and on dark or bright ones, for example, it can be a yellow manicure for almond nails with a design;
  • you can apply the foil in a way in which it looks like blurry stains, somewhat chaotically.

almond shaped foil nail design

Glitter almond nail design

You can give your nail art a festive and elegant look by applying sparkles. Almond shape nail design ideas are as follows:

  • shiny elements can be of different sizes and shapes. A scattering of small sparkles is considered traditional, large options are represented by kamifubuki, which can be made in the form of hearts, stars, circles, triangles;
  • sequins can lay out strips located in different directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal;
  • all kinds of shapes can be filled with sparkles;
  • one of the fashion trends is stretching sequins, when they are concentrated in one part and decrease towards the other.

almond shaped glitter nail design

Almond nails design gradient

Ombre is one of the most popular options to create a manicure design for almond nails:

  • ombre technique, when one color smoothly flows into another, may be accompanied by the application of sparkles, which are arranged in the form of a stretch;
  • the traditional way, emphasizing the unique style, will be the combination of two colors;
  • if desired, you can make the manicure extremely bright and iridescent if you combine several shades. In this case, the transition can be carried out on one nail plate or involved on all fingers, when the tones move from one direction to another.

almond nails design gradient

Minimalist almond shaped nails design

Lovers of elegant and laconic bows will be able to take advantage of such a trend as minimalism and create a stylish almond-shaped nail design. This can be expressed in the following details:

  • monophonic nail art, which is created using a coating of one color;
  • there may be a concise drawing of a small size, rhinestones used in a single copy.

almond shaped nail design minimalism

Abstract almond shape nail design

To create a unique nail design on an almond shape with a pattern and express your individuality as much as possible, you can depict an abstraction:

  • it can be blurry lines, drawings applied in a chaotic manner;
  • nail plates can be covered with artistic strokes, which are arbitrarily applied with a brush. Such an abstraction can consist of one color or several shades.

abstract almond shape nail design

Almond shaped nail design with inscriptions

The current trend of recent seasons helps to create a beautiful almond-shaped nail design with inscriptions:

  • the most common option would be to apply romantic inscriptions, which are especially popular among young fashionistas;
  • various motivating inscriptions are also widely recognized;
  • the phrase may also reflect certain individual characteristics of the owner of such a manicure.

almond shaped nail design with inscriptions

Nail design almond shape rubbing

To make nail art more catchy and attractive, rubbed nail design on almond nails is capable of. This part can be presented in different variations:

  • pearl rub looks incredibly feminine and elegant. It is presented mainly in pink and beige tones;
  • mirror rubbing in many is associated with a metallic sheen. It can be presented in gold or silver colors.

almond shaped nail design

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